Zero Tolerance Vs. Spyderco Knives: Best for Outdoor, Tactical, Auto, Manual and Fixed Blades

Do you want to know what makes a knife good and how to choose a knife line in between Zero Tolerance Vs. Spyderco? One of the significant needs of comfortable and quality cooking is achieved by the visibility of exceptional and appropriate knives. There are countless knife suppliers out there. Each of them is made in a particular way and for specific purposes.

Not all manufacturers make good blades. Among them, both Zero Tolerance and Spyderco are mentionable for producing quality auto, outdoor, tactical, hunting, manual, and fixed blades. You can go with any one of the two firms as both of them create high-quality knives. 

In the contrast, Zero Tolerance vs. Spyderco, I will certainly be describing every little thing you need to learn about these two firms. I will be discussing the short stories of companies, variables, and specs to inspect before choosing a blade and the advantages and disadvantages of both in a tabular and constructive way.

Comparison Table of Zero Tolerance Vs. Spyderco

Features Zero Tolerance  Spyderco
Blade styles & shapes Clip point, drop pint, trailing point and sheepsfoot.  Assist blade, bowie shaped blade, double edge blade, hawkbill blade, leaf shaped blade, modified clip point blade, sheep foot blade and more.  
Cutting materials CPM 20CV, CPM S30V, CPM S35VN Various plain and high carbon yield steel. 
Handle materials Carbon fiber, G10 and Titanium  Volcano grip, titanium, stainless steel, peel ply carbon fiber, natural materials, micarta, kraton, G10 and more. 
Lock mechanisms Frame lock, inset liner lock, liner lock, sub frame lock and slip joint.  Back lock, ball bearing lock, bolt action lock, friction folder and more. 
Knife clips Single position, 3- position, deep carry, reverse and 4- position.  Metal clip, deep pocket clip, integral pocket clip, shackle clip and wire clip. 
Blade coatings Anodizing, bead blasted finish, PVD coating, satin finish and more.  DLC, black electric plating and titanium plating. 
Price & Warranty Higher price than Spyderco, life time warranty and superb customer services.  Versatile knife series and price and life time warranty. 

Why Choose Zero Tolerance?

Zero Tolerance is a brand name possessed by the Japanese based Kai Team. The knives are manufactured and dispersed under the fortune Kai group of industry who also monitors Kershaw Knives and Shun Cutlery. In spite of its Japanese possession, Zero Tolerance blades are made solely in the United States and the firm is headquartered in Tualatin.

The Zero Tolerance brand initially showed up in 2006 generating set blades as well as has a broadened its lineup to a wide variety of folder knives. It continues to make tough folder knives for applications civil right protectors, heavy users and military personals. 

Using just superior materials, they work to produce high performance blades and each part of every knife is built with care as well as precision. The procedure of Zero Tolerance is conspicuously smooth, fit, finished and incomparable. Each one is confidently backed by Restricted Life Time Guarantee. It is to be mentioned that the company gained fame for producing quality knives for military persons and policemen. 

The following features make Zero Tolerance better than others:

  1. Make awesome folding knives.
  2. Different types of blade tips.
  3. No corrosion technology.
  4. Ergonomic knives.
  5. Quality pocket knives.
  6. Versatile handles.
  7. Excellent clips with fantastic looks.
  8. Upgraded flipping mechanisms.
  9. Balanced and light weight.
  10. Quality lock system.

5 Best Zero Tolerance Knives

Why Choose Spyderco?

Spyderco started its journey with an attempted to supply top rated blades all over the world and also tested history of establishing innovative blades for sporting activity, leisure and regular jobs. The company has frequently led the center of resourcefulness in the field being first to market with a number of pockets and folding knives. 

With a focus on quality, toughness, energy and features, Spyderco knives have shown their well worth in the field and have actually gained a place amongst several blade lover’s tool box. Spyderco has blades that can cross your investing varieties. So, in case you find a knife that looks excessively elegant, you may additionally find a similar version made by them that is simpler on your purse. After the company began to enhance popularity in the sector, they provided resources to the line of blade sharpeners and innovations. Spyderco gained popularity mostly for its first traditional frameworks in the world of blades. They have hundreds of agents and accepted the use of updated innovations before everyone.

 The following features make Syderco different from others:

  1. First folding knives developer.
  2. Proven to last for more than twenty years.
  3. Premium quality blade materials.
  4. Customized designs.
  5. Flexible lock mechanisms.
  6. Versatile and aesthetic handle materials.
  7. Perfect grip in your hand.
  8. About forty production cycles.
  9. Hand polished and finished products. 
  10. Budget and overpriced available.

5 Best Spyderco Knives

Comparison of Zero Tolerance Vs. Spyderco

Well, its not very easy to say a particular knife is better than others. But you can draw a line in between them by their unique posture and usability. Also, different chefs choices play a vital role when comparing two sets of amazing knives. We’ve considered all the issues that need to be covered.

Zero Tolerance Vs. Spyderco

Blade Styles and Shapes

Zero Tolerance Blade Styles Zero Tolerance blades can be found in a range of various shapes consisting of unique and fantastic designs. 

A trailing point blade is very pointy at the top of the blade. Numerous trailing point knives have a deep stubborn circular structure suitable for hunting and removing skins. 

A sheepsfoot blade is identified by a liner edge, a high incline from back to side, and a less pointy top. They are frequently favored by emergency responders due to the safety and security of the rounded idea. The liner edge suits better for casual works.

The pointy end of the clip point blade is lower than its spinal column. The top part of the blade has been removed so that the blade goes straight from spinal column to the tip. The clip point can additionally have a curve that looks great. Clip blades are great for regular uses as well as favored by hunters.

The drop point blade drops to a pointy end from both sides. It is one of the most prevalent blade shapes since it has the capability of serving all purposes.

  1. Spyderco blades styles: Wharncliffe blade is a straight blade in which the upper part meets the liner cutting edge. 

A spearpoint blade comes up with an equal amount of curve on the spine and the reducing edge. The work line of the top end and pointy end rest on the blade’s centerline. 

A sheepfoot blade has a blunt rounded top as well as a linear cutting edge. The lack of a typical sharpness minimizes the possibilities of unintentional punctures around animals and helps during emergency situation cutting.

A reverse “S” blade appears like a backward “S” shape with the tip curving downward and the upper section of the blade bent in a circular arc.

A modified clip point blade shapes on the back in an angled or sweeping line downward to meet the pointy end.

A leaf shaped blade is invented and also improved by Spyderco. It resembles a spear point blade but not totally balanced. The leaf shape blade has the most perfect pointy end. 

A Hawkbill blade is a greatly curved blade honed on the scooped side. It is created for reducing with a drawing stroke. It is commonly utilized by commercial fishermen for netting.

Cutting Materials

Cutting materials of Spyderco
  1. Cutting materials of Zero Tolerance: If your everyday job includes sustained knife usage, you may desire a premium steel blade. Zero Tolerance blades are made from a series of steels and each with its own perfection in edge retention, rust resistance, and sharpening ease.

You can easily pick blade steel that matches your frequency of use depending on what materials you are cutting and maintain your honing system. Zero Tolerance blades are made of premium, high-performance stainless steels that supply the finest in pocketknives. Zero Tolerance more specifically uses CPM S30V, CPM S35VN, and CPM S20V steels which have proper toughness, retention, rust preventive, and HRC values. 

  1. Cutting materials of Spyderco: A blade can only be made from carbon steel or stainless steel. From these two quality materials, you can constantly pick the one that is ideal for you. All products of Spyderco have their unique toughness as well as deficiencies which is what we can make use to establish which knife is the very best for you.

Carbon steel makes elegant blades since it is unyielding as well as can preserve intensity for longer. However, it has a drawback also. It is prone to corrosion. So, no material is ideal but you will certainly for sure obtain something for yourself. Spyderco uses a wide range of quality steels in its long production cycle.  

Handle Materials

Zero Tolerance Vs. Spyderco
  1. Handle materials of Zero Tolerance: when you compare Zero Tolerance Vs. Spyderco by handle material, then it can be said that Zero Tolerance takes care of their constructed products that are very stable, as well as long-lasting and, are less weighted. Additionally, a variety of models also consist of contouring and 3D handle machining to improve grip.

Carbon fiber atoms are bonded with each other in crystals aligned structure and stick with each other like fibers. They combine with other materials to make the fibers inflexible. Moreover, carbon fiber makes a blade that is exceptionally strong and very light-weight.

Titanium is a less weight, corrosion preventive metal with high tensile strength. Zero Tolerance utilizes it as a handle product and for other finishing activities.

The G10 it is a very steady and does not get affected by temperature variations and makes knife handles.

  1. Handle materials of Spyderco: Volcano grip is waffle textured which discovered on numerous of knife designs of the company. It is a continuous pattern of tiny squares giving tactile resistance to sliding while clutched in the hand.

Titanium is a nonferrous metal used in blade manufacturing for its rust prevention ability, less weight and high tensile strength. 

Stainless steel consists of a minimum of 12% chromium which makes the steel last long and prevents rust. The chromium oxide provides an obstacle to oxygen and wetness preventing corrosion formation.

A peep ply carbon fiber consists carbon fiber and other materials that are actually textured placed on the surface to safeguard the material throughout production. After manufacture the product is removed and it leaves a texture grip making a non-slip handle material.

All-natural products such as natural leather, various types of woods, and other mixed blend materials are used for the handles of Spyderco knives. 

Lock Mechanisms

Lock mechanisms of Spyderco
  1. Lock mechanisms of Zero Tolerance: A securing system on a folding knife is created to maintain the blade lock until the user releases it. So, there is no danger of the blade folding back. In addition, many Zero Tolerance knives have a decent to predisposition the knife towards the closed position for secure transportation.

In a frame lock blade, the knife handle consists of two plates on either side of the blade. When the knife is opened, the steel side of the frame goes against the backend of the blade as well as protects against the blade from closing.

The inset liner lock is a variant on the lining lock that allows Zero Tolerance to supply the safety in a blade that is slimmer as well as lighter. Zero Tolerance inset a strong steel plate on the inside of the knife’s structure. This partial lining is secured into location in a machined cut out on the interior of the handle. So, the users do not need full steel lining on both sides. So, the knife can be lighter, smaller and also easier to lug.

The liner lock is the most common of today’s blade locking systems. In knives with securing liners, the handles consist of two steel plates on either side of the blade. Liner lock can be made from variety of materials. 

The Zero Tolerance Sub Frame Lock is the trademarked variant on the conventional structure lock that allows making a slimmer knife while giving a strong, safe and secure lock. In this case, an item of the lighter weight framework, typically carbon fiber, is favored and also an item of steel is put right into its area. This item of steel acts similar to a common structure lock. When the blade is open, it moves right into position behind the blade locking it perfectly.

A slip joint blade is a blade without lock. These knives use various other mechanisms to guarantee secure use. 

  1. Lock mechanisms of Spyderco: A locking system established by renowned knife crafter Michael Walker that utilizes a leaf like structure from the liner to wedge against a upper surface area on the flavor of the blade is known as Walker lock

The stop lock is securing system placed on the back of the handles using two communicating rocker hands. Between them, one involves a notch in the blade’s tang to lock the blade open.

The back lock is a securing system positioned on the back of the handle that uses a rocker arm that helps in the facility. A lug on one end of the rocker engages in such a way that the blades get open when operated. 

Knife Clips

  1. Zero Tolerance clips: Zero Tolerance pocket clips are designed to be matched the style and components of the blade. Additionally, the setting of the pocket clip might be determined by the setting of the blade’s various other equipment, especially from the pivot factor and securing systems. A lot of Zero Tolerance folding blades are available which come in reversible, single position, 3-position, and 4-position, and deep carry structures.
  1. Spyderco clips: The most typically used clip-on Spyderco blades are metal clips are made from stainless steel or titanium. They differ in shape, size, as well as a coating to enhance certain knife designs. They might be affixed to the handle with screws or barrel screws and adjusted to offer numerous bring alternatives. Other than metallic clips, Spyderco has a deep pocket clip, integral pocket clip, shackle clip, and wire clip. 

Blade Coatings

  1. Zero Tolerance coatings: The coatings, as well as finishes on Zero Tolerance blades, are tactical and some titanium takes care of the knife’s design as well as visual including some security against accidents and rust of the steel surface.

Anodizing is a plating process which is utilized Zero Tolerance to add long-lasting shade to titanium handles as well as some lightweight aluminum components. Plating is an electrolytic procedure that helps the indigenous oxide layer of the metal to create a shining surface that stays steady and unfading.

In Bear Blasted finished, the materials are splashed with a mixture of great media including glass and aluminum-oxide grains at very high pressure and velocity. This will smooth the blade surface and develops a shining and non-reflective look. Depending upon the media, this surface can produce a darker or a lighter blade shade.

Diamond Like Carbon layer shows properties comparable to those of any natural ruby. Zero Tolerance’s tungsten diamond like carbon coating blade  is not just the design but it has the efficiency you need. Diamond Like Carbon finishes lower rubbing, supply high wear resistance as well as enhance hardness. The advantages of such a finish are obvious when it concerns blades. Apart from these, the company has some other coating styles too. 

  1. Spyderco coatings: Black electric plating is non-reflective finishing in steel which is done in an electrostatic procedure. It gets rid of the steel’s reflective ability.

A ceramic finishing that is tough and very thin. It supplies high abrasion resistance as well as low friction coefficient. Spyderco also uses Diamond like carbon for coating activities. 

Price & Warranty

Spyderco makes various series of knives and each of the series has a different price range. The price may be high and low depending on the quality and provides a lifetime warranty. 

Zero Tolerance produces knives of only premium quality with a higher price which can be equally compared to the high priced knives of Spyderco. Although they started their company recently, they provide a lifetime warranty and excellent customer services. 


There is no questioning the quality and flexibility of the Spyderco brand name. But their considerable variety of options can make it hard to know which one is the best fit for your demands. From budget pick to expensive products, Spyderco has something for practically every person. From work to the outdoors, their lineup of blades is both qualified and trusted.

Zero Tolerance has variety of tools which can be utilized due to its various styles with a strong version of blade. The company prides itself for the very best product in each element of the tool and ensures long life service. From the smooth or serrated edge blade to the high grade titanium and carbon containing blades, each blade is flawlessly crafted.

When it comes to Zero Tolerance Vs. Spyderco, Each knife brings you top of the line quality and performance. It makes a significant blade for slim layout that makes it so fantastic. Additionally, Zero Tolerance developed to suit individuals who like an adventure.

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