Wusthof Classic vs Classic Ikon

Wusthof knives are one of the most reliable and proven brands in the kitchen knife world. Wusthof prides itself in its persistent hunt for quality and perfection. Enter any professional kitchen and you are bound to see this brand. These long-lasting knives are manufactured in Solingen, German since the early 19th century, and yes they pride in running this company for over 200 years.

Perhaps Wusthof Classic and Classic Ikon are their best known knife lines. That’s why people often puzzle between Wusthof Classic vs Classic Ikon. It is not quite tricky but the problem is you need to know all the facts of these two lines to decide which one is more suitable according to your needs. Maybe you are finding it hard and thinking of how you can deep down all the technical details? No worries. In this piece of article, I am bringing all the juicy details in a very simplified manner. You don’t need to be pro. I can bet you will enjoy this and easily select the best knife for you, so let’s get ahead.

Background and Key Specifications of Wusthof Classic vs Classic Ikon

Wusthof is famous for delivering top-notch performance-based, excellent quality knives. And durability is another name of Wusthof. Both of these knife lines have a solid reputation in the universe of kitchen knives. These two are made precision-based and much easier to control.

Wusthof Classic

The Classic knife is known for Wusthof’s top-selling line and it is dominating the market for a long time. This series is famous for its utmost durability and the medal of high-reliability.

Classic life highlights a triple riveted structure. This feature guarantees that the handle and blade will never be disconnected. Polyoxymethylene ensures extreme durability as well as making it fading resistant. Moreover, the blade is made of high carbon stainless steel.

Key Features of Wusthof Classic

  • Wusthof classic holds a three-way riveted structure system.
  • It carries a sharp edge and it helps to reduce frequently sharpening work.
  • Polymer made a user-friendly handle for the comfort of the grip.
  • It provides a limited lifetime warranty.

Classic Ikon

Classic Ikon series is very renowned in the kitchen knife market for its esthetic fascinating look as well as outstanding comfy handles. The Ikon knives share many similarities with the Classic knives as they are made of high carbon stainless steel with a triple-riveted design. It ensures that the blade and handle will never be separated in long time usage. In addition, The Classic Ikon series does not contain a bolster that expands entirely to the edge.

Key Features of Classic Ikon

  • The 3 riveted black synthetic handle ensures the immensely comfortable handle.
  • Made by a synthetic handle which makes it not much weighty that delivers a well balance.
  • It maintains an edge longer. It holds a sharp wedge approximately twice than others.
  • It holds a full tang blade with a hollow edge and is specially made by precision forged.

5 Facts to Compare between Wusthof Classic vs Classic Ikon

If you are running out of time, then here is the jewel piece of this writing.

Admittedly, the Classic and the Classic Ikon series share many similarities than differences.

If you look at the performance standpoint, you will find more or less the same.

Both of the blades are beat into shape from a unique piece of high carbon stainless steel. The hardness level is 58 at the Rockwell scale.

Both of their margins are sharpened by their very own PETec technology using 28 degree angle.

In addition both of them hold a limited lifetime warranty.

Fact 1: Design

Wusthof holds the most traditional German style knife design in the market nowadays. If you look at the handle and blade throughout the bolster, you will find it is very much the same as the western knife which we see regularly in the hand of cooks. If you notice the shape of Wusthof Classic Ikon and the Wusthof classic, I bet you can not differentiate between them.

Both knives have been made with the same steel. It is called forged special X50 Cr MoV 15 steel which has been grounded at fourteen degrees with HRC hardness of 58.

 Wusthof Classic vs Classic Ikon

The considerable difference is in the bolster. The Classic contains an entire length of bolster which expands throughout the margin of the blade. As a result, you cannot sharp the terminal point of the blade. On the other hand the bolster of the Classic Ikon does not expand throughout the edge of the blade. Clearly, it makes you very comfortable to sharp the tip of the blade. And as the bolster expands softly throughout the blade without any straight edges, you can effortlessly wash it.

Another significant difference that will come fast to catch your eye is the design of the handles.

The Classic as the name implies the handle is very much traditional but the handle of Ikon is modernistic and well designed.

Compared to the Classic, the Ikon has a significantly thicker tang. Moreover, it has an additional mass of steel increased at the end of the blade for a better experience of balance and feel.

However, don’t judge these two products by their comfortableness. As the Classic is in no way uneasy or constable. Ikon is just a little more balanced and comfortable in feeling. I can say that the Classic is just 10% less comfortable than the Ikon and technically it will not bother you if you don’t do an insane amount of cooking.

Another difference of mentioning is that you will not get Ikon in a huge variety of sizes and styles compared to the Classic. You will find more than 70 types of knives in the Classic line, believe me, it’s insane and you will surely find whatever you need. Whereas, you will get only 4 sizes of Ikon. Additionally, no Classic Ikon knife contains a Granton edge but classic will do that for you.

Comparison table: Design

FactorsWusthof Classic  Classic Ikon
Design StyleClassicModern

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Fact 2: Bolster

Wusthof follows the traditional German-style in making the knife bolster. Yes, you got it, it’s a full-length bolster. It starts from the edge to the spine of your knife with the purpose of shielding your fingers from harm. In fact, this technique develops a very well-balanced knife.

The preciseness of the bolster boosts significant improvement in the performance and clarity of your knife experience. This provides the knife a bit more weight but offers a solid balance which basically enhances the capability of chopping no matter what. Furthermore, When compared with other less weight or unbalanced knives, the great balance of this knife will help you to remove all the stress and pressure on your arm at the time of working for a long period.

The weight of the knife is about 9.6 ounces because of the full-length bolster. The number indicates that it can be counted as a heavy knife. Yet this added weight is what you look for the most time when working for a long period. In other words, the added weight will help you not to put excessive weight to push the blade for cutting your desired things. Hence, Your output will be way better than your input.

The Classic Ikon contains a half bolster. That implies it holds the type of bolster which expands entirely throughout to the edge. Clearly, this provides the opportunity for your blade to get sharpened throughout the back to the tip. In fact, many professional chefs promote this type of bolster as this provides you to use the whole blade’s edge. As you already know, the bolster is made for the safeguard of our fingers and also to build a well-balanced knife. I must say that Wusthof has accomplished that level.

Comparison table: Bolster

FactorsWusthof Classic  Classic Ikon
Bolster TypeFull lengthHalf length
Number of BolsterOneTwo
WeightA bit heavyLess weighty

Fact 3: Handle & Durability

As the word “Classic” suggests, the handle is designed from a classic angle. The shape of the handle will vouch for this point of view. The basic shape of the handle is square rounded at the back. This handle has a function to prevent it from slipping from your hand as it expands a bit lower than your fingers. The full-length bolster keeps your hands from slipping towards the blade itself. The professional chefs usually suggest using the full bolster for the beginners in order to enhance the safety measures.

Handles of Wusthof Classic, as well as the Classic Ikon, are created with Polyoxymethylene which is a synthetic material. The structure of polyoxymethylene is a tight molecular system. Clearly, this substance makes it unique and greatly durable, and long-lasting. It also provides a superb balance.

Wusthof Classic

Due to its strong atomic structure, it can highly tolerate continuous exposure to water and high-temperature. Hence, it is very effective in resisting from fading as well as discoloration. All this quality makes the handle very much ideal for day to day usage. However, for the utilization of the durability, POM is highly used by several companies in making small gear wheels, ski bindings and eyeglass frames.

Moreover, The knife contains a full tang which implies that the blade expands throughout the handle. This makes it a single piece of steel, handle, and blade. To put it differently, you can really experience it highly strong and robust on your hand and undoubtedly, it will last as long as you can here on earth.

Apart from numerous reasons, most professional chefs promote the use of this knife as they provide great shape, stable performance, and durable construction. And also the safety which the knife provides.

In respect of the Classic, the Classic Ikon provides a restructured ‘V’ shaped handle. The Solingen manufacturers smoothen it at its best. Nonetheless, the handle is a carbon copy of the Ikon series, However, instead of using the African Blackwood, they use a black resin. The Ikon series handles are built of African blackwood. Nevertheless, the designs of handles of both series are very much identical but they are made of different elements.

African blackwood, popularly known as Grenadill wood, is the main element that makes handles of Ikon’s series. The quality which makes African blackwood unique and extraordinary is that it contains dense with very low porosity but has very high resin content. You will be amazed to know that blackwood is classified among one of the strongest and toughest types of wood throughout the world. All these qualities make the handle remarkably long-lasting and firm.

Furthermore, It helps to enable it to resist vulnerability against moisture without widening, shrinking, or even damaging any little part. You can easily guess by its name that African blackwood is colored dark. Sometimes it looks black with fine grains when the light reflects on it. Apart from this, Producers use this wood in making musical instruments like the clarinet, guitar, etc.

Another advantage oath mentioning is tapped African blackwood is has a charming beauty and polish which adds more value to the Ikon series. Despite all of these, there are two downfalls of this particular material. Firstly, Blackwood needs frequent polishing to keep its original shine. Secondly, this wood makes a price hike for the knives.

If you are worried about dealing with additional maintenance or giving a great amount of money, then Classic Ikon is an outstanding choice.

Although the blackwood handle is a great addition in the Ikon series, it easily catches damage from the water in the long run. Also many reported that this gets scratches over time.

So the resin handle is way better than this handle, from the professional perspective.

Comparison table: Handle & Durability

FactorsWusthof Classic  Classic Ikon
ShapeRoundedV shape
DurabilityVery StrongHighly stable

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Fact 4: Product Option

If your requirements are just to do the basic works of a chef or Santoku knife, all the Wusthof series will easily cover you.

On the other hand, if you are searching for a complete set of knives, then you have to worry about the Ikon series as it has very minimal options.

The Classic series is considered Wusthof’s best-selling line and they are highly comprehensive also. The Classic line is bound to fulfill your needs as it holds numerous options. It has 87 individual knives with different sets of 41. In addition, each set is divided into 2 to 36 pieces, which is known as a mega block set.

The Ikon line has 4 individual blade lengths. The 6 inch, 8 inch 9 inch and the 10 inch.

Although the Classic Ikon provides you lesser options compared with Classic, nevertheless they have way more options than the Ikon. It offers 19 individual knives with 18 difference sets varying from 2 pieces to 22 pieces, which is known as a mega block set.

Comparison table: Product Option

FactorsWusthof Classic  Classic Ikon

Fact 5: Price Evaluation

The Wusthof Classic costs more or less the same as the Classic Ikon. Generally they are less costly than the Wusthof Ikon knives.

Arguably, the Classic costs according to its worth. Actually, it is very much fair if we consider the quality and performance of these knives. The price varies from size to size so it totally depends on what you like.

The Classic line is classified among the oldest in the Wusthof creation, it became the most beloved one. This series has more than 70 various types of knives. It includes many special quality knives also.

The prices differ according to the size of the knives. You can think about any sizes and you will definitely get them. You can get the knife in 3,4,5,6 inches for small work or 12,13,14 for doing huge works like cooking for a great number of people.

For at the lowest $60, you will receive a 6-inch knife. The 10 inches and the 8 inches will cost as low as $230 and $180. The special ones can go further from $232 to $600. The professional chef recommends using an 8-inch knife for beginners and a 10-inch knife for professionals. However, It can differ on the basis of your needs.

The Classic Ikon line is not cheaper than the Classic series. If we consider the modern and sophisticated technology for creating these knives, the price will be fairly proportional to its quality. I am not saying that it is the most expensive one in fact you will get it at a head-to-head price of the Classic line knives. It will cost you about $170 but it will last as long as you need it and I am talking about a lifetime. The beginners often fall into a trap by choosing the cheap ones. In most cases, the very cheap knives turn into your worst nightmare in cooking. You should look at the quality, not just the price.

Comparison table: Price Evaluation

FactorsWusthof Classic  Classic Ikon
PriceValue for moneyPricy
Servicing costAffordable priceFlexible price

When should you go for the Wusthof Classic?

If you are searching for a multi purpose and versatile knife than the Classic series is made for you.

This series holds a full tang design. It is well known to provide better balance and comparatively less prone which avoids breaking. As the handle is made of three rivets, they are a little bit weightier than the others. In fact, this quality gives a better balancing system as well as high durability.


  • Top-quality steel
  • Developed by Precision Edge Technology
  • Well-balanced and comfy
  • Razor Sharp 14 degree angle design
  • Long-Lasting
  • Widest options


  • Not heavy sharp
  • Feels a slight heavy

When should you go for the Classic Ikon?

If you want a knife that can be called a perfectionist of chopping, mincing, slicing, or dicing but you need it to be packed with an ultra-modern and fascinating design at a favorable price then you need to choose the Classic Ikon series.

The Classic has dual bolsters from the top of the full tang structure. The upper one is half so that it will not bother you to sharpen the knife all by yourself. Also, the bottom one will ensure balancing and stability.

It also contains an uncommon shape with variation of different colors. Handles are also curved for a more comfortable feeling.


  • Modern design
  • Dual bolster
  • Comfortable and Balanced
  • Highly sharp
  • Heavy feel
  • Excellent handle shape


  • A bit pricey
  • Plastic handles

Quick Tips

Hand washing is very much recommended for each and every knife. You should wash your knife with water and detergent. It is suggested that you use warm water to clean it. Afterward, rinse it very carefully and use a towel to make it dry. Many times we notice the edge of the knife downgrades and it happens solely for the food particles. The best practice is to clean your blade every time after using it to avoid the effect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most of the FAQ sections are dense with a lot of information about the product which may arise before and after using them. And, this section is not oddballs over here. Let’s dive more deeply into it to find out all the basic questions and answers about Wusthof Classic vs Classic Ikon.

Will they provide a knife guard for these knives?What is the steel of Classic?

The Classic as well as the Ikon Classic is made of high-quality stainless steel developed with Precision Edge Technology.

Will they provide a knife guard for these knives?

No, they will not provide it although you can buy them at a very small price. However, It is not compoly but recommended for the beginners.

What is the best among them?

Each one is better than the other. It will be defined by your purpose of using.

What is the warranty or guarantee of Wusthof knives?

They are packed with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

What is the frequency of sharpening a Wusthof knife?

It is recommended to sharpen your knife every few months. Actually, it depends on how often you use it. The more you use it, the more frequently you need to sharpen it.

Final Thoughts

You can clearly see from my details that the main key differences between Wusthof Classic vs Classic Ikon are the design, bolster, and handle. These two lines are basically very much the same. Now it’s your very time to judge which series is made for you. Put attention to each of the details I have provided throughout this article.

First, note the differences cautiously. Secondly, focus on what you need and what you want to do with the knife. Finally, as you have selected your knife based on your priorities, do not overthink and place the order.

I can assure you that both are excellent knives and will give you the best experience.

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