What Knife do Professional Chefs Use every day – want to know the Million-Dollar Secret?

I know you won’t believe it if I say I know the secrets. But you can’t deny if Michael Solomonov, Daniel Boulud, or Jose Garces say what Knife professional chefs use every day.

Yes, we have researched and communicated with some of the world-famous chefs from the Michelin star restaurant. So that we can share What Knife do Professional Chefs use every day in the kitchen.

What Knife do Professional Chefs Use

It was not easy to know the secret. But we have done it, and here it is for you. We have rounded up the top 10 best kitchen knives from the professional kitchen to the home cooks.

So, What Knife do Professional Chefs Use?

Tom Aiken is the youngest of two-Michelin stars British chefs. He feels most comfortable with the Wusthof 8-inches Chef Knife. In fact, he is the biggest fan of any Wusthof knife. If you are still skeptical, book a table there to talk to Tom.

Wusthof 8 inches Chef Knife

Made in the City of Blade, Solingen to the Professional Chef’s hand. Wusthof made some of the best professional kitchen knives, and this Classic 8-inches blade is one of them.

The precision-forged blade is made by the master knifemakers of Germany. The high carbon stainless steel blade takes its shape from a single piece of alloy. Later, the softer steel is polished to a mirror-like shine.

PreciisonEdge technology is the trademark of the house of Wusthof. It holds the sharpness two-times longer than any European chef’s knives. Besides, you will find the blade 20% sharper than any blade in the world.

Polymer panels on the full tang with a triple-rivet attachment will give you a firm grip. Now show any magic on the cutting board with this forged chef knife.

Professional chefs prefer safety first, and Wusthof offers it to them. The full bolster ensures the maximum protection of the fingers during cutting, slicing, and dicing. And, we’ve also compared this Wusthof knife with Zwilling that you can take a look at.

Miyabi Evolution 8 inch Chef Knife

Kostas Papathanasiou, one of the leading Greek chef in the U.K., led the kitchen of 5 Social. This is one of the finest dinings in Mayfair, London. Do you know which Knife Kostas depend on? Any great Japanese knife, especially Miyabi.

This is a revolutionary knife from the house of Zwilling. If you look for a blend of western chopping and Asian thin cutting, Miyabi Evolution is the right choice. Built-in Japan and inspired by German tradition. No other knife in a professional chef’s kitchen is as diverse as this one.

It is not stainless steel but fine carbide steel that makes the blade of this Knife. Ice hardened blades offer extended edge retention, durability, and are resistant to corrosion. Unlike a stamped blade, the entire process takes 42-days and nearly 100-steps to make one Evolution knife.

Chefs around the world love the triple-riveted POM handle. The ergonomic design fits into any medium to large hands. It shows the magic of western chopping and Asian rocking cuts.

The partial bolster may not offer full safety for the fingers, but the heel and rounded spine won’t make even the busiest chef feel tired. It is not surprising to find this Knife in every top 10 kitchen knives recommended by the professional chefs.

Shun Classic 7 inches Santoku 

This is the favorite Knife of Josh Capon of Bowery Meat Company. This NY based steak house is famous for its strips, rib-eyes, and duck lasagna. And Chef Josh relies on Shun Santoku for excellence.

I am sure your understanding about What Knife do Professional Chefs use is getting much more precise.

Shun will always make its place in the professional chef knife reviews. And o no wonder, famous chefs recommend it for any job. This Japanese version of the chef knife has a high carbon steel blade with extreme sharpness.

16 steel sheets were precision forged to make a single blade. The intense hammering unfused the individual grains to make the blade durable and tough. When chefs need power behind every Asian rocking cuts, they pick Shun Santoku.

This Japanese style blade with Damascus design is both rust and stain-resistant. The double bolster pakkawood handle offers a strong grip. Pro-level chefs recommend extra caution as the front bolster is not full.

But, it allows using the entire length of the super sharp edge during any prep job.

Dalstrong Granton Edge 12 inches Slicing Knife


Slicing is one of the most delicate jobs in any kitchen. Professional chefs like Daniel Boulud know about it. He recommends long, and Granton edges for clean and smooth slicing. There is no other knife that can be as great as the 12-inches Dalstrong Slicing knife.

One of the most unique features, except length, of this Knife, is the single-beveled scalloped edge. Each side comes with different angles that ensure a thin and precise cut. Dealing with ham, turkey, salmon, or any meat is easy with this long blade.

Japanese steel is the core of the Knife. The AUS-10V makes ultra-sharp blades with superior durability. It comes with a staggering 62+ Rockwell hardness rating. Around 66-layers of steel give the blade the look of a Damascus sword.

The G-10 handle is specially tailored for a firm grip. It is improved through military technology to withstand higher heat, humidity, and impact. All of these are the features of a busy and bustling kitchen.

The double bolster design on the handle is there for safety and balance. Full tang design and triple-rivet handle work as a counterbalance to the extended length of the blade.

J.A. Henckels 5.5 inches Flexible Boning Knife


When you have tools like Wusthof Classic or Victorinox Fibrox Pro chef’s knife 8-inch chef’s Knife, nothing else is required to work smoothly in the kitchen. Right? Well, not necessarily. A Chef knife is a workhorse, but if you try to put it on the wrong job, you are just ruining it.

Boning needs a sharp and hard blade that can tackle any meat and connecting tissues. For this, the edge needs to go places that are neither accessible nor suitable for any big knives.

This 5.5-inched boning knife from J.A. Henckels goes through the SIGMAFORGE process. It makes the entire blade from a single piece of high carbon steel. Ice hardening reinforces the edge for tougher boiling jobs.

Chefs love the laser-honed edge for its durability and edge-retention ability. The blade gives them the ideal cut and boning from the toughest angle. 15-degree bevel on each side cut through with a wider angle.

Each molecule of the polypropylene handle is infused together to generate a solid and smooth handle. Gripping the Knife is easy because of the handle.

Zelite Infinity 7 inches Cleaver 

Almost every chef loves cleaver when preparing hard meat or bone-in meat. Zelite Infinity is among the most popular cleaver used by pro-level chefs. Chinese in style and German in made, such a winning combination is the secret behind the popularity of this rectangular Knife.

ThyssenKrupp High Carbon Stainless Steel blades can do cutting, chopping, boning, and of course, cleaving. No matter if it’s tough meat, hard nuts, whole chicken, or sturdy coconuts, infinity can cut and crack anything.

The blade is extremely hard. So, it can retain the sharpness longer. 56 Rockwell hardness rating keeps this cleaver razor-sharp without frequent sharpening.

Comfort and confidence is the backbone of this German Knife. Full tang made with rounded black handles offers comfort for your hand. A tapered bolster is there for safety. Wide bevel angles cut both deeply and widely.

One of the reasons chefs love it is because the satisfaction is guaranteed. Otherwise, the house of Zelite will return the money.

Victorinox Fibrox Serrated 10.25 inches Bread Knife  


Most of us think the bread knife is not a necessary item. Until the bread slices are uneven and crumbs are everywhere on the table.

Only the professional chefs know how a perfectly sliced bread can make a huge difference in the sandwiches or Panini. It’s the serration that makes the difference between precise cut and catastrophe.

It’s not flat and straight. The curved blade gives you the freedom to cut the slices with a rocking motion. Fluffy bread, soft pastry, or moist cakes, this long serrated Knife will cut through everything.

Pointed tips of the serrations cut through the crust smoothly. Scalloped between each point prevents the squashing of the bread or soft fruits inward. Rounded ends do not cut through any soft foods but keep the shape intact.

Victorinox Fibrox

Polymer handle offers a firm grip and smooth cut of any bread. Swiss army technology not only works outdoors but also effective indoor.

Global 3.5-inch Western Style Paring Knife

Chefs around the world love Mac knives, and this tiny but strong Knife is no different. The dimpled surface of the curved handle offers better control and maneuverability. If you want to know what Knife do professional chefs use regularly well this is one of them. 

If you are looking for pro-quality coring, paring, or peeling Global Western will be one of the best picks. Japanese steel gives hardness and durability to this 3.5-inches blade. Even an amateur can feel the difference while working with this Knife.

Sipping is a big issue, especially with the smaller knives. But the dimpled surface is both slip and moisture resistant. High-quality steel makes both the blade and handle. Therefore, each section of the Knife is equally strong.

The pointed tip is ideal for coring any hard fruits. It also gives access to the deeper part of the meat and bones. Hollow handle of the Knife maintains the balance because of the sand filling in it.

Humidity, heat, or dent cannot damage the whole Knife. However, putting it in the dishwasher won’t be a good option.

Mac Bird’s Beak 2.5 inches Peeling Knife 

Another small but strong Japanese knife for delicate work. Yes, a paring knife can do the peeling too. But renowned chefs like Michael Solomonov prefer the bird’s beak from the house of Mac.

The blade is so thin that sometimes you won’t even feel it. Guiding the blade with the thumb is so easy for its lightweight. Partial tang made and pakkawood handle gives better control over the tiniest Knife.

Professional kitchens deal with some of the most delicate fruits like Kew, strawberry, and peach. Peeling them without any bruise requires not only skills but also a great peeling knife. Mac Bird’s Beak is the perfect solution to this problem.

Like any other smaller knife, it is not safe to put it in the dishwasher. After each use, clean it with warm water and air dry before storage. By the way, this is one of the few knives that have no negative reviews from any users.

Masahiro 6 inches Utility Knife

There is no way you can miss Valencian Gold while in Vegas. Chef Paras Shah of this Spanish eatery believes in Masahiro utility knives for his top-notch dishes.

6-inches blade may feel small, but it can do some massive magic. Masahiro is one of the most prestigious brands of Japanese knives. So there will be doubt about the quality.

The spine of the blade is a bit thicker than tapered thin to the ground. Such thickness of the blade with pointy tip makes it suitable for any detailed work like deboning fish, cutting smaller pieces of hard veggies, and fruits.

Making designs with carrots and other colorful items is easy, with a sharp and thin blade. Full tang made, the triple-rivet handle is made for a perfect balance in any kitchen job.

Chefs love this Knife for the lightweight and smooth operation. The balance, weight, and firm grip on the handle is a perfect combo for any meal preparation. 


Renowned chefs are celebrities in the culinary world. Like the fans follow the movie star’s style and fashion, cooking enthusiasts try to follow these culinary rock stars. The knives they use are one of the secrets that are kept secret.

But not anymore. You know what Knife do professional chefs use every day in their kitchen. Following their prep style and cooking like them will be a lot easier now. You just have to collect them in your kitchen and use them when needed.

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