Shun Vs Cutco- Which Is Best For What? 5 Facts To Compare

The Steel utilized is a key point. Will the steel keep the sharp edge or will it dull on your initial not many cuts? Not every person utilizes knives just on the food. In some cases, we use knives like Shun and Cutco through the plastic that ties our food and for various purposes. For these variables, all you truly need to do is ensure the proper kind of steel that you need. The less expensive the steel, the additional time you will spend sharping it.

What is the nature of the blade? How does the handle feel? Does the metal of the sharp edge go from the tip of the cutting edge right down and through the base of the handle? Would you be able to feel the creases of where the handle is assembled? When you hold it, are there any moving parts when you press the blade on something? On the off chance that you have a wood handle, it may absorb water.

Fundamentally, there is a ton of little inquiries I pose to myself when purchasing a blade between Shun Vs Cutco. A lot of time you can discover what you need, can be found at a very cheaper rate. If you are confused between Shun and Cutco, you will no more be confused as I made a comprehensive comparison between the two.

A Quick Comparison Chart for Shun and Cutco Knife

FactsShun KnifeCutco Knife
Steel qualityVG-10(super steel)High carbon
WarrantyLife timeEternal
Where to BuyCheck Latest price on AmazonCheck Latest price on Amazon

A Comprehensive Study of Shun and Cutco Knife

In this article, I will let you know what specifications to look for while selecting a knife set. I will thoroughly describe the key features of a good knife set in an eloquent manner. If you follow the instructions, you will of course end up buying a quality knife.

Quick Overview About Shun Knife

In Japan, the blade is not just a tool but a custom and history. From incredible samurai blades to the high-quality culinary cutlery of today, the stunning craftsmanship of Japanese sharp edges is appreciated all around the world.

Shun Classic Chef Knife,

The blades are made with premium materials particularly the edges. Their edges are made of super solidified steels so the slim cutting edges can hold their edge for quite a while. This is incredible for keeping your cutting edges sharp, yet they are slight to such an extent that in case you are not cautious and incidentally hit an enormous bone, they can chip.

To the assembling cycle, Shun blades are produced, and handcrafted by talented craftsman in Japan and have been going for quite a while.

Since the thirteenth century, Seki City has been the core of the Japanese cutlery industry. For over 111 years, it has additionally been the home of Kai Corporation, the producers of Shun fine cutlery. Motivated by the conventions of old Japan, the present profoundly gifted Shun craftsman produce edges of unmatched quality and excellence. Since 2002, Shun has been producing superb knives and currently supplying over 30 countries all over the world.

Key Features of a Good Shun Knife

  • Less expensive
  • Sharp edges
  • Life time warranty

5 Best Shun Knives

Quick Overview About Cutco Knife

Cutco started their journey in 1949 in Olean, New York. Despite the fact that many would think that the name of the organization originated from the utilization of the item, Cutco actually came from the letters of the phrase “Cooking Utensil Company”. Cutco is the biggest maker of kitchen cutlery in the U.S. and Canada and it utilizes more than thousand workers at their processing plant and base camp in New York.

Cutco 1728 7-5/8" Petite Chef Knife

Cutco blades are one of the handful great blades made in America. While that is absolutely great, they are a stepped blade and not fashioned. They are worked to last and are offered with eternity guarantee. It expresses that you will be satisfied with them or you can get your knives supplanted. That is unquestionably worth paying, correct?

You don’t need to stress over these blades chipping. On the off chance that they do, it seems like you can present a solicitation online to have them replaced.

Key Features of a Good Cutco Knife:

  1. High Carbon Stainless steel.
  2. Eternal warranty.
  3. No rust and home sharpening.

5 Best Cutco Knives

5 Facts to Compare Between Shun and Cutco Knife

At the point when we purchase a knife, one significant factor to consider is the length of the knife. Thus, we are about to see how blade edges are estimated and which one suits you better.

Steel Quality

Primary materials utilized for kitchen knives are Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. Stainless steel is utilized in both Japanese and Western blades. They have benefits and disadvantages.

It is a compound of iron with around 10-15% of chromium, nickel, or molybdenum and just a limited quantity of carbon. Lower class stainless steel cannot take as sharp edge as great quality high-carbon steel but it can still be rust resistant.

Shun Vs. Cutco

Carbon steel is stronger and has a sharp edge although it rusts quickly. If you need a sharp edge within a small budget, you can pick this material. When carbon is added to steel, it gets more diligent and simpler to sharp than any other steel and it likewise holds an edge longer. Carbon steel can be produced into a more slender cutting edge which considers a more extreme and fantastic kitchen experience. On the drawback, carbon steel is defenseless against rust and corrosion. 

Manufacturers produce various unique steel containing Chromium, Vanadium, Molybdenum, and Cobalt. It can be considered as super steel as it has generally excellent obstruction, sharpness, and toughness. If your financial plan permits, you can pick a great high carbon stainless steel that contains Molybdenum and Vanadium. Both Shun and Cutco produce knives of various materials including stainless steel, high carbon stainless steel, and carbon steel.

Knife Handle

Handles are produced using a wide range of materials including different types of woods, composites, saps, metal, and various kinds of plastic. Each offers an alternate vibe, hold, style, and comfort level. The best way to locate your suitable one is by holding them to encounter how certain handles will feel to you.

Knife handle

From an upkeep angle, the handle is frequently the fatal flaw of a blade. Long haul security of the handle is the reason why handle washing is suggested for any quality knife. The dishwasher may affect wood handles to dry out, break and debase after some time.

By and by, the most significant part of the handle is that it feels great to you and gives you a decent feeling of power over the sharp edge.

The handle materials are significant elements. Regardless of whether it is wood, composite, or treated steel, you should pick one that you feel is generally agreeable and can control and similar to an expansion of your hand.

Good news is both Shun and Cutco produces handles of various materials. You can choose the materials according to your demand and budget.

Knife Size

The knife size indicates the length of the cutting zone of a knife. The blade is estimated from the tip of the knife to the heel. Shouldn’t something be said about customary Japanese blades? How are their sharp edges estimated? For this you must try a Shun knife yourself. The regular length for a culinary knife is 210mm and for the larger size 270mm is satisfactory.

Shun knife

You must need to take a look at the size of the knife before purchasing one based on the size you need. It additionally relies upon how huge your hand and your kitchen are. Both Cutco and Shin manufactures various sized knife depending on the customer needs.


The cost of a knife is dictated by the nature of the materials utilized for the cutting edges, and the techniques used to make the edges. Different elements incorporate the materials of the handle and cutting areas.

Pick a blade you feel generally good with. This doesn’t mean you have to get a costly one, yet it is encouraged to abstain from purchasing very low quality blades, as these won’t keep going long. A decent blade will endure forever. If you want a budget buy, I suggest you to go for Shun Knives.


It is my pleasure to let you know that both Cutco and Shun will fix or replace their knives regardless of whether they were passed down or gifted as long as you use them as per instructions. Both manufacturers are very concern about the customer demand and support. 

When You Should Go for Shun Knives?

shun knives

All things considered, you have to choose what you’re searching for in your blades. In the event that you need extraordinary cutting blades that are very sharp and look awesome, then Shun Cutlery meets your requirements. They are a pleasant Japanese-style blade. Simply remember that you should be cautious with the edges and wash and dry them by hand after each utilization. 

Shun can be a superior fit in your kitchen. This is most likely the situation for most of kitchens in the United States. Shun makes decent knives that keep going quite a while. They can appear to be moderately costly. At times, you can discover great arrangements on Shun knives.

Types of Users Who Need Shun Knives: 

  1. Those who are under budget.
  2. Beginners.
  3. Home appliances.

Benefits of a Shun Knife Over Cutco Knife

  1. They are acceptable quality in that they are predictable. The assembling cycle is all around constrained by talented laborers. The structure is incredible contrasted with more costly blades.
  2. No requirement for home sharpening makes them the best in the market.
  3. In the event that your concern is that that your blades can have rusted, you ought to think about changing to Shun plastic knives. 

Things That Are Not as Good as Cutco Knife

  1. The first is that the blades are not comparable to less expensive brands out there.
  2. The business systems are viewed as seductive and individuals are snagged into offering to thoughtful purchasers like loved ones.

Quick Tips

Shun suggests that you wash your blade after use. Placing your Shun knives in the dishwasher can harm the edges, different components in the dishwasher or the dishwasher it. The organization additionally suggests that clients to dry the knives after washing.

When You Should Go for Cutco Knife?

Cutco knife

Cutco will in general market their items to clients who are searching for high-caliber, hearty kitchen blades made in the USA. Their knives may not be cheap but they are forged to keep going forever. You do not need to be worried about every day with Cutco blades. There is no possibility of rust in Cutco knives as the cutting portion is made from high carbon stainless steel and the handle is of high quality plastic.

Types of Users Who Need Cutco Knife

  1. Bulk work.
  2. Professionals.
  3. Home use.

Benefits of a Cutco Knife Over Shun Knife

  1. Long lasting.
  2. No worries about rust/corrosion.
  3. High carbon stainless steel.

Things That Are Not as Good as Shun Knife

  1. Plastic handles.
  2. High Price.

Quick Tips:

Cutco Cutlery is safe from dishwasher. However, the organization suggests that you wash your knives in hot water with a gentle dishwashing fluid. Actually, you can toss your knives in the dishwasher but you may harm them all within the washer.

The dishwashing cleanser and water mineral substance can influence your cutlery and the edge can be harmed when it experiences a dishwasher.

Parting Words:

While the two makes make incredible knives like Shun Vs. Cutco, are altogether different in where they are made, how they are made, and what materials are utilized in their development. This makes the knives from the two brands special and unique.

As I referenced above, each of them both made for specific purposes. Shun and Cutco are two fine knife brands and make great items. It is simply that they approach fabricating them in a certain way and advertise differently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s of Shun Vs. Cutco

So, you are in the quest of finding the slightest comparison in between Shun vs. Cutco? Well, in that case there are some confusions that might arise in that quest. But, don’t worry! we’ve covered everything you need right here! In this section, we’ve tried to answer some of your basic questions regarding this matter.

What is a Forged Knife?

Forged knives are known for durability and balance. The main component is steel which is pressured and heated to ensure the proper shape. For heating and pressing, various heat press machines are used.

What is High Carbon Stainless Steel?

High carbon stainless steel can be made by stepped or manufactured cycle and doesn’t rust so easily. They can be sharpened easily and they hold an edge for a long time. It additionally has verifiable tasteful excellence. Most expertly possessed knives are produced using some sort of high carbon stainless steel. The main support prerequisite is to wash and dry them properly.

How to Maintain The Knife?

Legitimate space, cleaning, sharpening are basic to guaranteeing that cutlery will last and stay to utilize a long time. On the other hand, you must make sure to store your blades appropriately.

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