Shun Kanso vs Classic knives-Which is for what?-The Differences

Shun is a traditional Japanese knife brand. It is popular for its thin and light blades made of high quality hardened steel since the 13th century.

It is not uncommon when talking about Shun knives that someone asks which one is better. With so many options, collections, materials, processes, and more, it can be difficult to decipher what you need or even still want.

The Shun Kanso vs Classic fight pits two of the most popular Shun knife lines against each other. Both are great knives in their own right. There are many similarities in the quality of these superb knife collections, but also a few things that set them apart from each other.

Shun Kanso vs Classic knives: What & Why

In order to help our readers, we have compiled a short comparative study for each topic. We hope that comparing each series will help you make a buying decision between two great kitchen knives.

What Is A Kanso Knife?

The Kanso knife is Shun’s unique collection. It is special for it’s sharp blade and good balance.

Kanso knives use Japanese AUS-10A steel for the blade. It uses very simplistic design features and focuses only on what is important.

It hides scratches very well thanks to its “Heritage” finish. The full-handle design strengthens the knife and provides a solid base for the tagayasan wood handle. Tagayasan is very dense and durable and is an excellent material for wooden handles.

Key Features of Kanso Knives

  • It is a high carbon stainless steel (1.1% carbon).
  • It has good characteristics of corrosion resistance, hardness and wear.
  • The AUS-10A contains additional vanadium.
  • It increases strength by producing a fine grain steel during the heat treatment process. This helps the knife to take a thin edge.

What Is A Classic Knife? 

The Classic series is one of the most popular blade and is the cheapest option used by VG-MAX Super Steel. The core of the knife provides a sharper and more durable edge. It is also wrapped in 34 layers of Damascus steel folded on each side, making it stain resistant.

These knives are specially designed for a skilled cook. We’ve seen mixed reviews about left-handed comfort, so if you’re left-handed, we recommend the Premier series.

Key Features of Classic knives 

  • This is a patented steel knife.
  • It is the latest addition to the “VG” series
  • It contains more carbon to improve its resistance. 
  • It is slightly better in terms of wear resistance and edge retention than previous versions of these “Super Steels”. 
  • This is a great option for home cooks because it is easy to take care of at home.

5 Facts to Compare Between Shun Kanso Knives & Classic Knives

There are a few variations between the kanso and Classic knives. Like all knives produced by Shun, they are both traditionally handcrafted by the Kai Corporation.

Materials of Shun Kanso Knives

Full tan structure for balance and strength; the Blades of Kanso knives are made from highly refined, high carbon, vanadium, Japanese AUS10A stainless steel. With a highly refined steel that takes and maintains a sharp edge. There are 160 cutting position on each side cuts cleanly and helps reserve food’s freshness and best flavor; the feature provides easy food release.

Materials of Shun Classic Knives

Classic knives use VG-MAX steel, for their cutting core. It is ultra-hard and great for wear resistance and edge retention. These knives wrapped in 34 layers of Damascus stainless steel coating to add corrosion resistance and are sharpened at a 16 degree angle on either side of the blade.

Shun Kanso vs Classic

Design Principle of Shun Kanso Knives

Kanso is a design principle based on Zen philosophy. Simplicity is the main theme here. It is achieved by eliminating the non-essential. At Kanso, Shun has eliminated everything that doesn’t matter and keeps everything it does: high-performance steel, sharp edge, perfect balance and precise cutting control. The steel is Japanese AUS10A – vanadium stainless steel with high carbon content, with a sharp edge and that lasts you longer.

Design Principle of Shun Classic Knives

Crafted Town in Seki, Japan, known around the world for their incredible edge-retention. The Shun Classics are forged in the tradition of the Samurai sword. Each blade has a vg-10-inch super steel-inch core coated with a 32-ply Damascus pattern of 16-ply stainless carbon steel on each side.

The ebony handle Packwood string has that sleek, sophisticated look that makes these knives feel more like art, than instrument. The shape fits naturally in the hand, for a comfortable grip, regardless of the cutting length of the task at hand.

Construction Process of Shun Kanso Knives

Complete construction that provides strength, balance and easy cutting control. Like all Shun knives, Kanso is sharpened to a 16 ° cutting angle each side to cut cleanly and help preserve food’s freshness and best flavor. Handmade in Seki City, Japan, Kanso is essential simplicity – a simple kitchen knife that just works. You’ll get limited lifetime warranty when purchased only from an authorized Shun dealer.

Shun Classic Knives

Construction Process of Shun Classic Knives

The Shun Classic Knife is the Japanese equivalent of the chef’s knife; An All-Purpose Asian Knife. If you’re looking for a lighter, lighter multi-purpose kitchen knife, the Shun Classic Asian Kitchen Knife’s knife is sure to become your go-to for a wide range of dicing, slicing, and chopping tasks. 

Classic knives use a pakkawood handle. As for the shape, the Classics use an asymmetrical D shape, specially designed for right handed chefs.

For comparison, there are many options for the Shun Classic paring knife, but the starting price is about twice that of the Kanso, and then it goes up.

Finishing and Outlook of Shun Kanso Knives

Kanso’s Heritage finish hides scratches and gives Kanso a rustic look that only gets better with age. The handle ot kanso knives is made of Tagayasan wood, sometimes it is known as “iron sword wood”. Contoured handle allows for easy cook grip.

Finishing and Outlook of Shun Classic Knives

There are plenty of knife options to choose from in this collection, including several large sets of knife blocks.

Right knife for the right job-the Shun Classic lines All of them ultra-thin and incredibly sharp, Shun Classic has knife blades feature a 16-degree angle of the blade making the blade flexible, but much more so than traditional Western knives .

This wooden bean pattern not only enhances the beauty of the knife, it also adds durability and resistance to stains, and reduces friction when cutting. These heirloom quality knives will be a treasure allowing the family to want to pass down for generations.

Price of Shun Kanso Knives

The collection of kanso Knives has elegant knives with high precision in its cut.  Kanso knife is one of the most complete for the daily use of kitchen. The price range can be $60 to $400 varying by the material and quality.

Price of Shun Classic Knives

They are the highest quality knives. For professional use, it is very comfortable, and its ergonomic handle makes it a powerful and useful knife, as well as elegant.

Classic knives offer a little bit extra rate. The price range can be $50 to $2000 varying by the material and quality.

When You Should Go For Kanso Knives? 

If you are thinking of getting a knife for your kitchen then Kanso will be the best choice. Kanso is perfect for a multitude tasks in the kitchen where more precise cuts are needed, such as pruning vegeies, green beans, broccolis or other smaller vegetables.

Types of Users Who Need Kanso Knives

Kanso Knives are for those who really enjoy chopping foods. kanso knife has a beautiful multi-tasking blade, from its sharp tip, which can be used to peel ginger, to its long straight edge.

It is perfect for dividing meat into slices shaped like a blade, but made for more delicate work.

However, if we talk about professional cooks, the kanso knife is adept at processing quantities of vegetables for frying and slicing meats. Each part of this knife can be used to crush a garlic clove; also you can use the back to soften meat

You can also use the sharp point and edge for everything from peeling fish to shaving vegetables once you use it. Moreover, people who need the best quality slicer for kitchen, Kanso knife is best.

5 Best Shun Kanso Knives

5 Benefits of a Kanso Knives over Classic Knives

  1. The knife is perfect for small tasks in the kitchen.
  2. For its smaller size, many chefs prefer it as an alternative to the chef’s knife.
  3. The considerably curved belly lets you make adequate cuts.
  4. It’s nimble enough to peel an onion in your hand and then chop it up in no time.
  5. You can use it as an alternative to sandwich knives because they work well on almost everything in a sandwich, from thin-skinned vegetables like tomatoes to meats and cheeses.

Things that Are Not As Good As Classic Knives

  • The Handles can be a little rough than Classic knives.
  • It has a couple of western style blades like a paring knife and a utility knife but sometimes it’s a lot harder to find than the knives from the Classic series.

Quick Tips

To preserve the freshness of the food and remove odor, wash them and after washing let them dry well.

When You Should Go For Classic Knives?

If someone wants a knife for professional use, classic knives will be the best option. Because it is the multi-functioning and versatile food preparation knife in the kitchen. Classic knives are therefore ideally suited for professional use.

Classic Knives

Types of Users Who Need Classic Knives

Kitchen knife from the Shun Classic series designed for general use by chefs.

With the classic knives it is ideal for cutting or chopping all kinds of not very hard foods such as vegetables, meats or even cheeses.

These knives have a recess in the blade, which generates an air bubble that prevents food from sticking to the knife when cutting.

5 Best Shun Classic Knives

5 Benefits of a Classic Knives over Kanso Knives

  1. This piece is composed of a blade, forged in steel with 32 capacity and an edge processed in a traditional way on one of the faces of the blade, allowing an extreme edge to cut food more easily.
  2. The handle provides greater strength to the knife, making it a highly resistant quality piece.
  3. The Kanso Knives are widely used to cut or chop vegetables, meats, and even cheeses.
  4. Its wide and heavy blade allows cutting and mincing large pieces of vegetables
  5. You can cut the meat without bones and fish without bones.

Things that Are Not As Good As Kanso Knives

  • All the knives of the Classic series are highly resistant to moisture and heat.
  • You have to keep them dry after every use.

Quick Tips

Be careful while cutting any hard foods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ section is very important when you want to learn some first-hand experiences of a product. especially some knife has real-life issues to take care. Hope this section can solve and answer your personal problems.

What knives do professional chefs prefer among Shun Kanso vs Classic knives?

Between Shun Kanso and Classic knives, chefs prefer using Classic knives.

How can I sharpen my shun knives?

Shun offers free sharpening on their knives. If you have a tracking number and insurance; you can sharpen your knife by shun cuterly.

Are Shun knives the best?

Shun knives are surely better looking, quite hassle-free than other competitive knives in the market. But there are similar options like Shun knives and those sometimes go over Shun knives.

Which is better shun Kanso vs classic? 

Both types are famous for providing high-quality services. But it depends on your use and purpose. For kitchen use, kanso is best and for professional use class is best.

Parting Words

The Shun cutlery makes amazing knives. Unlike many newer brands of kitchen knives, Shun knives are not mass-produced but are functional, handmade works of art that require many hours for craftsmen to produce.

Given this, it is not surprising that Shun knives are among the most popular kitchen knives in the world. Very few consumers who decide to buy Shun knives are disappointed, as evidenced by the countless positive reviews posted online. This is just more social proof that their knives are great, but if you read this Shun Kanso vs Classic guide in its entirety, you will know that knives are great. And I hope it helps you choose the best knife for you.

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