Rocking Santoku vs Chef Knife: What Is the Key Difference?

While you are choosing your kitchen knife, you will find a lot of excellent options in the market. But even the most expensive kitchen knife may not serve you well if you don’t know which kitchen knife is ideal for you.

You may love to work with a lighter kitchen knife but if purchase a knife which has some extra weight then you will be disappointed with it. Therefore, you should read some well-researched reviews before buying your kitchen knife. It will help you to find the ideal option for you. So, Rocking Santoku vs Chef Knife which is best for what and what is key difference between them?

Here we are going to discuss what are the key difference between them and all other key facts. After finishing the article, we hope, you will able to choose the right option for you on your own. So, let’s go the main part of the article below.

Comparison Between Rocking Santoku and Chef Knife

FactsRocking SantokuChef Knife
Originated inJapanGermany & France  
WeightBalancedLittle Heavier
Average Edge15-Degree Angle20-Degree Angle
Length7-5 Inches8-12 Inches
HandlesPOM HandleSynthetic/Wood
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Rocking Santoku Kitchen Kinfe: Overview

The Santoku is one of the most excellent kitchen knives the Japanese ever came with. It was introduced into the market in the mid-forties just after World war II. They brought this kitchen knife into the market, especially for 3 things. So, what are the 3 special things for a Santoku kitchen knife? Some say these 3 special things are cutting, crushing, and scooping along with other specialties of a kitchen knife.

Santoku chef Knife 7 inch

This Japanese kitchen knife is actually an upgrade of their traditional Nakiri knives. It is small, lightweight, and ideal for the home chefs. Due to Japanese diet hobbits, this kitchen knife is specially designed for cutting fish and vegetables. They come with thinner and sharper edges to provide extra support while cutting these foods. But don’t worry.

They are also made for multipurpose use. These knives are enough strong and durable to be considered as an all-purpose kitchen knife. Actually, this knife is the Japanese version of a chef knife. So, cutting meat will not be a problem at all.

5 Best Rocking Santoku Kitchen Kinves

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Chef Knife Knife: Overview

Chef knife is referred to as the traditional western kitchen knives. Mostly they are made in Germany. These knives have a little bit more weight than their Japanese counterpart.

Santoku chef Knife

They are very strong, durable, and renewed for high performances. Rocking Santoku vs Chef Knife You will see a western chef knife anywhere in the world. They are known as the kitchen workhorses. You can cut meat, vegetables like pumpkins, or even bones with a chef knife at ease.

While looking for a kitchen knife for versatile use, a chef knife should come to your mind first before any other knife. Generally, chef knives are 8-inch long and that is ideal for kitchen works. You can make a fast and uniform slice with it very easily.

Besides, you don’t have to invest every year on your kitchen knife if you buy one of the chef knives. Moreover, most of them come with a limited lifetime warranty. Thus, they are the perfect option for long-term investment.

5 Best Santoku Chef Knife

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Rocking Santoku vs Chef Knife – 5 Key Difference

It doesn’t matter which kitchen knife you buy; the result will be quite the same. But each and every knife comes with a little different proficiency and verity in materials. Therefore, while choosing a kitchen knife it might confuse you that which knife will be most comfortable for you while cutting your foods.

The Japanese Santoku and the western chef knife both are an awesome choice for the kitchen works. However, as they have some differences that may confuse you to pick any side. Rocking Santoku vs Chef Knife. Now, we will discuss the key difference between them. So that you can decide which knife will be suitable for you. Let’s find out which kitchen is going to be featured in your kitchen.

TUO Santoku Knife – Japanese Chef Knife 7-inch High Carbon Stainless Steel


Sharpness is a crucial difference between these two best kitchen knives. Asian kitchen knives are especially known for their sharpness. Usually, Asian people are more tend to eat vegetables and fish.

Therefore, their knives are thinner and sharper which helps to make fast and smooth cuts for these foods. The Rocking Santoku comes with a precision-honed blade and a laser-controlled edge. Therefore, it is very sharp and makes the perfect cut in every use.

On the other hand, Chef knife-like Wusthof knives are a little less sharp than their Japanese counterpart. However, they sharp enough to cut hard foods like meat and pumpkins at ease. Additionally, the Chef knife is called a kitchen workhorse for their consistent high performances.


Chef knives are used for consistent and high-performance service. They need to be strong enough to provide a powerful cut on every use. Therefore, they come with a thicker and bulkier body. As a result, they have more weight than other kitchen knives.  The additional weight gives more robustness while cutting any food.

On the other hand, the Rocking Santoku is smaller and thinner than the western kitchen knives. It comes with less metal and that is why it is lightweight than the chef knives. That helps Rocking Santoku to deliver delicate cuts. Therefore, home cooks love Rocking Santoku than other knives.

Blade Length

We have already discussed that Rocking Santoku is specially designed to serve Asian people. Asian people prefer vegetables and fish more than western people. So, this kitchen knife comes with slightly smaller sizes which allows more control and delicate cuts. You will find standard 7-inch mini 5-inch sizes for Rocking Santoku.

On the contrary, Chef knives offer more variety in sizes. They are longer than this Japanese kitchen knife. You can see an 8 to 12-inch long chef knife in the market. Due to longer blade length, these kitchen knives are more preferable to cut bigger and strong foods. Moreover, 8-inch chef knives are most common in the kitchens.

TooSharp Santoku Knife 7 inch/Super Sharp Santoku Kitchen Knife


You can clearly see the differences in design between Rocking Santoku and chef knives. Chef knives come with traditional western designs. They come with longer edges and ergonomic handles including safeguards. Therefore, these kitchen workhorses are most wanted for professional cooks everywhere in the world.

In contrast, the Rocking Santoku has a Japanese traditional design. Unlike Japanese Shun knives, it comes with a curved bolster that provides more safety and comfort. So, these two types of kitchen knife may come with a different design but they deliver quite the same comfort and safety during every use.


As these knives are premium knives and come with quite a similar price, is there any difference in durability? Well, they have. The western chef knives are renowned for their strong and powerful performances. They come with more metal which adds more durability. They are less likely to get dull if you can use them perfectly.

Shun Classic Blonde 7” Santoku Knife

The Japanese Santoku knife is indeed less durable than its western counterparts. However, should you change your mind only for this matter? We don’t think the Santoku knife is a deal-breaker for durability. It is still strong enough to cut all kinds of foods. You don’t have to think twice if you want to buy it for home use.

Why Should You Choose Rocking Santoku?

Rocking Santoku is a premium kitchen knife which is an ideal choice for any home cook. It comes with a curved bolster that ensures safety and comfort while you are cutting your food. Also, it comes with a POM handle which is resilient and robust. Therefore, you can prepare your meal at ease.

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Additionally, Rocking Santoku comes with Sigma-forge technology which made this knife ideal for all-purpose use. Besides, the Friodur blade stays sharp for a longer period of time. Therefore, you can trust this kitchen knife for high performance.

TUO Santoku Knife
TUO Santoku Knife – Japanese Chef Knife 7-inch High Carbon Stainless Steel 

Finally, this kitchen knife is lightweight and comes with a laser-controlled edge. Therefore, it will ensure delicate cuts every time. Moreover, this best kitchen knife offers a better grip for small hands. So, if you want to buy a sharp kitchen knife to make improve and speed up your kitchen performance this knife is the best option for you.

Why Should You Choose Chef knife?

Chef knives are the perfect choice for consistent high-performance use. They are more durable and stronger than any other kitchen knife in the market. You will see all most all of the professional prefers chef knife for their kitchen. They trust the chef knives for versatile use. You can even cut bones with your chef knife easily. As a result, chef knives are renewed all over the world.

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Besides, almost all chef knives come with ergonomic handles. It helps to make every cut less tiring and safe. Therefore, chef knives will not slip from your hands easily. Also, they come with longer sizes which helps to make bigger cuts on your food.

Overall, the chef knife has the reputation for being the strongest kitchen knife in the market. They come with more metal which made these kitchen knives durable and heavier than the other kitchen knives. So, if you want to buy a kitchen knife to cut strong food and use it for a longer period of time you can go for the chef’s knives.

3 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Kitchen Knife

The kitchen knives are one of the most important tools for your daily kitchen works. If you have a quality kitchen knife in your collection you can prepare your food fast and efficiently. You may wonder what should you keep in your mind before purchasing your kitchen knife. In this part of our article, we will give you a short brief which will help you to pick up your ideal kitchen knife.


Before buying your kitchen knife you should always check whether this knife is strong enough for versatile use. Surely, you don’t want to buy a kitchen knife which is more likely to get dull after a couple of use. A strong kitchen knife will help to prepare you any meal efficiently. Therefore, always go for a strong kitchen knife.


Sharp kitchen knives help to make delicate and fast cuts. Everybody loves to keep a sharp blade in their kitchen. They will boost your kitchen performance and make you a better cook. Thus, you should also have a look at the sharpness of the kitchen knife you are going to buy.

Multipurpose Use

You don’t want to buy a kitchen knife for chopping and another for slicing, right? So, before purchasing any kitchen knife you should check whether this knife is ideal for versatile use. Most of the premium kitchen knives offer all-purpose uses. So, instead of cheap kitchen knives, we recommend you to purchase an expensive kitchen knife.

Linoroso Santoku Knife Kitchen Knife
Linoroso Santoku Knife Kitchen Knife

Rocking Santoku vs Chef Knife- Final Verdicts

Truth be told, Rocking Santoku is the Japanese version of the western chef knife. Both of them are quality kitchen knives. So, it’s up to you to pick any side from Rocking Santok.

The FAQs About Rocking Santoku vs Chef Knife

Is Rocking Santoku is Better Than Western Chef Knife?

Rocking Santoku is the Japanese version of the European chef knives. Both of these knives come with quite unique technology. However, in terms of sharpness, Rocking Santoku is better than other chef knives.

Can I use Rocking Santoku for Cutting Meat?

Of course, you can. Rocking Santoku is a premium kitchen knife that is ideal for multipurpose use. Whether you want to slice or chop meat this knife will help you to do your job efficiently.

What are the best chef knives available on Amazon?

There are a lot of chef knives you can find in Amazon. However, the German Wusthof and Japanese Shun knives are considered as the best kitchen knife. You will find every line of their knives in Amazon.

Why Japanese kitchen knives are better?

Japanese kitchen knife comes with thinner and sharper blades than any other kitchen knives. They ensure delicate and fast cuts. Therefore, Japanese knives are better than their counterparts.

How many times should I sharpen my kitchen knife in a year?

It depends actually. If you buy a cheap kitchen knife it will get dull after some use. however, if you buy a premium kitchen knife it is ideal to sharpen your kitchen knife 3 to 4 times in a year. You should always hone them before use to keep the sharpness longer.

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