Rada vs Cutco: Let’s Compare These 2 Best Knives

Rada knives and Cutco knives can look the same in the pictures. It can be tough to distinguish both of the Rada vs Cutco knives. But each of them features different benefits and drawbacks. This article will address all the differences between the Rada knife and the Cutco knife. We will make your every confusion clear. We have covered all the distinguishing issues in this article. You will get a full insight into why people look for one knife over another.

People who seek the knife, find that it should last for a lifetime. They want superior customer service. Rada vs Cutco’s knives is designed for cutting every sort of food. The extensive collection of knives are designed for several specific purposes. Professional chefs can use this tool for easier kitchen work. But how they are different from each other? This article is going to tell you.

Rada vs Cutco

What Is a Rada Knife?

Rada knives are one of the best kitchen knives. It is one of the best knives you can buy. Whatever the food item you are trying to cut, you can use this knife. Chefs always seek the full-time cutlery knife for their kitchen work. For the excellent performance, they choose the rada knives. This multi-functional knife is perfect for any sort of kitchen. Chefs do not have to look for any other equipment if they have a Rada knife. These knives are reliable that you can use for year after year. You can cut fruits and vegetables safely with this knife. Even you can slice small foods.

Key Features of a Good Rada Knife :

So, you want to know more about the Rada knife, right? That’s why we bought this section. with this part, you can say goodbye to your confusions. These key features are the unique posture of this knife.

Hollow Ground Blades :

To retain the maximum edge, hollow ground blades are needed. At the sharp side of the knife, there are hollow ground blades. It is designed in a way that will remain sharp for a long time. It’s a great and useful feature for a knife. If you are knowledgeable about the features of knives, you will realize why it’s a great feature. A chef knife should be safe in every way. Otherwise, it can occur an accident in the kitchen. 

Aluminum Handle :

It is easy to prepare foods with a knife if it comes with a perfect handle. When the handle is thick, it is easy to rotate from one side to another side. This knife comes with a thick aluminum handle. This handle keeps the knuckles protected and safe. This sort of handle is designed keeping the usability in mind.

Sharpness :

This knife is durable. It is perfect to slice vegetables. This knife allows the highest sharpness that chefs can slice and cut effortlessly. You can just hone it once a week. But it will remain sharp after one week. It will not be dull after using it for one month. In some cases, you can use it for months.

This knife will cost a little for you. But it will be an incredible knife for you. It worth your investment. If you compare the price of the Rada knife with the price, you will be amazed. It’s the sharpest knife ever in the market. But it costs less compared to the other knives. If you want to be a professional chef, you need to get the Rada knife.

5 Best Rada knives

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What Is a Cutco Knife?

Cutco knife cut, chop, and slice well. This knife is extremely sharp. They are comfortable to use as its lightweight. Chefs can easily handle it. But they are safe to use for dishwashers. They are easy to sharpen which is good customer service. They come in perfect shape. Whether you use a big or small knife, the shape will come in your hand. This versatile knife can cut anything in your kitchen.

Key Features of a Good Cutco Knife :

If you want to know more about Cutco knife, then these key features are the main aspect that you should take a look at. With these features, you can understand the unique posture of the Cutco knife.

Double D edge :

Cutco knives come with a different cutting edge. The double D edge is not serrated. It comes with 3 cutting points. The blade remains sharp for these 3 cutting points. It will remain sharp for a long period. You can even cut on granite if you want.

Classic Handle :

The classic handle is comfortable to hold for a long time. It comes with a classic brown handle. It gives an ergonomic and safe grip. This grip gives the chef more control over the knife. This sort of handle gives more benefit while using it in the kitchen.

Stainless Steel :

The blade is made with 440A high carbon stainless steel. The blade is durable and flexible to maintain a razor-sharp edge. This amount of carbon is considered the lowest amount of carbon in the steel. It contains the highest corrosion resistance. It is easy to sharpen compared to the other knives.

5 Best Cutco Knives

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5facts to Compare Between Rada Knife and Cutco Knife

When you want to compare and draw a distinct line between two sets of knives, then you need to consider some of the basic features. With these basic features in mind, you can compare two amazing knives in their own unique posture. SO, let’s find out more about this Rada vs Cutco

Fact 1 of 5: Cutting Edge

Rada knife comes with a one-sided serrated edge. It’s made with stainless steel which is 300 series high nickel. On the other hand, The cutting-edge technology of the Cucto knife is designed in a way that will remain sharp for several years. Even if you throw it into the garbage accidentally, it will not be dull. They sharpen especially. The blade will not be thin. If you get the Cutco knife, you will never need to sharpen it. The double D edge knives can last for more than years. After using it for years, you can sharpen it.

Fact 2 of 5: Stainless Steel

Rada Knife can chop, slice and dice in a very short time. It’s an aesthetically pleasing knife. The blade can cut anything. It is razor-sharp. It is ready to chop hard foods. It’s an 8.5-inch stainless steel blade. The stainless steel is high carbon. It has an aluminum grip. This is why it is comfortable to hold for a long time. The blade is so satisfying.

On the other hand, the blades in the Cutco knife is sharp. It will remain sharp for so many months. But the double D edge knife will last for a long time. But sometimes the knife can be dull. Then the user has to share it very quickly.

Rada Knife

Fact 3 of 5: Handle

The handle of the Rada knife is durable because of the aluminum construction. It is safe while you are using it in your kitchen. The Rada knife handle is not dishwasher safe. On the other hand, the Cutco knife is dishwasher safe. You can also wash your hands. Cutco knife comes with a brown ergonomic handle. It gives better control. There are a thumb and forefinger lock for better control.

Fact 4 of 5: Serrated Blade

Rada knives come with a razor-sharp blade. Its made with surgical-grade T420 high carbon steel. It allows for easy sharpening. But Cutco comes with serrated blades. Serrated blades are best for cutting soft foods like bread and pastries. Besides, you can cut cooked meat or cheese. This kind of knife is suitable for cutting softcore. It’s easy to slice fruits like tomatoes and pineapple. Serrated blades move forward and backward easily.

Fact 5 of 5: Guarantee

Rada knife gives a lifetime guarantee. You can return the product if you find a defect in the material. But Cutco knives come with an extensive guarantee. They are designed to be durable. In this way, Cutco offers a free replacement.

Let’s have a look at the comparison between the Rada vs Cutco knife in a table :

Model nameRada knifeCutco knife
HandleBrushed aluminum handleBlack handle
BladeHigh carbon stainless steel bladeRazor sharp blade 
FitFit for cutting baked goodsUniversal fit for cutting any food
Cutting edgeDouble sided serrated edgeStraight edge
DishwashingNot safe for dishwashingDishwasher safe

Why You Should Go for a Rada Knife?

Based on the most recent chefs’ review, Rada knives are the right ones for you. This knife comes with most of the features that chefs need. The size of the knife set consists of various cutlery to perform various works. The blades of the Rada knives are sharp. It consists of a sharpener for great convenience.

Why You Should Go for a Cutco Knife?

If you are seeking an excellent option for your kitchen, the Cutco knife will be the best one for you. You can use this knife for everyday kitchen work. These knives are sharp to cut steak and tough meat. Even you can cut any other food. These knives are classic that fit in hands. They are comfortable and well balanced. The handles are perfect.

Factors to Consider While Buying Rada Vs Cutco Knives

Knives are part of the kitchenware. People who cut steak, need to keep at least a knife at home. Knives are used to cut the toughest meat. You look for the best kitchen knife in the market. But you need to pick one knife which will be useful for you. If you know the key factors, you can pick the best one. Let’s have a look at the following features which you should seek in knives before buying.

Sharp Edge :

While you think about a steak knife, you have to a micro-serrated or a straight serrated. Before you buy the knife you have to think about which knife will cut the meat cleanly. The knife will be an appealing one. This sort of knife will be appealing to you. In most cases, people use ceramic plates to cut meat.

Ceramic plates have a probability to down the edge quickly. You have to sharpen the knife after cutting up to five steaks. If you pick a micro-serrated knife, you will get a little advantage in this case. But that will be a low-quality knife. At a time, it will be useless. Knives with a serrated edge are the best option for steaks.

Rada vs Cutco

Balance :

While you are looking for a knife, pick the balanced one. If you are buying from an online store, analyze the photo carefully. Go through the customer review. If you find that it is a balanced one, pick the one for you. When it’s a balanced knife, it will be comfortable in your hand. You should look for the handle. The handle should be balanced with the size in weight.

Meterial :

High-quality material is the thing that everyone seeks when anyone buys knives. The material for the handle and blade can be made of various materials. But according to professional chefs, blades are made of stainless steel. Handles can be made of wood, plastic, or metal. But it depends on the one which will be comfortable for you to use.

Appealing :

The functionality and appearance are valuable in the case of knives. Chefs spend more on appealing knives. When it looks more classy, people feel like real professional chefs. But if you have a limited budget, you need to skip looking for an appealing knife.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rada Vs Cutco

Can I Dishwash My Rada Knife? 

If your Rada knife comes with a black handle, you can dish wash it. But if it’s a silver handle knife, do not dish wash your knife.

Who Are the Main Competitors of Rada Cutlery?

As a reknown brand of knives, Rada cutlery has a considerable number of a competitor in the market. The Lamson and Goodnow, CUTCO, Tramontina, and OXO.

What Is the Material of the Handle of the Rada Knife?

The black handle is made of aluminum. It’s more durable compared to the other knives.

Can the Black Handle Be Good Like the Aluminum Handle?

Blades of Rada knives are excellent. Knives with black handles are reliable and durable. They last for a long.

Are the Cutco Knives Dishwasher Safe?

According to the price, Cutco is the best dishwasher knife. But you can handwash the knife. It will not be dull after a time.

How Is Cutco Knife for Slicing Fruits?

Cutco is a great knife for slicing fruits. Some of the knives are like chefs’ knives. But they are good for chopping, slicing, and dicing.

Final Word

Hope that you have enjoyed this Rada vs Cutco article. We think that this review has given you all the information that you need. While you go to choose a knife for you, this will help you. Whether you want to buy for yourself or you want to gift someone, you can trust this review. The information given in this article is needed to select the right knife for you. When you look for the top knives, take a close look at this article.

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