Rada Cutlery Review – All You Need to Know

Cutleries are essential for a kitchen room. Whether you cook often in your kitchen or not, you need to keep the best cutlery set or knives in your kitchen. There are numerous cutlery brands available in the market but always look for the best quality. To increase the beauty of your kitchen Rada Cutlery set can be the nicest choice. This Rada Cutlery Review will help you with that.

If you are in search of the best knives, then I will suggest you think about Rada knives. Now there must be questions in your mind like is Rada Cutlery good. To relieve you from any kind of dilemma I am going to discuss every detail about Rada Cutlery.

In this review, you will come to know about the pattern, what options are available in Rada cutlery, why you should go for a Rada knife, and which one you should select, how you should select the best one, and many more. So before coming to any conclusion, accompany us till the end of this article.

What is Rada Cutlery?

When it comes to buying the best kitchen wares especially knives at the best price, there is no better alternative to Rada Cutlery. Reviews on Rada Cutlery available online will reveal it all to you.

Rada Cutlery

There may be a question running around your mind that where is Rada Cutlery made? All the products are made in Waverly, Iowa in the heart of the United States. So the products assure you 100% American-made quality which is considered the best.

Rada cutlery satisfies people with pride since 1948 which means it has been more than half of a century of Rada Cutlery’s journey. What makes it more convenient is the lifetime guarantee given over every product. It means they will change the product if you complain about any.

Now you should know about all the products offered by Rada Cutlery and justify their quality. I will help you with this through the next sections of this review.

Options Available in Rada Cutlery

Though Rada Cutlery is mainly famous for the unique and elegant knife collections they have, kitchen utensils, cookbooks, quick mixes, cutlery gift sets are also available. If we talk about only their knife collection they have 25 different options. Let’s know all the details about all the product options.


Whatever the purpose of your searching for a knife, Rada can provide you any kind of knife and fulfill your desire. As I already mentioned this brand has 25 different options of knives. These options include paring knives, steak knives, slicer, butcher, boner, bread knives, bagel knives, chef’s knives, and many more.

Among the 25 options, paring, steak, slicer, bread, Chinese, cook’s knives are very popular. But the best selling knife of Rada Cutlery is the regular paring knife which is made of high carbon stainless steel and has a hand sharpened razor-sharp edge.

The serrated steak, tomato slicer, vegetable peeler are the next in the popular list of Rada knives. Every knife is constructed from high carbon stainless steel and promises a durable performance. You can buy a single piece of any variety of knives or you will find the knives in sets as well. 

Kitchen Utensils

Every kitchen room should have some utensils as a must. If you are looking to enrich your kitchen with all the essential utensils then Rada Cutlery is here to help you in this. From spoon to the pan Rada has all the best utensils collection.

All types of spoon, fork, spatula, spreader, pie server, turnover, ice cream scoop, cutting board, ladle, potato masher, apron, etc you will find in one place. Among all these things carving forks, server spoons, knife sharpeners, serrated pie servers, pizza cutters, party spreaders, cutting boards, etc are very popular products.

Four non-scratch kitchen items are also available that you can use on nonstick pans. Nonstick pans and other types of pans are also available. In the kitchen utensils segment, you will find thirty different United State made varieties. 

Gift Sets

A perfect gift for a newlywed couple or a chef is a cutlery set. Rada Cutlery is offering the best cutlery gift sets at the best price. Even you can buy them for yourself as well because self-love is very important. 

You can buy a knife set or kitchen utensil set or a mixed set as a gift set. All the gift sets you select will be packed in a fine gift box when you will receive it. So there will be no extra tension for wrapping the gift. 

The varieties of gift sets and their names will amaze you for sure. You can be sure from the name which one you should give to a chef and which one to a newlywed couple. Housewarming gift sets, Wedding register gift sets, Meal preparation gift sets, The starter gift sets are some of the names of these Rada gift sets.

Quick Mixes and Cookbooks

Nowadays, cooking is not a tough task to do as you can get all the recipe books or mixers easily. Rada Cutlery is also providing quick mixes and cookbooks to ease your culinary tasks. You can check them if you are short of time. 

Dips, Cheeseballs, Sauces, Soups, No-Bake Cheesecakes, Seasonings, Marinades, and many more are included in the quick mixes list. All the mixes are prepared in the United States so the quality is beyond questioning.

Once you will get introduced to the cookbooks by Rada Cutlery you are going to try new dishes every day. The innovative recipes of 42 different cookbooks will help you a lot in your everyday life and on special occasions as well. 

Rada Cutlery Fundraiser

Rada Cutlery offers a very unique process of fundraising from where you can make a 40% profit. You will find many Rada Cutlery fundraiser reviews to have a clear idea. 

In the fundraising section, you will get three options to choose from. Catalog sales, event sales, and internet fundraising are the available options. Most people prefer the catalog sale and so the Rada knives catalog is very popular among fundraisers.

To activate the Rada Cutlery catalog sale option or any other options you need to request the free fundraiser starter pack. There are some Rada Cutlery fundraiser reviews given on their official site so that you can start your journey without any doubt. Each year Rada chooses a number of nonprofit groups to help them through fundraising.

Is Rada Cutlery Really Good?

Rada Cutlery is serving its customers for many decades proudly with the best quality kitchen products. As it is mostly famous for its knife collections many people ask the question, are Rada knives any good? 

You will be glad to know that not only the knife collections are fabulous but also other available products are very good in quality. Reviews on Rada Cutlery will reveal, is it really good or not. As for the quick mixers, cookbooks, and gift sets, you will get a clear conception about them from the Rada Cutlery reviews.

Is Rada Cutlery Really Good?

But to justify the quality of the knives and kitchen utensils you have to keep some factors in your mind. You need to check the materials, price, maintenance process to decide if it is really good or not. Let me help you to know about all these factors.


If we talk about the price of Rada knives, it can be said the best knives at the fairest prices. A single piece of Rada knife can be bought at only $6. It means the price range starts from $6 but you will get more qualified knives at the higher price range. 

The price of cooking utensils depends on the item you select. Like there will be much difference between the price of a spreader and a ladle. But don’t think that Rada Cutlery offers its products at a very high rate. You will get any product at a very affordable price so choose the item and justify the price.

If you compare Rada Cutlery with other brands, you will understand how reasonable the price is. Even though it provides high-quality products the price is not so big in amount.


Many factors like durability, performance, strength, price depend upon the material of the product. In the case of kitchen utensils and knife collections of Rada Cutlery, you need to know what material they are using to manufacture these. Rada always gives priority to quality.

knife collections of Rada Cutlery

As it is already mentioned that all the products are made in the United States so you already know Rada provides the best quality. High carbon stainless steel is the top-rated material for constructing any knife’s blade. Maximum Rada knives are made of high carbon stainless steel and the edge angle is razor-sharp.

Most of the kitchen utensils are also made of strong quality stainless steel. So it is now clear to you that all the Rada Cutlery products are going to serve a durable strong and effective performance. The price range varies with the quality of stainless steel. First look for the best material and match your budget.

Maintenance Method

Sometimes we buy the best quality products but forget to inquire about the maintenance process. If the maintenance process is not easy, even the best quality product seems useless and tough to use. So clarifying the Rada Cutlery product maintenance process is necessary.

Handwashing is the preferred way to clean all the cutleries, especially knives. The knives with stainless steel blades and aluminum handles should not be washed in the dishwasher because the extra heat can damage them. So, you have to hand wash them and dry immediately.

If you prefer a dishwasher cleaning then the black stainless steel resin handle cutlery is available which is dishwasher safe. Another important process of knife maintenance is the sharpening method. 

The sharpening method should be easy and affordable. Rada Cutlery sharpener reviews assure you of both of the facilities. Rada knife sharpener keeps your knives in their best condition and you don’t need any professional sharpener as the operation is very easy. You can check all the Rada knife sharpener reviews online.

Benefits of Rada Cutlery

You will find many positive sides of using Rada Cutlery in the reviews for Rada Cutlery. Some benefits are given below, take a look at them.

  • Made of the best materials to provide a stable and durable service.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Very easy to use and comes with instructions that are also easily understandable.
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance process.
  • Quite famous for the available sharpening method, Rada knife sharpener reviews say it all.
  • Provide 100% of the USA made quality.
  • Along with the knives, additional kitchen supplements are also available.
  • From a beginner to professional chefs anyone can use Rada knives and other products.
  • The fundraising section offers a great opportunity for customers.
  • A lifetime guarantee is provided with each product.

Where to Buy Rada Cutlery?

After knowing the maximum information about Rada Cutlery you might be thinking of buying one and for this, you have to know from where you should buy Rada Cutlery. If you are wondering about the question where I will find rada knives near me, you can visit the Rada Cutlery outlet near you by searching through the Google Map.

The official website is radacutlery.com from where you can order any product of Rada online. Furthermore, you can check Rada knives Amazon and Rada knives Walmart to place your order. So you can shop for the desired product in person or order online.

You can contact Rada Cutlery at their contact number – 1-800-311-9691 or you can also contact the customer service via email. The official email address is CustomerService@RadaMfg.com where you can share any of your opinions or problems.

Rada Cutlery Customer Reviews

Before buying any product you should research other customers’ reviews about that product very well. Many Rada Cutlery knife reviews are ready online for you. Before buying Rada you should go through them once. Here I am presenting some Rada Cutlery customer reviews below.

“Great knives, I have a variety of these products, love all of them.” – Janice Brown.

“I have most of them which I bought at Amana, Iowa. Now I want to give them as gifts because they are the best knives. I have CutCo and various other brands but don’t use them. Rada knives work every day.”  – Nebraska.

“I have started using Rada Knives about a year ago, seems like I add a new Rada Knife every couple of months. They are incredibly sharp, and I have yet had to sharpen them.” – Jack Parsons.

You will get numerous positive Rada knife reviews and the negative ones are very rare. Not only knife reviews, but you can also check the Rada Cutlery sharpener reviews and Rada Cutlery can opener reviews to gather more information.

Final Words

Rada Cutlery is a brand that can provide you the most promising quality knives as well as all the other necessary commodities for your kitchen room. In a word, you will find all your necessities in one place at a reasonable price.

There are a lot of cutlery brands available but why choose Rada Cutlery among them? After reading this whole article you might have understood the answer. But for a more satisfying answer, you can compare Rada Cutlery with other brands. You will find many comparisons like Rada vs Cutco and others.

Hope this article was able to help you much with your decision. Now, select your desired product of Rada Cutlery and place your order or buy in person from any local shop near you.

Faqs of Rada Cutlery

This FAQ section is going to solve all the confusion that may arise while you’ve reading our Rada Cutlery review. Whether you are a newbie or a pro chef, you can stay here to resolve your questions. We’ve compiled these questions on the basis of customer experiences all over the country. Let’s find out more about it.

What Is the Best Kitchen Cutlery Brand?

You will find a number of the best brands of kitchen cutlery available. Sometimes the ranking is made on the basis of manufacturing place or materials or other factors. If you talk about German knives then Wusthof is the best cutlery brand. But when it comes to the USA made knives, no other brands can beat Rada Cutlery. 

Is Chicago Cutlery a Good Brand?

Yes, Chicago Cutlery is also a good brand of knives. When it comes to the USA made knives or kitchen products Chicago Cutlery is the one you can think after Rada Cutlery. This brand offers a range of decent knives at a reasonable price. All the reviews say that it provides a comfortable and good service.

Where Are Rada Knives Made?

I have already mentioned in the above article about the manufacturing place of Rada Cutlery. The Rada Mfg. Co. is placed in Waverly, Iowa which is in the United States. All the knives and other kitchen staff are manufactured there since 1948 and provide the best quality. The USA made quality is remarkable in the cutlery brands. 

Do Professional Chefs Use Cutco Knives?

Yes, professional chefs often use Cutco knives. Even though Rada Cutlery has better reviews to some extent yet professionals prefer Cutco knives a lot. Cutco knives are famous for their durable, stable, and balanced performance and these factors are important for any professional chef while working in a restaurant.

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