Mora 2000 Vs Kansbol: Which One Is the True Master?

We all know about Morakniv knives and how they excel in quality and performance in every category. Now, it isn’t always about finding a kitchen knife. Yes, we all face issues in choosing the best kitchen cutlery out there but there’s more to a knife. And that’s why the Mora knives are here for the rescue! This MORA 2000 VS KANSBOL review is going to tell you everything you need to know.

When we are keen on purchasing Morakniv knives, we either go for the ultra-modern Mora Bushcraft or the Mora classics as owned possibly by the lot. Now, over the years as I’ve been using a lot of Mora knives, I saw how underrated two of the best outdoor Mora knives were! And they are none other than the Mora 2000 and the Mora Kansbol. If you even own one of them you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Most people don’t try out these knives but trust me you have no idea what you are missing out on. I’ve seen many people comparing the Mora kansbol vs Bushcraft or even Morakniv bushcraft vs Gargberg in the Morakniv knives review. But, indeed the one battle you should actually urge for would be the Mora 2000 vs Kansbol. The reason? Well, they are quite similar in case of the performance and quality, yet have their own reason for being favorites to the users, just as they are to me! And guess what? Both are very reasonably priced!

Can’t wait to find out more about these amazing tools? Well, then let’s get on with it!

Mora 2000 Vs Kansbol: Let’s Know Them a Bit 

Yes, yes, we will get to the battle between the tough stars here, but before that, don’t you think we should know them a bit better?

Morakniv Outdoor 2000

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The high-quality stainless steel blade patterned high-friction grip handle, and an exemplary manufacturing process makes the Morakniv outdoor 2000 a perfect knife for your outdoor uses. You can know it more with the Mora 2000 review.

What Features Make the Users Fall in Love With It?

  • 4.3 inches fixed blade is made of absolutely stainless steel
  • 8.8 inches knife weighing only 5oz to make it convenient to carry to outdoors
  • High-friction, patterned grip handle for non-slipping heavy-duty actions
  • For safe storage, it comes in a plastic sheath with a leather strap.
  • Limited lifetime warranty for worry-free usage 

Morakniv Kansbol

High-quality Swedish Sandvik steel with excellent edge performance pairing up with an anti-slip handle and tough built makes up for this robust beauty to serve any massive actions indoors or outdoors! Want to know more? The Mora kansbol review will tell you more about it.

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What Features Make the Users Fall in Love With It?

  • 4.3 inches blade made with top-notch Swedish stainless steel for razor-sharp cuts
  • 8.9 inches knife weighing only about 4.7 oz to ease the portability 
  • Square blade spine ground design for using with a fire starter
  • Polyamide plastic handle that is non-slip for a firm grip
  • Plastic sheath with click-lock to hold your knife securely in place

Face-off: 5 Facts to Compare Between the Mora 2000 vs Kansbol

When it comes to outdoor knives, the quality and performance must be top-notch. Yes, I know it’s a hard choice to make between both these beauties, but once we go through the whole discussion, I’m sure you’ll make up your mind.


Handle grip is always an important factor, no matter what knife type it is. However, when it comes to outdoor knives, you have got to pull out some heavy-duty regularly. And if the grip isn’t stable enough, you’d probably get frustrated over it, won’t you? Sure thing!

Ergonomic Design 

May it be for hunting, camping, cutting, peeling timber, or any sort, your knife needs to be comfortable enough to hold on. And only an ergonomic design can ensure this comfort.

Mora 2000 vs Kansbol

Is the Morakniv 2000 Handle Ergonomically Designed?

The Morakniv 2000 handle has a straightforward design with a grippy texture. So, how is it beneficial? It allows you to use it easily for any delicate tasks like carving and change your grip as per your need. Hand strains? Not at all! 

Is the Morakniv Kansbol Handle Ergonomically Designed?

The Morakniv Kansbol has a wide surface handle for a better grip. The design is ergonomically that ensures your hand doesn’t strain out even when you deal with hard cuts or pushes. 

Anti-slip Design

Especially for outdoor uses, such as carving, push cuts, or so, you need to put a lot of force in handling these tasks. Now, imagine if your knife is slipping away due to your sweaty hands again and again! Frustrating and time-consuming as well. So, let’s see if the Mora knives can save us a bit of time and labor.

Does the Morkaniv Outdoor 2000 Offer a Slip-resistant Handle?

It has a patterned, high-friction grippy handle that makes sure your knife doesn’t slip away while you are doing tough jobs or even when your hand is wet. I must also mention that it’s robust enough to catch a firm hold of during force cuts, feather sticks, push cuts, or even a bit of batoning when you cannot find yourself an ax or hatchet.

Does the Morkanive Kansbol Offer a Slip-resistant Handle?

Does it have a polyamide plastic handle, which is, of course, challenging but is it slip-resistant? Most of you might think it would simply slip away from wet hands. Although it isn’t as grippy as the Mora 2000, it surprisingly works just fine! Even with wet hands, the material grips quite well. 

FactorsMora 2000Mora Kansbol
ErgonomicsStraightforward and comfortableWide surface for gripping; comfortable
Slip-resistanceHigh-friction grippy handlePolyamide slip-resistant handle


So, what features tell you if a knife is strong? It’s mostly the blade that needs to be strong like a rock to cut through anything and everything! So, the question is, do the Mora knives offer a stout and robust blade?

Mora 2000


Blade Material

When using a knife mostly in the doors, not only will your knife take on massive actions, there’s more. You might need to throw it or keep it in any condition whatsoever; your tough knife has to deal with it. Hence, to prevent rusting and give effortless cuts, the material is a primary concern.

How Is the Blade Material of Mora 2000?

Mora 2000 has prestige considering its blade strength because the material is quite excellent in performance. It is built with Sandvik stainless steel that offers quite many benefits – easy resharpening, durability, razor-sharp edge, and of course, moisture and corrosion-resistant.

How Is the Blade Material of Mora Kansbol?

When it comes to the blade quality of the Mora Kansbol, it is quite similar to the Mora 2000, might even be a bit better. The Mora kansbol carbon 12C27 Swedish stainless steel offers a highly appreciable edge performance, corrosion resistance, maximum toughness, and of course, razor sharpness.

Blade Length 

Usually, the blade length of outdoor knives is about half the whole length. When you are slicing through the timber, you don’t need an extensive blade rather than sharp enough, especially on edge.

Mora 2000

What Is the Blade Length of Mora 2000?

Out of the total 8.8 inches knife, 4.3 inches is the blade. It has a thickness of about 2.5 mm. The length is quite convenient, while both the size and thickness make up for excellent performance regarding all tasks. May it be about cutting notches, carving stakes, or even more massive push cuts, Mora 2000 blade is an absolute winner.

What Is the Blade Length of Mora Kansbol?

It has a blade length of 4.3 inches out of the total 8.9 inches knife length. The blade is of superior quality that doesn’t rust or even chip off a bit, whether it soaks in water or remains in the damp for a while. Such an ideal cutting machine for the hunters out there!

FactorsMora 2000Mora Kansbol
Blade material12C27 Swedish sandvik stainless steel12C27 Swedish sandvik stainless steel
Blade length4.3 inches4.3 inches


An outdoor knife must be tough enough to take on the heavy toil. It must be able to be your ideal companion to deal with all sorts of dangerous and survival acts. Hence, if you are not sure if the fancy looking knife is durable or not, then you are in quite a bit of a problem!

Sheath Design

When you have to carry your razor-sharp knife around with you, you must store it securely. So that this will not only ensure the long-lasting of the blade but also secure you from any unexpected accidents.

How Is the Sheath of the Mora Outdoor 2000?

The Mora 2000 comes in a plastic sheath with a grippy texture similar to the knife handle. The sheath is friction fit and with quite an exceptional retention. It also has an attached carrying strap. We’ll come to that later. But if speaking about the sheath, it’s quite a good material, and your knife won’t even slip out of it. Phew! No hazards!

How Is the Sheath of the Mora Kansbol?

It comes with a tough built plastic sheath with the Mora kansbol multi-mount system. As it is a polyamide sheath, you must be wondering if it would hold the knife in place during chubby jerks or movements. Don’t worry, all the customers who have tested it are quite surprised to see how amazingly it holds the knives no matter whether you shake it or toss it around.


Investing in such knives, must come with a reasonable warranty period, shouldn’t they? Well, it’s more like a relief for you.  So, can you stay at peace with the Mora knives?

How Long a Warranty Period Does the Mora 2000 Offer?

Morakniv is a proud brand for knives, especially hunting and fishing knives. Even with the Morakniv, 2000, nothing’s different. It offers a lifetime limited warranty.

How Long a Warranty Period Does the Mora Kansbol Offer?

The Morakniv Kansbol knife also offers the same limited lifetime warranty. So no matter whether you use it for camping, hunting, curving, or timber slicing, your diligent knife will stay put all along!

FactorsMora 2000Mora Kansbol
Sheath designPlastic sheath with grippy texturePolyamide sheath with multi-mount system
WarrantyLimited lifetime warrantyLimited lifetime warranty


Well, up to this point, we can see that the Mora knives are quite the killer ones in the market with strong blades and a great built. But it all comes down to the performance, that holds all of it together.

Blade Spine and Edge

Apart from being strong enough, your killer knife needs to be efficient to use. You wouldn’t want a blunt knife tip and edge that doesn’t push through hard materials, would you?

How Are the Blade Spine and Edge of the Mora 2000?

With a straight spine convenient for ripping through timbers or carving woods, this even has a slight tapering tip. The scalloped information helps in penetration and precise cuts. And the razor-sharp edge also seems to be relatively stable throughout the usage.

Another exciting part would be the switch between the scandi grind to the flat grind at the tip. It is surely built for versatile uses. 

How Are the Blade Spine and Edge of the Mora Kansbol?

Mora Kansbol has a 90 degrees square spine. Not only does it ease the cutting and curving, but also it is specially designed to use with a fire starter. Quite a useful feature considering survival! The edge is undoubtedly razor-sharp, and it will promise to stay that way for a long time.

Weight and Balance

If you are going to carry around your knife for hunting and camping, you need to make sure it’s lightweight enough to take around with you. Who likes a bulging bulky knife anyway?

Is the Moraknive 2000 Lightweight and Well-balanced?

This knife is super convenient, weighing only about 5 oz. There’s no chance of forgetting your hunting knife at home; you can keep it in your pocket all the time!

Is the Morakniv Kansbol Lightweight and Well-balanced?

Such a heavy-duty knife, but it weighs only 4.7 oz.! Unbelievable but true! You can keep it in your pocket or even wear it on your scouting belt; you won’t even feel a thing. Such a lightweight tool worthy of so much sounds great.

FactorsMora 2000Mora Kansbol
Blade spine and edgeStraight spine with a pointy tip90 degrees square spine with razor sharp edge
Weight and balanceLightweight and well-balancedLightweight and well-balanced

Ease of Usage

We are almost done with knowing our knives, but out of these two, which of these offer a far easier usage? Let’s find out.

Knife Tang

As we know, the knife tang is an essential factor to make sure your knife will company you for long. And in the case of such blades, the significance cannot be compromised at all!

Does the Mora 2000 Offer a Full Tang?

The classic cutting tool is reliable as it can be. Yes, it has a full tang that makes sure even if you forget your ax at home, you can get the knife for batoning!

Does the Mora Kansbol Offer a Full Tang?

The Mora Kansbol is made with the same precision and efforts, and this one may not come with a full tang; but it has an extensive tang. The Mora kansbol tang gives you the strength to work out any task related to hunting, survival, or camping.

Added Features

When we are done with all the essential features, it’s time to see if there’s some surprise waiting for us.

Morakniv Kansbol

What Extra Features Does the Mora 2000 Offer?v

Apart from all other unique features that make the Mora 2000 the first choice for most users, it also has bonus features. As we already know, this comes with a quality plastic sheath that has a leather carrying strap. It holds the knife in place, and also the strap fits almost all types of belts. So, roam around with your fork like a boss!

Not to forget, it also has two drainage holes at the sheath bottom.

What Extra Features Does the Mora Kansbol Offer?

The Mora Kansbol sheath comes with a click-lock that prevents your knife from slipping out. Look at the square spine specially made to use with a fire starter, a perfect package!

FactorsMora 2000Mora Kansbol
Knife tangFull-length tangExtensive tang
Added featuresLeather carrying strap and a couple drainage holes at the bottom of the sheathSquare spine to use with a fire starter and a click-lock system

5 Best Morakniv Knives

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When Should You Go for the Morakniv 2000?

Yes, we can all admit that both the knives are masters for outdoor troubles, but is there any specific purpose for each? Let’s begin with the Morakniv outdoor 2000.

Why and When Do You Need the Mora 2000?

As it has a tapered edge, it results in a more pointy tip and edge. Hence, if you are up for some massive curving, the Mora 2000 should be your choice.

Few Benefits of the Mora 2000 Over the Kansbol

  • It has a more pointy tip.
  • The handle has a grippier texture. Hence, it works better than the Kansbol in moisture or wet conditions.
  • It offers versatility with both a Scandi grind and a flat grind at the tip.

Things That Are Not So Good as Kansbol

Although it’s quite a magnificent choice to bring along to the woods, there are a few drawbacks as well. Firstly, many don’t find the Mora 2000 as visually appealing as the Kansbol, but that’s fine. Well, some people mainly find the issue with the thick Scandi grind. Personally, that’s not a problem for me. And it’s good stuff for the kitchen or the outdoors. But if you ask me to pick one, I’d say it was made for the heavy splitting and prying jobs.

Quick Tips:

One thing I must warn you don’t play with your knife or be the least careless with handling it. This is one fine razor-sharp blade that you wouldn’t want to cut yourself.

When Should You Go for the Morakniv Kansbol?

Both the knives have a close competition between them. But it all comes down to your needs. Now, what is Kansbol suitable?


Why and When Do You Need the Kansbol?

I cannot but begin with the Kansbol handle. What a fascinating handle it is! The plastic handle with a tough built, it’s quite impossible not to love this one. Also, the tip, razor-sharp edge all point the knife towards more precise work. Hence, it is a suitable choice for food prep.

Few Benefits of the Kansbol Over the Mora 2000

  • The handle is of much better quality with a solid built.
  • The looks of the Kansbol is more on the classic side.
  • The square blade spine gives you more versatility in applications as you can use it with a fire starter.
  • The click-lock system seems a bit more reliable.

Things That Are Not So Good as the Mora 2000

Although the handle is of good quality, it doesn’t have a grippy texture like the Mora 2000. As the Mora 2000 has two in one blade grinds, the Kansbol offers quite the same struggle all through.

Quick Tips:

Wood preparation, feathering, or carving, this Kansbol is an outstanding tool but if you are thinking of batoning with it, stop right there!

Faqs of Mora 2000 Vs Kansbol

This FAQ section is going to discuss all the necessary information about the confusion that may arise when you are in the quest of Mora 2000 vs Kansbol. So, what are you waiting for, let dive deep into it to find more about these two amazing knives which stand with their quality and eminence as chefs’ special choice!

Why Are Mora Knives So Cheap?

If all good knives were to cost above 100 bucks then what about the people who cannot afford such a budget for a knife? Hence, Mora offers cheaper knives but with good quality.

Is Mora Kansbol Full Tang?

Not a full tang but an extensive tang that works great for supporting maximum force.

Is the Mora Bushcraft Knife Full Tang?

It’s almost 3/4th of the total handle length which is quite sufficient.

What Carbon Steel Does Mora Use?

Morakniv uses the 12C27 stainless steel blades, Triflex steel, HRC 61 carbon steel, or UHB-20C carbon steel – all offering a rust and corrosion-resistant tough game!

Parting Words:

If you had any doubt regarding the Mora knives earlier, I’m quite sure it’s all as clear as water to you after the Mora knife reviews. If you are still with us, that means you are totally into Mora knives and are looking for an amazing knife to use both indoors and outdoors, a tool that can be your ideal companion in every task regarding food prep to survival.

And you are undoubtedly in the right place. We did half the work for you here, now the rest is upon you about Mora 2000 vs Kansbol. Whatever fits your purposes, simply go for it!

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