Messermeister vs. Wüsthof- Which is for Whom? – 5 Facts to Compare

Messermeister and Wüsthof are two of the best German Knife brands available in the market which are Messermeister vs. Wüsthof. Targeting for both housewives and professional cooks, these knives have gained popularity among all types of serious cooks be it at home or chef’s kitchen.

Choosing the proper knife for yourself amidst these great knives can be quite hard, isn’t it? This is because both of the knife manufacturers produce excellent quality knives. Now to decide which one is better and more suited for you; I’ll show you Messermeister vs Wüsthof comparison and discuss it accordingly.

Messermeister vs. Wüsthof: What and Why?

In this article, I shall give you a detailed explanation and show you detailed differences between Messermeister and Wüsthof. You will see all the pros and cons of both the Messermeister and Wüsthof knives and take the final decision considering your factors. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

What is Messermeister Culinary?

Messermeister has been in the industry since the early 1980s and has been supplying the best quality knives ever since. The Messermeister knives are German styled, produced in an antiquated way as a way of paying respect to their founders. Producing top quality products while following their tradition and signature all at a time is surely challenging yet Messermeister has done that successfully.

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Properties of Messermeister Knives

As said before, Messermeister knives are purely German styled knives made with traditional hammer forging and hot dropping procedure. The Messermeister knife company has been named one of the premium qualities among the knife providers. These 1.4116 stainless steel materials are durable and will give you a very smooth experience while cutting anything without having to worry about the knife getting chipped.

Now, let us go through a quick review on the properties of these knives – which made these knives rank the top: 

  • Manufacture Procedure Highlights: Hammer Forged and hot drop
  • Material Used for Blades: 1.4116 steel 
  • Blade Finishing: smooth and shiny or subtle wavy pattern
  • Handle Material: Different types of woods along with bamboo, polypropylene or polyoxymethylene
  • Handle Design Specifications: Curved full-tang handles designed accurately based on the grip of a hand.
  • The hardness of the Blade: In the Rockwell Hardness measuring standard, except a few exceptions, the knife steel has a score of 57/58.
  • Warranty: ‘Knife for Life’ warranty

What is Wüsthof Culinary?

The Wüsthof family has been supplying A1 quality knives in the market and are signified as one of the two best knife manufacturers. Since the early 19th century till today, Wüsthof knives have upheld their dignity for best knives around the world.

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Properties of Wüsthof Knives

Similar to Messermeister knives, Wüsthof knives are also German made. Manufacturers make these knives with 40 different steps involving different artisans to ensure the qualities of knives individually. The X50CrMoV15 stainless steel is made with extra materials like chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, and other materials further refined to make it the most durable knife material there is. As a result, the knife is made very robust and sturdy. Because of its 14 degrees edge, the cutting is very precise and smooth.

Here are some of the properties of Wüsthof knives – named as one of the two best German knives manufacturing company:

  • Manufacture Procedure Highlights: Precision Forged and multi-step manufacturing
  • Material Used for Blades: X50CRMOV15
  • Blade Finishing: smooth and shiny
  • Handle Material: Different types of woods along with natural fibers, polypropylene or polyoxymethylene
  • Handle Design Specifications: Visible rivets along with full tang design
  • The hardness of the Blade: In the Rockwell Hardness measuring standard, except a few exceptions, the knife steel has a score of 58.
  • Warranty: Regular Limited Warranty

5 Facts to Compare: Messermeister and Wüsthof

The knife blade is the most important aspect of a knife. It has to be of the right material – so that the knife can cut properly – and correct weight – so that the knife doesn’t make the user pressurize inconveniently. Messermeister and Wüsthof are both brands of German knives. So, their knife blade configuration should be similar, yet they show a significant difference. 

 Knife Blade Material

The knife blade is generally made of stainless steel. But the brands like Messermeister and Wüsthof produce top quality. by improving their stainless steel by adding some more materials to the blade, they make it more durable. 

  •  Blade Material Used by Messermeister: Generally, the steel used in Messermeister knives is 1.4116 stainless steel. This steel is known to have medium anti-corrosion ability, retain moderate hardness and good quality strength. It has Rockwell Hardness of 57-58.
  • Blade Material Used by Wüsthof: Wüsthof knife blades are usually made of X50CrMoV15 steel. It is German steel made of high Chromium composition. Because of that, it has high corrosion resistance and moderate hardness. In the Rockwell Hardness Scale, it scored 58. The knives made of X50CrMoV15 cannot retain sharpness like the 1.4116 steel, but it is harder and more durable than that.
Messermeister vs. Wüsthof

Blade Sharpness

No matter what type of material used in knives, they will never retain sharpness forever. You will have to sharpen these knives for further use. Now the question arises which one of Messermeister and Wüsthof retains the sharpness longer and have eased on sharpening.

  • Blade Sharpness of Messermeister: The blade has edge retention of 15 degrees to each side. The blade has a shiny finish and is very smooth. The steel used in Messermeister knives retains its sharpness for longer. Even though most of the collections have a smooth and shiny blade finish, there are a few collections with a subtle wavy pattern on the blade. 
  • Blade Sharpness of Wüsthof: The blade has edge retention of 14 degrees to each side. Similar to the Messermeister knives, the knife blades have a shiny and smooth finish. Since X50CrMoV15 does not retain sharpness longer, they are the easiest to sharp. Keeping that in mind, the Wüsthof knives are made extra sharp. 
FactorsMessermeister KnivesWüsthof Knives
Knife Blade Material1.4116 stainless steel is used is almost all the Messermeister knives. The property and structure of these knives are very convenient in terms of cutting things as one of the thinnest, smooth handling and controlling knives.X50CrMoV15 steel is used in almost all the Wüsthof knives. Knives made with this steel is very durable. So, these knives never chip on the edges, let alone breaking.
Blade SharpnessSmoothly finished blade retains sharpness for a longer period.The Wüsthof blades do not retain sharpness longer but can be sharpened easily. 

5 Best Messermeister Knives

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Comparison Table: Messermeister vs. Wüsthof ‘Knife Handle’

Safety and comfort depend on the handle of a knife. The handle should be designed in such a way that makes cutting a less stressful job for the user. Moreover, a proper handle design can make the grip stronger and secure. The Messermeister and the Wüsthof knives are designed to ensure customer’s comfort and security in their unique way.

Knife Handle Material

Normally, the handle of a knife is made of wood. Sometimes some other materials are used as a knife handle as the manufacturer sees fit. The durability of the handle strengthens a knife and increases its usability. The Messermeister and the Wüsthof use a different type of material and try to make their knives as functional as possible.

  • Handle Material of Messermeister: Messermeister knife handles are primarily made of wood. That means, they use different types of wood in the handles. Pakkawood, burlap, olivewood, walnut burl, maple wood, etc. are the common wooden handle used in Messermeister knives. Besides that, the makers also use bamboos, polyoxymethylene, and polypropylene in the knife handles.
  • Handle Material of Wüsthof: Synthetic materials are used mostly in Wüsthof knives. Some of the top Wüsthof collections are made of natural fibers, polypropylene, and polyoxymethylene. African blackwood is most popular among the wooden handled knife of Wüsthof.

Knife Handle Design

The design is the second most important aspect of a knife handle. Both Messermeister and Wüsthof design their knife handles according to customer satisfaction. The knife handle must be designed in such a way that reduces the user’s stress while using the knife.

  • Handle Design of Messermeister: Most of the Messermeister knife handle designs are curved, full tang. The curves are made according to the handgrip while holding the knife. Some of the knife handles have rivets exposed on the surface. For the convenience of adventurers, Messermeister designed a foldable handled knife.
  • Handle Design of Wüsthof: With a few exceptions, almost all of the Wüsthof knives have rivets visible on the surface. Because of their full tang designed knives, Wüsthof knives are very comfortable to use. The curves of the handle are similar to Messermeister since both of them are made according to the shape of the handgrip.
FactorsMessermeister KnivesWüsthof Knives
Knife Handle MaterialMessermeister knife handles are mainly made of wood.Wüsthof knife handles are manufactured with mostly synthetic materials.
Handle DesignThe handles are full-tang and mostly non-riveted.Full-tang Wüsthof knife handles mostly expose rivets.

Comparison Table: Messermeister vs. Wüsthof ‘Knife Quality and Maintenance

After taking so much time into designing and manufacturing such amazing knives, if they do not receive proper feedback, then time should not be wasted creating such knives. However, both Messermeister and Wüsthof pay close attention to their customer reviews and improve the knives accordingly. For this reason, they are where they should be now.

Most Popular Knife Collection

Both Messermeister and Wüsthof manufactures equally popular knives. So, whatever knife model they’ve launched are all equally famous. However, among the famous models, both Messermeister knives have the most popular ones which are the most preferred by the customers.

  • The Meridian Elite Collection of Messermeister: The Meridian Elite full collection has from 2 up to 23 pieces of cutlery accessories. It has all a cook needs and they can use it for versatile tasks. Buying one set of Meridian Elite collection will result in you not needing a new knife for any task in the kitchen. The knife set has a lifetime warranty for any knife as a cherry on top offer.
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  • The Classic Collection of Wüsthof: The Classic Collection of Wüsthof has from 4 up to 26-piece set. The manufacturers make these knives after 40 manufacturing steps. So, they are of top quality. The Wüsthof Classic has a knife for every kitchen cooking activity. The knives are very durable and easy to maintain. The knives have a limited lifetime warranty.
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Maintenance of the Knives

No matter what quality of knives to be used, if they are not taken proper care of, the knives will be damaged soon. The Messermeister and the Wüsthof knives are no exception. So, proper cleaning and maintenance need to be done.

  • Maintenance for Messermeister Knives: Messermeister knives, like all other knives, need to be taken care of to ensure durability. The knife blade material makes it easier to maintain. Even though the Messermeister knives are not dishwasher safe, they are not very hard to clean and retains sharpness for a long time if washed and dried at once.
  • Maintenance for Wüsthof Knives: The Wüsthof knives use X50CrMoV15, a very durable stainless steel. So, it is dishwasher safe. Although the Wüsthof knives need to be sharpened repeatedly, they will last forever in a sense of durability.
FactorsMessermeister KnivesWüsthof Knives
Most Popular CollectionThe Meridian Elite is the most popular Messermeister collection which has up to 23 pieces of knives at most.The Wüsthof Classic is the most popular Wüsthof collection which has a maximum of 26 pieces of knives.
Knife Maintenance Messermeister knives have to be cleaned by hand with mild detergent. Maintaining these knives need a tad bit extra care.Wüsthof knives are dishwasher safe. So, they are easier to maintain.

Comparison Table: Messermeister vs. Wüsthof ‘Chef Knives

Both Messermeister and Wusthof manufacture professional chef knives. These knives have become the chef’s favorite since they were released. Even though Messermeister came after Wusthof, it was Messermeister who released the chef knife first.

Chef Knife Structure

Messermeister and Wusthof knives have chef knives of their individual and unique designs. Although both of these brands have chef knives of 8 inches, they vary in their own unique quality in their structure. That uniqueness in their structures makes Wusthof and Messermeister different from each other with rivalled market positions.

  • Messermeister Chef Knife: Messermeister Chef Knife has the same old 1.4116 stainless steel knife blade with an edge of 15 degrees. In addition to that, the blade is bolster-less which makes cutting with the chef knife is very easy without any interruption and awkward positions.

If we talk about the handle, the Messermeister chef knife has 3-riveted ergonomic handle with a full tang in the end.

  • Wüsthof Chef Knife: The Wusthof chef knife, like all other Wusthof knives, made with 40 different manufacturing steps. Its structure is carefully thought out. Professionals always prefer Wusthof, so Wusthof chef knife is no exception. Its X50CrMoV15 stainless steel blade cuts through anything and is corrosion protected. The knife-edge 14-degree precision forged. So, you don’t have to worry about fine cutting.

The Wusthof chef knives are triple-riveted and have a full tang ergonomic handle.

5 Best Wusthof Knives

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Wusthof chef knives

Chef Knife Design

Designs are the most important factor to make a knife functional. Design is the only thing that ensures smoothness and ease of use. The Messermeister and Wusthof chef knives are both designed to be efficient in their own way. That is why they are claimed to be two of the five best German knife brands.

  • Messermeister Chef Knife Design: About the designs, I would like to tell about the bolster-less blade. Having no bolsters helps the knife not get stuck in any points. So, you can cut things more precisely. Moreover, the ergonomic blade with partial tang design on the handle makes it look more unique.
  • Wüsthof Chef Knife Design: Wusthof knives are always carefully designed and very stylish to look at. The bolster on the knife not only makes it more stylish but also safe. The full tang ergonomically designed handle is also one of the best aspects of Wusthof chef knife.
FactorsMessermeister KnivesWüsthof Knives
StructureIt has a very sharp bolster-less blade with a riveted ergonomic handle.The Wusthof chef knife has anti-corrosive property and a precision cutting structure.
Design Messermeister chef knives are traditionally designed knives with full-exposed tang.Wüsthof chef knives are stylish and especially functioned for cutting precisely. The bolstered blade is safe and good looking along with a riveted full tang ergonomic handle.

Comparison Table: Messermeister vs. Wüsthof ‘Chef Knife’

Fact 5 of 5: Internal Factors

Internal factors of any knife may include its quality, materials, weight distribution etc. Both Messermeister and the Wusthof have their own internal knife configuration. And as the best German brands, they try their best to improve the internal knife configurations of their respective knife models.

Weight Distribution

Weight distribution is the second most important internal factor of building a knife. The mobility and ease of using knives depend on this factor. Messermeister and Wusthof Knives both pay close attention to this and design their knives accordingly.

  • Messermeister Knife Weight Distribution: The Messermeister company most of the time distributes the knife weight unevenly. They put more weight towards the tip of the knife. The sharpness on top of that uneven weight eases the cutting of any type of object with lesser external force.
  • Wüsthof Knife Weight Distribution: Unlike the Messermeister knives, the Wusthof knives have even weight. Traditionally, you can never go wrong with an evenly balanced knife. It puts less stress on the hand and improves the mobility of the knife. The manufacturers balance the weight very sensitively. So, Wusthof knives are excellently balanced with a 1:1 weight ratio towards the handle and the blade.

Knife Quality and Durability

This is the most important factor every popular knife brand follows. The knife quality depends on all the functionality, material, durability, and usability of a knife. Perfectionist knife manufacturers always race to create the best quality knife which would be durable and perfect. The Messermeister and the Wusthof are no exception.

  • Messermeister Knife Durability: As you know the Messermeister knives are made of 1.4116 stainless steel with mainly wooden handles. This knife is very sharp and will be able to cut through anything without getting chipped. Even though these knives are given a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing and material defect, no one complained about their durability. Since this knife is not dishwasher safe, if you take care of these knives properly, they last forever!
  • Wüsthof Knife Durability: The X50CrMoV15 stainless steels are highly carbon-concentrated and have all kinds of materials like Chromium, Molybdenum, and Vanadium to make the steel more resilient and stiffer. The synthetic ergonomic handles with this kind of steel make Wusthof knives the most durable German Knife.
FactorsMessermeister KnivesWüsthof Knives
Weight DistributionThe Messermeister knives are unevenly weighted keeping more weight towards the tip of the knife.The Wusthof knives are perfectly balanced and the weight distribution is even towards both the handle and the blade.
DurabilityMessermeister knives need a bit of proper maintenance to use them in their full potential. If taken care of, they last forever.Wüsthof knives are made with sturdy and durable blade material with flexible synthetic handles. These knives can be used roughly without any problem and can last a very long time.
Wüsthof Knives

Comparison Table: Messermeister vs. Wüsthof ‘Internal Factors

Why You Should Go for Messermeister Knives?

Messermeister knives have proved their worth over 40 years. They are not in the market for a long time, yet they have been placed on the top 5 best knife brand list. Messermeister knives have what it needs to be a great knife. Because of their traditional manufacturing, Messermeister knives are not only durable but also functional.

Type of Users that Need Messermeister Knives

Messermeister has a lot of collection fit for every category of people. However, Messermeister knives mainly target European professional chefs. The chefs who use these knives have never complained and gladly recommend them to others. Messermeister Meridian Elite Chef’s Knife is the most used Messermeister knife among other collections. The Messermeister student set is a must-have for aspiring chefs.

Benefits of a Messermeister Knife over Wüsthof

  • The blade material of Messermeister knives retains sharpness for a longer time than Wüsthof knives.
  • A variety of Messermeister knife blade designs are available while Wüsthof knife blades are plain.
  • The Messermeister’s wooden handle is more durable than Wüsthof’s synthetic knife handles.
  • The Messermeister knives are affordable and less expensive than Wüsthof.
  • Messermeister has more collections than Wüsthof.
  • The knives of Messermeister have a knife for life warranty whereas the Wüsthof knives have a limited lifetime warranty.  

Why You Should Go for Wüsthof Knives?

Wüsthof knives are one of the oldest German Knife brands. They are known for their knife durability. The blades are stealthy. The knives are easy to clean and maintain. They are claimed to be one of the top two German Brands. No one can go wrong by buying Wüsthof knives. These knives are manufactured flawlessly following 40 steps in the factories. So, their quality has no doubt.

Type of Users that Need Wüsthof Knives

Because of the convenience, the Wüsthof knives are mainly preferred by housewives and serious cooks. They are easy to maintain.  The Wüsthof Classic Ikon Cook’s Knife is the most popular knife for housewives. World-class chefs also praise such high-quality knives too.

Benefits of a Wüsthof Knife over Messermeister

  • The blade material of Wüsthof knives is very easy to sharp than Messermeister knives. They are also durable. So, there is no fear of the knife getting chipped.
  • Wüsthof knife blade maintains a single signature design so one can know about the Wüsthof knives once seen.
  • The Wüsthof’s synthetic knife handles are easy to handle and the grip is safer than Messermeister knives.
  • The Wüsthof knives are dishwasher safe. So, you can clean it without any problem.
  • The Wüsthof knives are sharper than Messermeister knives and have more variety of knife pieces in a set.
  • Even though the Wüsthof knives have a limited lifetime warranty, they are very durable and do not get chipped at all.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This FAQ part is going to solve some of your basic confusion regarding these amazing knives. Hope, you will get to know a lot of basic staff from this part. so, what are you waiting for? let’s drive deep into it.

Which knife is safer to use Messermeister or Wüsthof?

Both knives are very safe to use. Both the knives have full-tang handles. However, the Wüsthof knives have Bolster on the base of every knife and the synthetic handles stick to your hand making the grip stronger. So, there are lesser possibilities of slipping of the knife out of your hand.

What is the most recommended knife among Messermeister and Wüsthof?

Depends on the profession you have. If you are a housewife looking for an effortless knife, Wüsthof is just for you. However, if you are a professional, Messermeister knife will serve the purpose for you more appropriately. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use Messermeister in a normal home kitchen or Wüsthof in a professional kitchen. You are free to choose whichever you want as you won’t go wrong with either of the knives.

Which knife can be comfortable for me, Messermeister or Wüsthof?

Messermeister knives are made keeping the weight a bit forward. So, the knife does a bit of work for yourself. The Wüsthof knives are well-balanced. Therefore, you have to apply pressure a bit more when you are using Messermeister knives. Also, some of the Messermeister knives have bigger handles. So, if you have small and narrow hands, handling that kind of Messermeister knives might be problematic for you. Overall, you should decide the conditions your knife should have first and choose accordingly. Messermeister or Wüsthof, none of the knives will disappoint you.

Both Messermeister and Wüsthof knives are very narrow edged. Can I cut bigger items without chipping the knife?

The Messermeister and Wüsthof have an edge angle of 15 degrees and 14 degrees, respectively. So, we understand your concerns about chipping the knives while cutting bigger objects like watermelon. However, both of these knives are super durable and will not be chipped with these. Yes, they might get a little blunt but that won’t ruin your kitchen experience.

What is the Cleaning Procedure for Messermeister or Wüsthof knives?

Wüsthof knives can be cleaned in a dishwasher whereas Messermeister knives are not dishwasher safe. However, you should prioritize cleaning those knives with hands with mild detergents. Wüsthof knives can be cleaned however you want to, but Messermeister knives need to be taken care of a bit more. For the knives’ best performance, you should wash them with hands with mild detergent and dry them up immediately.

Parting Words

Both Messermeister and Wüsthof are the best of the best German knives available in the market. You will be satisfied with either of them. Their comparison, best or worse varies person to person. You should choose your knife based on your physique, how often you’ll use the knife, what task you’re going to use it for, or even according to your profession! Both Messermeister and Wüsthof have knives for all types of people. However, you have to select the knife that is most suitable for you. To make that decision easier, I’ve written this Messermeister vs. Wüsthof comparison. Hence, now you can use this article as a reference and choose your dream cutlery set!

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