Mercer Genesis Vs Renaissance: Which One Is for You?

Do you love cooking just like me? Do you love trying newer savory recipes every day? Then, what’s holding you behind? Oh! A set of good culinary knives like Mercer Genesis vs Renaissance.

Let me guess; you are here because you already know that the Mercer is arguably worth your bucks when it comes to sharp and efficient knives. And they are also bringing out so many models and options for us to choose from. But, it is true that at a reasonable price, without compromising the performance, it all comes down to the Mercer genesis and renaissance

Yes, I am surely aware of how amazing these two tools are. And of course, if you have done some research, you’ll know what all the hype is about. Either if you have or haven’t researched these products, we are here to vanish away from your dilemma!

With a complete wonderful discussion about the exciting features, benefits, and comparisons of the two, you will find your dream culinary knife set at the end of the discussion. I guarantee. So, let’s hope on and find out the winner! Shall we?

Mercer Genesis Vs Renaissance: Let’s Get to Know Them!

As a progressive brand in culinary knives, they are not owning a Mercer knife would be a shame! And out of so many products from the manufacturer, it finally comes down to the battle of the two – the Merger Genesis and the Mercer Culinary Renaissance! So, let’s not waste any more time and dig straight into their features!

Mercer Culinary Genesis

A set of professional knives crafted with fine German steel, and the best part? They are accessible to all around the whole, without taking big chunks from your credit card.

Key features of the Mercer Culinary Genesis 

Fine German Steel:

These knives are crafted with no-stain, high carbon German cutlery steel to help you become a master at culinary skills!. And also, no worries for rust, discoloration or, even corrosion.

Ergonomic Handle

Do you get strains on your hands and palms just due to using cooking knives for a couple of minutes? Those days are over! With the ergonomic Santoprene handle allowing a comfortable grip, temperature withstanding ability, a non-slip hold, you’ll instantly fall in love with this tool.

Precision Construction

One thing we ask for in any product is, ‘Will it be long-lasting, durable?’ And the Mercer Genesis answers that with its finesse in construction, including its full-length tang that makes it is strong, sturdy, and durable. 

Convenience of Usage

If your knife isn’t easy to grasp or use, it will only be a pain for the hands, and your head. However, the Mercer genesis knives will allow for longer-lasting sharpness and efficiency. And the taper-ground edge adds to the stability.


And of course, let’s not forget about safety when handling such tools. Hence, the set comes with a tempered glass block with a stable hold. Let’s not forget the bolsters that protect your fingers!

Hence, there’s absolutely no reason you should doubt the performance of these cooking tools!

5 Best Mercer Culinary Genesis Knives

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Mercer Culinary Renaissance

Another gem in the world of culinary utensils, the Mercer renaissance knife set- Knives that offer precision performance and comfortable handling!

Key Features of the Mercer Renaissance 

Quality Material

Mercer made no compromise with the material standards, even on this one. It is made with the best refined German steel excelling in cutlery usage. Yes, with no issues with the material, it can certainly company you in cutting and cooking for a long time.

Fine Construction

A knife that can cut through a thick piece of steak smoothly is surely something to hold on to. The renaissance knives come with precision-forged construction with a full-length tang that allows you to tear through the most stubborn chunk of meat with zero hassle!.

Precisely Designed Ergonomic Handle

The triple-riveted Delrin handle is surely a winner. If you have some slicing work to do now and then, quickly grab your renaissance knives, and it will do the job in the blink of an eye.

Added Stability

When chopping down those veggies and fruits, after a couple, your hands start getting strains, and you are no more the skilled Masterchef you were minutes ago. But don’t worry, these knives come with a 15 degrees taper-ground edge that will allow stable chipping throughout the whole time.

Easy Honing

Sharpening the knives is a regular thing to keep the quality up to standards. And so much slicing and chopping can pull down the standards, you know? Hence, for convenience in sharpening, the shorter bolster is one great addition.

5 Best Mercer Culinary Knives

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Let’s Begin the Battle! – 5 Facts to Compare Between Mercer Genesis Vs Renaissance


When you are going to purchase a set of kitchen knives, you will surely deal with a lot of cutting. Spending good bucks on kitchen knives, you need to make sure they can withstand the heavy-duty, you ask for. Now, let’s compare how strong these knives are. Shall we?

Genesis vs Renaissance

Blade Material

If your knives’ blade isn’t strong and thick, how do you expect to cut those pork ribs for a fine family dinner?

Blade Material of Mercer Genesis

It’s made with the top quality German X50 Cr Mo V15 stainless steel with high carbon. It means you’ll have knife blades that stay sharper for a greater period, and also you won’t have to go honing them now and then. Hey, I almost forgot to mention that they are stain-free, rust-free, and free from corrosions.

Blade Material of Mercer Renaissance

The renaissance blade is also built with the same material ensuring your knife blades stay sharp, shiny, and strong for long.


Cutting and chopping requires so much pressure, but can your knife handle take it?

How Strong Is the Handle of the Mercer Genesis?

The Santoprene ergonomic handle allows for a better grip. And it also supports all the heavy workload your knife has to carry on. So, whether cutting some loaded beef steaks or a huge pumpkin, your genesis knife is here to help!

How Strong Is the Handle of the Mercer Renaissance?

The triple-riveted Delrin handle was built to take on the trouble! The black epoxy with impregnated wood screams for heavy duty! Yes, its rigid construction and strength are all you need for any cutting or chopping tasks.

Factors Mercer Genesis Mercer Renaissance
Blade material German X50 Cr Mo V15 stainless steel  German X50 Cr Mo V15 stainless steel 
Strong hold Can take on heavy duty Sturdy and durable


If your knife set goes blunt permanently or suddenly the blade detaches from the base, what’s the point of all those bucks you’ve put in the purchase? Now, how will you know if your choice is durable? Let’s find out.

German X50 Cr Mo V15 stainless steel

Finesse in Construction 

With finer construction, the manufacturers ensure the knives last for longer. The better, the more precise every curve or edge of your knife, the more you get confident in getting it.

How Is the Construction of the Mercer Genesis?

The precisely built forged steel is the game changer here! Yes, the genesis is made to withstand the temperature imbalance, and still perform like a hero!

How Is the Construction of the Mercer Renaissance?

The renaissance also comes with forged construction of German steel. It ensures you can make use of the knives for a long, long time. 


The durability of any product, especially cutlery tools, is indirectly related to the warranty. The more the warranty the manufacturers offer, the more confident they have on their products. Comparing the warranty period will let you see clearer on which one is more reliable.

What’s the Warranty Period for Genesis?

Incredible warranty support awaits for you if you invest in the genesis – a full lifetime warranty! Having not to spend on any other knife set for your whole life seems like a great deal, what do you say?

What’s the Warranty Period for Renaissance?

Amazingly, the renaissance also offers equal warranty support. Yes! A whole lifetime. So I guess they are equally efficient in performance and durable.

Factors Mercer Genesis Mercer Renaissance
Construction Finesse Precision forged steel construction  Precision forged steel construction
Warranty Limited life-time warranty Limited life-time warranty


The amount of bucks you have invested in these tools is worth it? How do you know? Certainly, if your culinary tools are efficient enough, the answer would be affirmative. 

Knife Bevel 

What is the knife bevel? It indicates the ground angle and shape. Combining the shape, apex, and the ground is what makes sure you have a good cutting game!

How’s the Knife Bevel of the Genesis?

The taper-ground edge works like magic. It’s like you don’t even have to give extra strength in cutting, it just does it so smoothly as if you were cutting clouds! And with a pointy apex, it would rip through all the heavy chopping duty!

knife bevel of the genesis

How’s the Knife Bevel of the Renaissance?

With a 15 degrees angle, the taper ground edge is a deal maker. When you’ve got to do some quick slicing, your renaissance knife is here to the rescue! And the sharp apex just adds to the goodness.

Chopping and Sharpening

Smoother chopping depends directly on how sharp the blades are. Yes, the knives will most likely go a bit blunt after a few uses, but the question is does it offer quick sharpening so that you can get back on track in no time! 

In Case of the Genesis

Firstly, the bevel has a great shape that offers fine chopping. Next, even when your knife needs sharpening, all you need is to give a quick move and voila! You are done with the honing. It is only this easy because of high-carbon steel.

In Case of the Renaissance

With the same high-carbon material, the renaissance also gives an astounding performance regarding sharp edges and quick honing.

Factors Mercer Genesis Mercer Renaissance
Knife bevel Taper-ground edge with pointy tip  15 degrees tape-ground edge
Chopping and sharpening Sharp blade and high-carbon steel allows smooth chopping and quick sharpening Sharp blade and high-carbon steel allows smooth chopping and quick sharpening


Your knife blade is great, shows efficiency and quality but, wait! The handle is one stubborn part. It’s hard to hold on, and talk about those hand strains! Gosh! You don’t want to feel like this, do you? Hence, a good grip can make things a lot easy for you. 

Comfortable Handling

Without comfort in any task, there will be no excitement or interest in doing it, same for cooking and cutting. Hence, a comfortable handle can play a great role in better chopping.

Is the Handle of the Genesis Comfortable to Hold?

A more cushioned grip is what you can call it. Yes, not only does it have a more relaxing shape, with a long tang length, but it also offers a non-slip surface. So, even if you have wet hands, it won’t affect the cutting!

Is the Handle of the Genesis Comfortable to Hold?

There is no doubt that the Delrin handle is comfortable to hold and surely gives no hand fatigue! And with the ripple-riveted handle, you won’t lose your grip during heavy cutting jobs.

Ergonomic Design

A more contoured fit around your palm surely ensures you can cut those veggies, fruits, and poultry without any hand strains. 

Is the Genesis Handle Designed Ergonomically?

Yes! The Santoprene handle offers more surface to hold, and softer, more rounded and better fit to the hands, which surely makes the genesis a well thought ergonomic knife.

Is the Renaissance Handle Designed Ergonomically?

Though the handle is welk-contoured to the palm, yet the shape is not very rounded, and it has a lesser surface to grip on. However, that’s a benefit to many as you don’t have to struggle in grasping the greater handle area.

Factors Mercer Genesis Mercer Renaissance
Comfortable handling Well-contoured grip Well-contoured grip
Ergonomic design Rounded with more holding surface Bit rectangular and smaller

Ease of Usage

If your knife slips out of your hand more often, how annoying is that! You won’t even get good results. So, how easy are these knives to use?

Knife Tang Length

The tang length is a big factor in ensuring smooth chopping with no hassle. It can either be a partial or full tang. The full tang length ensures safety, stability, and balance.

Tang Length of the Genesis

The genesis offers a full tang length that ensures you have a better balance in holding the knives, the handle has a stronger connection with the blades and supports durability!

Tang Length of the Renaissance

For a kitchen knife, a full-tang length is a must, because there’s a lot to do with these tools! And likewise, the genesis, the renaissance, also offers a full tang length, supporting the grip, giving you more strength, and ensuring no-slipping.

Bolster Design

Bolsters are the small junctions between the handle with the blade. It mainly serves the purpose of safety, but also adds to strength and durability. 

How Is the Bolster Design of the Genesis?

The bolster on this one is bigger than offers superior stability and balance, especially with big chunks of grocery or poultry. And let’s not forget about the safety it offers!

How Is the Bolster Design of the Renaissance?

With a smaller bolster, it gives more space for sharpening. That means you get the whole blade to do the honing, which makes it easy!

Factors Mercer Genesis Mercer Renaissance
Knife tang length Full tang  Full tang
Bolster design Bigger; extends to blade Smaller

When Should You Go for the Mercer Genesis?

After reviewing all those comparisons, there’s no doubt that both are great for the kitchen. But there are purposes that the genesis o serves better in a few cases. Let’s check what they are!

Which Users and When Do They Need the Genesis?

The sturdy construction and fine material make any cutting job easy. But if we have to speak specifically, then the genesis works great for heavy-duty cutting jobs.

For instance, if you have raw fat to cut, a whole turkey, or so, you can rely on the genesis. Again, it has a pointy apex that supports precision work. Let me add that as it has a rounded handle, if you are working for hours, bring the beauty out!

5 Benefits of the Genesis Over the Renaissance 

1. More handle surface

2. Rounded handle for better grip

3. Pointy tip for some precision work

4. Bigger bolster for ensuring balance and safety

5. It works better in case of chopping, where you have to exert more pressure.

Things That Are Not as Good as the Renaissance 

For greater bolster surface, it doesn’t offer easy sharpening and a larger blade area. As the handle is not well riveted as the renaissance, the genesis handle might not be as strong as the renaissance.

Quick Tips

  • Though it can withstand excessive heat or cold, it is better not to keep it in such states.
  • Don’t forget to store in the cutlery block, every time you are done with the chopping.

When Should You Go for the Mercer Renaissance?

The renaissance with its elegant and strong appearance and performance doesn’t stop attracting newer and newer users. But what things is it great for, and especially how does it differ from the genesis? Well, you’ll know after you read below!

Which Users and When Do They Need the Renaissance?

Like the genesis, this one also has the top blade material, resisting rusting and corrosion. But a few specifications make it superior in a few tasks. 

Let’s start with durability. As you know, the handle is tripled riveted, with a full-length tang length, which accelerates the knives’ lasting period. It also means there’s no fear of loosening the blades, no matter how much you keep slicing and cutting. These knives work the best for slicing, no doubt.

Again, if you are about to sharpen your knives, that’s a plus point here for the renaissance. With the shorter bolster, it ensures you get the whole blade area to sharpen easily.

5 Benefits of the Renaissance Over the Genesis

1. It comes with a stronger handle.

2. Less handle area doesn’t require struggling for grasping it.

3. 15 degrees taper-ground works splendid when slicing.

4. Shorter bolster gives a larger blade surface.

5. Honing is easy with it.

Things That Are Not as Good as the Genesis

Well, yes, the two are quite similar. And in fact, the renaissance is a favorite to many users as well. But, the genesis excels in a few things like- it has a more rounded handle to work with longer, a bigger bolster ensuring better safety and a pointy apex that brings accuracy in poultry chopping.

Quick Tips:

  • The renaissance is not dishwasher safe, so don’t soak it in some detergents.
  • To prevent discoloration, remember not to soak it in water for long.
  • Oh! And of course, store into the cutlery block after use. That’s all with the care, folks!

Faqs of Mercer Genesis Vs Renaissance

This FAQ section is all about solving your basic confusion regarding this MERCER GENESIS VS RENAISSANCE knives that can enhance the beauty of your kitchen collection. Let’s dive more into it to understand all the basic questions and answers that may occur regarding These two amazing knives.

Can I Put Culinary Knives in the Dishwasher?

Well, it damages the steel slowly, and so it is not recommended.

How Do I Know if the Knives Are Safe to Use?

Mercer knives are NSF certified. Hence, no worries about that!

Q. How Long Do the Knives Generally Last?

These Mercer knives come with a full limited lifetime warranty. So just use them up all the time!

Will They Get Rusted Over Time?

The top-quality German steel prevents any rust or corrosion.

Parting Words:

Yes, it was quite a journey with the discussion. sBut I believe when you are spending your hard-earned money on something, you better be clear about it. With dilemma and confusion in your head, you don’t want to regret your purchase, do you?

I guess we are done with the fight of the Mercer Genesis vs Renaissance. And if you have picked your winner, bring it right away!

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