Farberware Vs Revere Ware -which Is For What?-5 Facts To Compare

Looking around your kitchen room and thinking that something is missing? Maybe a perfect cookware set or proper utensils are missing. Adequate and elegant kitchen utensils like Farberware Vs Revere can give your kitchen room a graceful environment and look.

If you are thinking of enriching your home kitchen with high-quality utensils then Farberware and Revere Ware brand’s names come first. But the question arises about how good is Farberware cookware or Revere Ware cookware. 

Don’t worry, you won’t be confused anymore after reading this article. In this article, I am going to tell you all things about both Farberware Vs Revere ware so that you can make a wise decision.

Farberware Vs Revere Ware: What & Why

Farberware is one of the trusted kitchen product manufacturer brands in America. This brand provides innovative cookware and bakeware. They are always careful to make everyday kitchen work easier with their products. let’s find out more about it!

What Is Farberware?

Farberware history reveals that they started their journey in 1900 and thus ensures 120 years of reliability. Is Farberware made in the USA, is a common question asked by the customers. The news of glad is that most Farberware products are made in the USA and so considered the best quality.

They provide special facilities like a lifetime warranty and many others. To know whether your product has a warranty available or not you need to check the Farberware date codes on the center of the bottom of your product. According to the availability, you can contact them and replace your product if there is any problem.

Key Features of Good Farberware Cookwares

  • Made in the USA quality.
  • You will find aluminum clad construction to modern nonstick made products.
  • The cleaning process is very easy and hassles free.
  • Provide even heat distribution.
  • Stay-cool handles offer a comfortable grip.

5 Best Farberware Knives

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What Is Revere Ware?

Revere Ware is a renowned brand of kitchen wares and first started its journey in the era of the 19th century. From then many changes have occurred but the most remarkable change was after 1968 when they decided to change the construction formula.

Before 1968, Revere Ware used to follow the formula of using more copper in the structure. Therefore, the vintage Revere Ware collection is till now very much popular. But after 1968, they tried less copper in the construction and the newer versions are poor in heat conduction.

Revere Ware is currently owned by the World Kitchen LLC company and promises to provide good quality products. They are producing four different varieties of Revere Ware cookware to meet your desires. You can research other Revere Ware reviews for more information about this brand.

Key Features of Good Revere Ware Cookware 

  • Made of stainless steel and copper combination.
  • The heat conduction facility is great.
  • Handles are made of heat resistant plastic.
  • Quite durable.
  • The cleaning process is not so difficult.

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5 Facts to Compare Between Farberware Vs Revere Ware

We are going to compare these two amazing knives on the basis of some basic features. But let’s be clear on a particular point that, we are not going to tell any one of these knives is better than the other. We are just trying to draw a line between them regarding usability and particular usage. Let’s dive more into it!

Fact 1 of 5: Construction Material

Things like durability, stability, and strength depend on the construction material used in any product. In the case of kitchen wares, these things matter a lot and thus you need to focus on the material used in constructing any cookware before buying.

Farberware Vs Revere Ware

Stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper, enamel, clay, plastic, wood, and many more varieties are used in constructing kitchen wares. Now let’s see what are Farberware pots made of and which materials do Revere Ware use?

Construction Material of Farberware Cookware

Farberware products are usually made of good quality stainless steel as they are easy to maintain. That means stainless steel construction makes the cleaning process less irritant and saves a lot of time.

Original Farberware pots come with a high gauge aluminum constructed base that conducts heat evenly without any hot spot. Thus Farberware aluminum clad stainless steel construction gives a highly appreciated performance in cooking.

Construction Material of Farberware Cookware

Another appreciable thing is the nonstick interior that prevents the food from stickiness. One layered nonstick coating allows you an easy wash and cooking food without much difficulty. Though it started the journey with aluminum and steel clad now the addition of nonstick surfaces made it up to date.

Construction Material of Revere Ware Cookware

Revere Ware also uses stainless steel in its construction as it is best for the easy cleaning process. Though stainless steel provides durability it is poor at heat conduction. It takes much time for heating up and distributing the heat evenly.

To prevent this problem Revere Ware found out the best solution. Copper is a popular material for conducting heat quickly and evenly. So the brand Revere Ware combined copper with stainless steel in their product’s construction.

The final structure of most of the Revere Ware products stands, stainless steel exterior with a copper-coated bottom. Stainless steel ensures long-lasting performance and copper makes the product lightweight and distributes heat evenly.

Comparison Table: Farberware Vs Revere Ware “Construction Material”

FactorFarberwareRevere Ware
Construction Material Stainless steel with aluminum baseStainless steel with copper base

Fact 2 of 5: Heat Conduction

For any cookware, it is a very important factor that is how well it can conduct the heat. Ultimately, the food well cooked or not depends upon the proper heat conductivity. Quick and even heat distribution through the cookware base can bring a delicious outcome.

Copper and Aluminum are very well known materials for conducting heat evenly and faster. Already I have told the base material of Farberware and Revere Ware pots are aluminum and copper accordingly. So now it’s time to see which one is better in conducting the heat and bring out properly cooked food in a short time.

Heat Conduction of Farberware Cookware

Most of the vintage Farberware collection has a flat bottom made of heavy gauge aluminum. Aluminum distributes heat evenly minimizing the hot spots. This works the same on any cooktops like a gas stove and oven. Whether you are simmering sauces, oils, or searing steaks the heat will be the same in every corner of the pot.

Revere Ware Cookware

It is clear that aluminum is great in distributing heat evenly but when it comes to heating quickly, aluminum works a little slower. 

Heat Conduction of Revere Ware Cookware

Copper is always considered the best for quick heat conduction and also for distributing heat evenly. As the vintage Revere Ware copper thickness is quite good, these cookwares are great for quick and even heat distribution. 

Now, compared to aluminum, copper is one step forward in fast heat transfer. Though the specific heat of aluminum is greater than copper the thermal conductivity of copper is better than aluminum. So copper conducts heat more quickly and ensures the food comes properly cooked within a short time.

Comparison Table: Farberware Vs Revere Ware “Heat Conduction”

FactorFarberwareRevere Ware
Heat ConductionSlower than copperFaster than aluminum

Fact 3 of 5: Price

We all set a budget before buying any product whether it is kitchenware or any other product. So when you are checking any product, you have to notice if the price matches your budget or not.

In the case of cookware, the price depends on construction material most of the time. Now, it’s time to check which one is cheaper between aluminum-based Farberware and copper-based Revere Ware.

Price of Farberware Cookware

Aluminum constructed cookwares are famous for their good quality at an affordable price. Farberware is a master in providing the best quality kitchen products at a very reasonable price over centuries.

Price of Revere Ware Cookware

I have already said that copper-based pots are better for quick heat conduction. They offer a little higher price for their better heat conducting quality. So it is obvious that the Revere Ware copper core cookwares come with great quality at a good price.

Comparison Table: Farberware Vs Revere Ware “Price”

FactorFarberwareRevere Ware
priceMuch affordable A little higher

Fact 4 of 5: Handle

Cookwares that come with handles are more preferable as they are easy to control and move. The material used in the handle construction sometimes tells many things about the quality of the cookware. So let’s see the handle construction of both Farberware and Revere ware pots.

The Handle of Farberware Cookware

Most of the cookware by Farberware comes with a handle made of stainless steel or phenolic. Farberware antique collectibles also offer the same type of handle that provides a stay cool and comfortable grip.

Farberware Vs Revere

The Handle of Revere Ware Cookware

Revere Ware products come with a handle made of bakelite. Bakelite is one kind of plastic that doesn’t melt even in high heat. Rather than melting it remains cool while you are cooking in high heat. This is considered one of the ideal materials for knobs and handles. 

Comparison Table: Farberware Vs Revere Ware “Handle”

FactorFarberwareRevere Ware
HandleStainless steel or PhenolicBakelite

Fact 5 of 5: Cleaning Process

The kitchen is the place where most of the mess occurs every day that’s why you need to keep every kitchen utensil clean after finishing your work. Good maintenance can keep your kitchen neat and clean and increase the beauty of your house.

Cleaning Process of Farberware Cookware

Farberware aluminum-clad cookware that has stainless steel coating in the body and handle are dishwasher safe. This clears that the cleaning process is very easy and time-saving. As stainless steel is more heat resistant, a dishwasher cannot cause any harm to the structure.

Cleaning Process of Revere Ware Cookware

Some Revere ware cookware is also dishwasher safe but professionals recommend not to use the dishwasher in case of Revere Ware products. The bakelite handle can get damaged by the heat of the dishwasher. So normal soap water and sponge will be okay to clean the Revere Ware utensils.

Comparison Table: Farberware Vs Revere Ware “Cleaning Process”

FactorFarberwareRevere Ware
Cleaning ProcessDishwasher safeSoap water and sponge ( some are dishwasher safe )

When You Should Go for Farberware?

When you have a low budget but want to have good quality kitchenware set in your kitchen then you should go for Farberware. Vintage Farberware cookware provides this type of facility.

Types of Users Who Need Farberware

  • Who wants good quality products at a reasonable price.
  • Who always remain short of time.
  • Want to cook in evenly distributed heat.
  • Both home kitchen and professional kitchen utensils are available in Farberware.
  • If anyone wants long-lasting products in their kitchen.

6 Benefits of a Farberware Over Revere Ware

  • Affordable in price with nice quality.
  • The aluminum base conducts heat evenly everywhere.
  • Dishwasher safe cleaning facility.
  • Handles are strong and stay cool to provide a comfortable grip.
  • Both body and handle are oven safe up to 350 degrees.
  • Varieties of colorful cookware sets are available to make your kitchen more attractive.

Things That Are Not as Good as Revere Ware

  • Takes time to heat up.
  • Heavier than Revere Ware.

Quick Tips

  • The nonstick coating is one layered so be careful with it as it can fade if not maintained properly.

When You Should Go for Revere Ware?

If you want to make a perfect dish within a short time and surprise your family members, then you should go for the Revere Ware cookware. More specifically the vintage collections by Revere Ware will be perfect for you.

Types of Users Who Need Revere Ware

  • Who are ready to expend a good amount for a high-quality kitchen product.
  • Who are busy with other work and want to finish the kitchen work as soon as possible.
  • If anyone prefers lightweight cookware.

6 Benefits of Revere Ware Over Farberware

  • Heats up very quickly and saves your time.
  • Heat conductivity is better so a great dish can be made within a short time with it.
  • Newer versions are very light in weight.
  • Promises to give a long time service.
  • Bakelite handles are light and provide an easy grip.
  • Provide high quality tempered glass lids with some cookware.

Things That Are Not as Good as Farberware

  • The price is a little higher due to the better heat conductivity.
  • Bakelite handles can get damaged in the dishwasher.

Quick Tips

  • Do not use any chlorinated cleaners like bleach to clean the products.

Faqs of Farberware Vs Revere

This FAQ section is all about the confusion that may arise while using your knives. We’ve compiled this section with some basic questions and answers collected from all over the country by good research on the internet. So what are you waiting for? let’s find out more!

What Is Revere Ware?

Revere Ware is a renowned brand of kitchenware that is now owned by World Kitchen LLC. This brand provides four lines of stovetop cookware that are great in quality.

What Are Vintage Farberware Pans?

Vintage Farberware pans are the ones with an aluminum base that distributes heat evenly and minimizes hot spots.

Where to Buy Revere Ware Cookware?

World Kitchen LLC now sells Revere Ware products and you will find these products on their official website reveware.org. You can buy them online from Amazon, eBay, and some other websites.

Where is Farberware Made?

Most of the Farberware products are made in the USA and offer the highest quality. Some products are made in China as well and they also offer great quality.

Is Revere Ware Any Good?

Revere Ware faced many ups and downs yet considered a good brand of kitchenware till now. They are best known for their quick heat conductivity and durability.

Is Revere Ware Still Made?

Yes, though this brand has faced bankruptcy and other failures it is still made due to its quality. The current owner company World Kitchen LLC makes four lines of Revere Ware cookware. So it can be said Revere Ware is still made and satisfies the customers.

How Can You Tell if Revere Ware Is Vintage?

Vintage Revere Ware products are made between 1939 to 1968 and bear a unique logo from the newer versions. The logo stamped on the bottom consists of a circle with the words ‘Process Patent’ or ‘Pat.Pend’. Moreover, the thickened copper bottom is also a criterion of vintage Revere Ware.

Is Revere Ware Stainless Steel or Aluminum?

Well, both materials are used in different species of Revere Ware. Now, among the four lines of Revere Ware, some are made of stainless steel and some are aluminum made and the other two lines use nonstick, copper. So Revere Ware uses both the materials but the vintage ones are made of stainless steel and copper.

Parting Words

Farberware and Revere Ware both manufacture quite similar and good kitchen products. So there is always a chance to be confused about which one will be best to buy. In the above article, I have tried to clarify all the inquiries and confusion. Read the whole article about Farberware Vs Revere and hopefully you will be wise enough to make the final decision.

If you want to know more about Farberware and Revere Ware, you can check out the vintage Farberware vs All-Clad and Revere Ware vs All-Clad reviews. These will help you to know about these brands in detail individually.

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