ESEE 5 vs 6 knives-Which is for what? -5 facts to compare

When you are looking for an outdoor knife that will stand up to all situations, then a strong knife is what you need! You would certainly be happy to have a comparison like ESEE 5 vs 6 knives. These are the strongest knives on the market.

Obviously, if you are reading this page, it is because you like camping, trekking, or any other activity in the great outdoors. The presentation of the ESEE 5 vs 6 knives below, the analysis that follows and our numerous tests will help you decide which survival knife will best suit your needs.

ESEE 5 vs 6: What & Why 

The first things to consider when you are trying to compare two set of knives is “what they really are” and “why should you use them”. Every thing might have their unique sell point and these knives are not oddballs here!

What Is A ESEE 5 Knife?

ESEE 5 vs 6 knives

With a 6.5 mm thick blade, 1095 carbon steel and a hardness of 57 HRC, the Esee 5 has established itself as one of the strongest outdoor knives on the market. A real beast that imposes it. The ultimate survival knife. And, with its amplitude of 27.5 cm and its 435 g, this buffalo withstands all blows. The proof: it is guaranteed for life!

ESEE 5 is a knife that you don’t fear damaging. Carbon steel, with its finer structure than stainless steel, offers incomparable cutting edges and easier sharpening. Its problem is that it rusts, that it requires a hell of a lot of maintenance in theory at least. Because the ESEE 5 has, in addition to its steel enriched with 0.95% carbon, a powder coating, damn durable, which allows it to avoid oxidation. Stylish to have the advantages without the disadvantages.

Key Features of Good ESEE 5 Knives?

  • Foolproof durability
  • A blade that impresses with its 6.5 mm thickness
  • Materials giving it a real overall consistency
  • A knife adapted to the most thankless tasks
  • A razor cut

What Is A ESEE 6 knife?

ESEE 6 knife


The ESEE-6 knives are the best Survival Knife, known for their quality of design. Randall’s Adventure & Training has been selling knives since 1997. The rating for this product on Amazon today is 4.9/ 5, one of the highest ratings in the survival knife category. We recommend it to all survivalists (beginners or experienced) looking for a new blade.

With a total length of 29.8cm and a blade length of 16.5cm, the knife is one of the largest knives we have tested. The pruning is enough to cut branches and be used for a whole bunch of tools.

Between the hunting knife and the machete, it will serve you both for bushcraft and for clearing an area. The weight of 334.5Gr and the life expectancy of the blade make the ESEE-6 a truly reliable tool.

Key Features of Good ESEE 6 knives 

  • Strong as possible: the proof is guaranteed for life
  • Razor-sharp and high quality
  • The design of the handle is perfectly drawn
  • Once in your hands, it’s a blade that you can’t leave

5 Facts to Compare between ESEE 5 and 6 knives

When you want to compare to a set of knives, you obviously need to maintain the facts and features. Below, we are going to bring a cold comparison between these two knives regarding 5 facts that make them unique from each other. Let’s find out more about these facts.

Fact 1 of 5: Measurements

The first thing we need to know about the comparison of the measurements of these two knives.

Measurement of ESEE 5 Knives

Its 6.5 mm thick blade, the whole at 435 g, gives off a feeling of solidity. And intended this knife for all missions. The camp, the survival, the tactics. As much to say to you that you can chain strikes on the fly, and other large works: your ESEE 5 knife should not flinch. You pair it with a razor cut and it almost feels like you’re dealing with the perfect knife.

Measurement of ESEE 6 Knives

A 163 mm blade for 145 cutting edge! It takes you a corner, eh? But it pays cash in terms of weight with 335 g to which you will have to add a 50 g case (even if it’s little brother, the ESEE 5, largely exceeds the fateful bar of 400 g). With such dimensions, the ESEE 6, therefore, stands out as the perfect survival knife for stirring, climbing, and even cutting large sections. All thanks to a very thick blade (4.3 mm) which gives it remarkable strength.

ESEE Knives has understood this perfectly by covering the blade with a powder coating preventing it from suffering too much damage. Pangs of humidity. It will, however, be necessary to remember to wipe your knife well and to grease it with a zest of olive oil when the opportunity arises.

Fact 2 of 5: The Handle

Before buying a knife or any product, you should check for the handle reviews. In this ESEE 5 vs 6 comparisons, I will let you know about the handle of both knives.

The Handle of ESEE 5 Knives

About the handle of the ESEE 5, apart from its measurements, there is still something to note. Its micarta coating, a most judicious choice, gives it an optimal grip. This material, which results from a mixture of textile, paper, and resin, all made under high pressure, and has quite astonishing characteristics: lighter than plastic, it is waterproof and durable. The perfect compromise to prevent the handle from falling apart even before the blade is worn out. It only remains to add a full-tang blade extending beyond the end of the handle – and thus offering a window breaker option – to say that everything has been damn well thought out.

The Handle of ESEE 5 Knives

Another aspect that should not be overlooked: the case of the ESEE 5 knife. Although its material, kydex, is less elegant than tanned leather, it is nonetheless much more resistant to weather variations. In particular to humidity and heat, sometimes leading to the leather cracking or molding.

The Handle of ESEE 6 Knives

As for the handle of the ESEE 6, we also have little wonders to show you. Starting with its micarta coating. Thanks to this material, it will prevent you, is not always optimal climatic conditions, from losing grip in your hand. Not to mention that this material has excellent thermal resistance, is waterproof and, the icing on the cake is considerably lighter than plastic. What more could you ask for a bushcraft knife dedicated to taking in the air 24 hours a day?

It is also the shape of the handle of the ESEE 6 that amazes us. This knife benefits from a high-level grip: between the end of the handle, provided with a curve, and the imprint provided for placing your index finger, your thumb is placed, most naturally in the world, on the back of the blade. Well wedged, your hand does not move more than one iota. Serenity guaranteed!

Fact 3 of 5: Blade Type

Before buying a knife or any product, you should check for blade reviews. In this ESEE 5 vs 6 comparisons, I will let you know about the blade of both knives.

Blade of ESEE 5 Knives

ESEE Knives has a simple philosophy. For the firm, a blade must be reliable. The result: their survival knives, the ESEE 5 in particular, are designed to withstand all bad blows. This also means that if your knife has a design defect, which sometimes happens on mass-produced objects, the brand undertakes to change it for you. Without asking you the slightest question. Simple, efficient, no hassle. It is also a way of saying to the future buyer, to the one who hesitates in the face of plump prices: with such a guarantee, we prove to you that you are paying for quality.

Let’s summarize what this means in concrete terms: if you have a problem with your ESEE 5, ESEE Knives will change it to you without proof of purchase. And this even if you bought your blade at a flea market that it is a second-hand blade.

Blade of ESEE 6 Knives

Buying the ESEE 6 knife, you’ll get a forged blade for the most extreme conditions.

If you are a fan of the history of cutlery, the ESEE-6 is rather one of the last born. A kid since the company that produces it was founded in 1997, barely. But, with well-born blades, the value does not wait for the number of years: the ESEE-6 was designed by the employees of Randall’s Adventure & Training, a school that trains for survival. All in one of the most hostile environments on the planet.

Fact 4 of 5: Important Features

Before buying any kind of knife the most important thing to know the features. Let’s see the comparison of the features of ESEE 5 vs 6 knives.

Comparison Table: Features of ESEE 5 vs 6 knives

Factors ESEE 5 Knives ESEE 6 Knives
Weight 435g 335g
Blade length 132 mm 163 mm
Total length 275 mm 290 mm
Blade thickness 6.5 mm 4.3mm
Blade height 40 mm 39 mm
Steel type 1095 carbon 1095 carbon 
Steel hardness 57 HRC 57 HRC
Handle material micarta micarta

Fact 5 of 5: Price of the Knives

Before buying a knife or any product, you should check for the piece of knife reviews. In this ESEE 5 vs 6 comparison, I will let you know about the piece of both the knives.

Price of ESEE 5 Knives

[amazon box=”B07F2PZX96″ title=” “] [/amazon]

The collection of ESEE 5 Knives designed for both survival and first aid in all types of environments. This full tang knife with a thick fixed blade, designed in stainless steel, offers excellent value for money considering its durability and versatility.

The price range can be $60 to $160 varying by the material and quality.

Price of ESEE 6 Knives

[amazon box=”B015AHB1P0″ title=” “] [/amazon]

The ESEE 6 knife is one of the best survival knives in its range. It goes without saying that for a high-end knife, high-end price. With a blade hardness of 55-57 on the Rockwell scale and in addition a sublime matte black color, it is certain that there are no miracles from a price point of view. You will have to put in more than $ 206 to acquire this knife.

Price range: 206 – 240 USD

When You Should Go For ESEE 5 Knives?

If you are thinking of getting a knife designed for survival then ESEE 5 will be the best choice. To withstand the shock in a heavily degraded situation and without the possibility of assistance.

The knife has a profile similar to certain products from Ontario-Knife, other cutlery firms; which is normal since the designers are the same. The Esee5 is guaranteed for life. It is currently one of the best guarantees of quality.

Types of Users Who Need ESEE 5 Knives

ESEE 5 Knives are for those who really need knives for pruning and splitting. This is a massive survival knife (almost 500gr) particularly comfortable on large sections. The width of its blade of 6mm for a cutting edge length of about 13cm allows the ESEE 5 to withstand without flinching the most violent treatments which are in survival: it will be necessary, in particular, to think of leverage effects as well as the baton age intensive (splitting wood using the blade like quince and hitting it with a wooden “club”).

The powder-based surface coating is present to prevent oxidation of the carbon steel blade. This coating is among one of the most resistant that I have had the opportunity to observe to date.

4 Benefits of A ESEE 5 over ESEE 6 Knives

  • Contrast highlighting the thickness of the blade, the grip area on the back is particularly useful for meticulous work.
  • These knives are designed for heavy survival, not sculpture.
  • It is perfectly capable of carrying out work with the finesse specific to his field of activity (fire-lighting hedgehog, notch, butchering).
  • It’s particularly easy-to-sharpen blade keeps its razor-sharp edge over a long period of time.

Things that Are Not As Good As ESEE 5 Knives

  • A handle a little too massive for small hands
  • Its weight can tire in the long run

Quick Tips

If the original retention level of the case is more than satisfactory due to the locking system, a big negative point remains, especially with the other versions of the ESEE 5 orange, green or yellow models exist.

5 Best ESEE 5 Knives

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When You Should Go For ESEE 6 Knives?

If someone wants an ultra-strong and very functional knife, Esee 6 will be the best option. These knife in the first position in this ranking. This is particularly suitable for forestry, hunting, or work on the camp. Its price is quite high, so it is aimed more at connoisseurs, who will find it really useful.

Types of Users Who Need ESEE 6 Knives

Sometimes we need the best products for our safety. This knife is full tang, so it is shock resistant. It is also so resistant that the manufacturer calls it an unbreakable knife and offers a lifetime warranty.

The handle is designed in Micarta and its shape guarantees an optimal grip. The handle is very resistant and does not fear extreme temperatures, abrasion, shocks, or chemicals. A wrist strap or rope can be passed through the hole at the end of the handle, so you can attach your knife to your wrist or bag to make sure you don’t lose it.

4 Benefits of A ESEE 6 Knives over ESEE 5 Knives

  • The ESEE 6 is an ultra-strong and very functional knife.
  • It is particularly suitable for forestry work, hunting, or work on the camp.
  • This knife was designed by an American brand renowned for the efficiency and safety of its models. 
  • The fixed blade, which can be straight or tooth, is made of steel that is resistant but susceptible to corrosion.

Things that Are Not As Good As ESEE 5 Knives

  • Even if the Zytel case fully fulfills its function, it remains quite dull
  • The price that can put off more than one.

Quick Tips

This knife weighs 320 grams and the plastic case that accompanies it weighs 50 grams (to which you may have to add the weight of a belt clip).

5 Best ESEE 6 Knives

[amazon bestseller=”ESEE 6 knife” template=”bestseller_table”] [/amazon]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about ESEE 5 vs 6 knives

Like every other FAQ section, this part is also here to serve you. In particular, this article is going to help you with all the basic questions that may arise after or before using ESEE 5 vs 6 knives. Let’s find out more!

What is a survival knife?

Initially, the term survival knife referred to the knives with which the military were equipped to help them survive in hostile environments when sent on missions. In the 1980s, survival knives became widely popular following the success of the cult film “Rambo”.

Is this survival knives for all?  

Actually survival knives are essential accessories for survivalists, hikers and trekking enthusiasts, who often find themselves confronted with the difficulties of life outdoors or in survival situations.

Why buy a survival knife?

If you are a survivalist, a fan of trekking, hiking, camping or any outdoor activity, you may find yourself in difficult situations, since, as we well know, nature is unpredictable.

Which is better ESEE 5 vs 6?

Both types are famous for providing high-quality services. From the construction, most of the factors are similar. But ESEE 6 is a little higher in price than ESEE 5.

Parting Words

ESEE 5 vs 6 knives, which one is the best? This question is really tough to answer as both the knives come in different sizes, foldable or fixed blade, they are all designed to be convenient to carry and handle.

Both are strong, resistant to falls and shocks, multifunctional (almost all of them are capable of cutting wood as well as meat and can often even serve as hammers), survival knives will always have a use. So before coming to the conclusion, hold on a second, read this whole article and decide.

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