Cutco Vs. Wusthof Knives: A Comprehensive Comparison

Both Cutco Vs. Wusthof are two renowned knife manufacturing brands and dominating in the industry for a long time. Each of them is suited for a specific purpose. Before choosing a knife such as Cutco Vs. Wusthof, the first thing you want to remember is the purpose of the purchase. Then if you know the key features and specifications properly, you will end up buying a quality knife.

There is a number of little details that I posture to myself while buying a knife. A ton of time you can find what you need at a less expensive rate if you know how to choose.

This is actually a senseless inquiry in the event that you know how to pick a blade set like Cutco Vs. Wusthof. In this article, I will tell you what details to search for while choosing a knife set. I will altogether elaborate on key highlights of a decent knife set in a smooth way.

If you adhere to the directions, you will obviously wind up purchasing a quality knife. On the off chance that you are confounded between Cutco and Wusthof, then you will no more be confused as I made a far-reaching correlation between the two.

What is a Cutco Knife?

Cutco Cutlery and Kitchen Knives are one of the mainstays of the blades deals scene in the U.S. Established in 1949, the organization is presently perhaps the biggest producer and merchants of cutlery in the nation. This organization offers a scope of items that can serve any of your cooking needs from cookware to utensils and knives for a variety of uses.

Cutco really originated from the letters of the expression “Cooking Utensil Company”. Cutco is the greatest creator of kitchen cutlery in the U.S. and Canada.  It uses in excess of thousand laborers at their preparing plant and base camp in New York. 

Cutco knives are offered with forever ensure. It confirms that you will be happy with them or you can get your blades replaced. You do not have to worry over these sharp edges chipping. If they do, you can have them supplanted.

Key Features of A good Cutco Knife: 

  1. Proper hardness values of the materials.
  2. High carbon stainless steel.
  3. Wooden handles.
  4. Do not require regular sharpening.

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What is a Wusthof Knife?

This German brand has made a novel arrangement of blades that are regularly well over the others. Wusthof cutlery is made in the German way ensuring exact, attractive, and enduring. Wusthof is one of the most presumed knife-producing organizations on the planet.

This is an association that has exhibited the pride of its name for over two centuries. This is a family fastened business that maintains the creation of incredible blades. It is basically known as the best maker of Western-style sharp knives. The Germany based association is located in the city of Solingen. Solingen city is generally known for delightfully planned knives for generations after generations. 

Considering Cutco Vs. Wusthof, German steel has acclaimed for being really remarkable in the matter of delivering quality kitchen utensils. Wusthof fills in as the most significant level for making edges that are planned to stand a long time. It will in general be hard to turn out to be an awful buy. They furthermore put challenges on the clients by offering lifetime guarantees. 

Key Features of A Good Wusthof Knife:

  1. Mix blend of steel.
  2. Variety of handles.
  3. Hundreds of looks.
  4. Rust prevention technology.
  5. Fits perfectly in your wrist.
  6. Lasts for life time.

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Factors & Specifications to Compare Cutco Vs. Wusthof Knives

There are some facts you should take into account to establish a line between these two amazing knives. Also, chefs talking from all over the world got emphasize in our comparison. Let’s not wait here anymore, just hop right into it!

Construction Procedure:

Cutco knives are produced in America through a cycle called laser cutting. Stamped blades are produced by laser cutting the steel from a huge sheet of treated steel. When cut, they are heat-treated, polished, cleaned, and treated for corrosion prevention. Their handles are formed from built thermo pitch and are joined to the cutting edge by nickel silver bolts. The total blade then shines all over. Profoundly talented experts hone the edge to an ideal 30-degree point. Every blade is reviewed and should pass about 25 quality guidelines before it is delivered off. The entirety of Cutco’s knives is stamped but Wusthof makes both forged and stamped.

Cutco Vs. Wusthof
FeaturesWusthof knifeCutco knife
ConstructionBoth forged and stamped knives, 40 refining cycles, hand polishing. Only forged kinves, 25 refining cycles, hand crafting. 

A large portion of Wusthof blades is produced from a solitary bit of high carbon tempered steel that is heat-treated and shaped into a thick and tough cutting edge. This 40 advance cycle which Wusthof has refined throughout the most recent 200 years includes cautious coordination between more than 300 talented specialists. During the way toward making a fashioned knife, atoms in the steel are compacted making the sharp edge more grounded and sturdier. Produced blades will in general be thick, hefty, and clutch their edges for quite a while.

Steel Quality:

Most of the kitchen blades loved by the professionals are made with high carbon yield steel. As you would figure from the name, this material is an endeavor to combine the best focal points of plain carbon steel with those of treated steel. The viability of producers’ high carbon equations is still in question. Some depend on them while others state they are simply expensive products. These high carbon impeccable alternatives are turning out to be increasingly more typical among proficient brands, so the choice is developing quickly. Most of the knives manufactured by Cutco and Wusthof are of almost similar body materials.

FeatureWusthof knifeCutco knife
SteelHigh quality mix blends steel. High carbon stainless steel. 

Blade Angle:

This is a point that individuals tend not to consider but various blades have different bleeding edges. The edge not just influences your cutting experience but it additionally chooses the way and what honing gadgets you can utilize when your knives become dull.

FeaturesWusthof knifeCutco knife
Single edge angle7-15 degree8 to 14 degree 

The honing point or slant edge is the edge at which the edge is set when contrasted with the vertical. Normally, when we state the blade has a 20-degree edge, we generally mean a 20-degree edge on each side of that knife-like “V”. The blade angle of about 25 degrees is considered standard for kitchen works.

Handle Specifications:

Cutco blade handles are agreeable but they just offer one style. Wusthof offers seven diverse handle structures in both inorganic materials and normal woods. The entirety of Cutco’s handles is made out of a designed material called Thermo Resin and the material of Wusthof’s handles fluctuates by styles. Most are made out of an engineered material that is fundamentally the same as thermo sap called Poly-oxy-methylene.

Cutco blade handles
FeaturesWusthof knifeCutco knife
HandleWood and plasticOnly wood. 


Cutco has been doing business for right around 70 years and makes their blades in the United States. Wusthof has been doing business for a long time and makes their blades in Solingen, Germany.

Because of their assembling cycle, Wusthof manufactured blades are sturdier and hold their edge longer than Cutco’s stepped blades. Still, high valued reviewers claimed to use Cutco knives for 20 years without any issues.

Weight & Balance:

This may seem like an odd thing but the weight and balance of a blade can be a major function. Generally, the general load of the blade is not the issue, however it’s acceptable to get your hands on it and perceive how agreeable it feels.

More basic is the circulation of weight. An enormous kitchen blade should see its focal point of mass right about at the support where the edge meets the handle. An excess of weight in the handle or the edge will make your cutting movement less flexible and put pressure on your wrist when you use it for bulk works.

Price and Warranty:

When it comes to price, both Wusthof and Cutco provide knives at almost similar prices. Wusthof provides a defect-free guarantee and proper customer satisfaction. On the other hand, Cutco gives money back guarantee and lifetime guarantee.

FeatureWusthof knifeCutco knife
Price20$ to 2000$25$ to 2000$
WarrantyLife time Life time

When You Should Go For Cutco knives?

Cutco serves customers who are looking for high bore and generous kitchen knives made in the USA. Their blades may not be under budget but they are produced to prop up for eternity. You do not have to be stressed over consistently with Cutco sharp edges. There is no chance of rust in Cutco blades as the cutting part is produced using high carbon treated steel and the handle is of great plastic.

Types of Users Who Need Cutco Knives: 

  1. Beginner users.
  2. Professional chefs.
  3. People who want decorated kitchen. 
  4. Home applications. 

Benefits of A Cutco knife over a Wusthof Knife:

  1. If you are searching for an item that is solid with insignificant upkeep, it merits attempting Cutco blades. The delicate cutting edges are changed into hard sharp edges by a lofty warming cycle. It makes them adjusted, adaptable and sharp expanding their protection from rust and stains. 
  2. The sharp edges are simpler to clean with their smooth structure. 
  3. Cutco Knives can be utilized by everyone since the handle is ergonomic and made with thermo-pitch. This augments the grasp which makes space for your fingers and fits any sort of hand. 
  4. The handle is bolted with nickel silver composite which builds the perfection for taking care and cutting experience. 
  5. The smooth completion and combination bolts make these blades the absolute most stylishly engaging.

Things That Are Not As Good As Wusthof Knife:

  1. They are simpler to discover in the U.S. than in any other country. 
  2. A few clients have expressed that the cost for these blades is marginally higher.
  3. Only wooden handles. 

Quick Tips:

The company provides a proper user manual, it is better to follow the guidelines properly. And keep your knives clean after use. 

When You Should Go For Wusthof knives?

Wusthof blades can withstand the pressure of customary cooking. They are sharp but ought to be honed and sharpened sometimes. Blades have some weight to them and feel solid in your grip. On the off chance that you need to have a classy look that fits well with any kitchen plan, Wusthof is the most ideal decision for you.

Types of Users Who Need Wusthof Knives:

  1. Bulk working users.
  2. Users who want nice grip.
  3. Perfect for business activities. 
  4. Suitable for proper meat arrangement. 

Benefits of a Wusthof Knife Over a Cutco Knife:

Cutco Vs. Wusthof
  1. The sharp edge is extraordinarily smooth and cautiously ground. Because of this structure, there are no sharp edges that could press into your thumb and make an accident. 
  2. The blade is completely adjusted by the support which is the center area that interfaces the handle to the sharp edge. 
  3. The bolts on the handle are hardened steel which is traditionally solid and guarantees that the blade will last more. 
  4. Because of the PEtech innovation, the bleeding edge takes into account a magnificent cutting encounter.

Things that Are Not As Good As Cutco knife:

  1. Feels heavy weight sometimes.
  2. Do not provide money back guarantee. 
  3. Some knives are very expensive. 

Quick tips

If you want your knife for bulk works within a reasonable price, Wusthof is the best choice for you. Moreover, the knife does not require regular sharpening. The handles provide a good grip on your wrist which helps to work comfortably. It is better to follow the user manual before start using the knife set.  

FAQs of Cutco Vs. Wusthof

Well, these are the most asked questions all over the country regarding this matter. And, our expert team tried their level best to solve that problem with well research answers based on a real-life situation. You might be wondering what’s this all about! Wait no more! Dive deep into it, and find all the necessary information and answers.

What Can the Perfect Knife for a Beginner Chef?

For cooking purposes, the length of the kitchen blade is suitable between 6 to 12 inches. You will find that blade of 8 inches is the most widely recognized and typically utilized by most professionals. The standard 8-inch kitchen blade permits proficient and amateur to slice through any cooking fixings with no issue. So the eight-inch kitchen knife set ought to be the most ideal decision.

Where Should I Keep My Knife?

You can keep a cabinet in your kitchen to store the knives. Besides, various companies make squares, attractive strips, and sheaths to keep and decorate your kitchen. 

How Do I Ensure Quality Lock Mechanism?

Answer: On the off chance that you have to go with a collapsing strategic blade. At that point, the locking system turns into a major concern. There is actually nothing as a decent strategic lock up. Regardless of how well it is made, the moving aspect of your blade will be its most fragile point and it is actually the part that shields the edge from the hammering shut on your fingers.
The beneficial thing is each organization is continually drawing up new structures for blade lock ups and those plans are generally making the blades more secure. It used to be you just had three alternatives: a liner lock, a casing lock and a back lock. Presently the choices are somewhat more muddled. Other than the quality of the lock, you have to consider where the delivery for the lock is according to your hand when you have a full firm grasp on the handle.

What Is the Difference Between Forged and Stamped Knives?

A stamped blade is made of a solitary bar of steel which is warmed and afterward beat into shape by machine. In forged knives, the steel is cut out from a huge sheet of steel and sharpened and heat-treated for toughness.
A stamped blade is ordinarily heavier by a few ounces than a stepped blade. The way toward making a forged blade is typically more costly and time-consuming than making a stamped knife. 

The Final Verdict

If you want me to choose between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, it is not possible to choose one. The same is the case for Cutco Vs. Wusthof. Picking the best kitchen blades can be somewhat precarious and we suggest you stay with settled brands for ensured quality. You do not generally need to spend largely in most cases. The upgrades are negligible in each series. All things considered, do not stop for a second to put resources into a quality blade when you discover one as it can serve you for quite a long time.

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