Cutco Knife Reviews: an in-depth View at the Master of Culinary Tools

As an experienced chef and a full-time homemaker, cutlery tools have a special place in both my kitchen and my heart. It needs to be the best; otherwise, every day and every kitchen task would be a hell lot of frustration!

Especially when it’s about kitchen knives, you cannot take even the slightest chance of having a cheap quality tool. Ask me about the frustration of not being able to cut through celery! Yes, there are ample brands out there offering kitchen knives that are all up to standards. But, I’ve seen most of my close friends and kins settling for Cutco knife rather than others.

There have to be strong points on why Cutco is a favorite to all. Don’t you think the same? Of course, you do! That’s why you are here.

So, with no more delay, let’s dig straight into all the information you need to get on Cutco knives with our Cutco knife reviews. It’ll only be a few minutes, which will prove to be of great help, maybe, for the rest of your lives! Don’t let hours of research go into the empty pit.

A Little About the Cutco Knives

There can’t be a better option for perfect cuts and slices of your delicious meals than Cutco. And the brand has undoubtedly proven its worth with several products, all of them excel in their work. The wide variety of collection includes knives for specific occasions and whole sets of cutlery for carrying out all basic kitchen tasks.

Cutco has proved its excellence both in domestic and professional use. Yes, even professional chefs of renowned places are in love with Cutco knives! Don’t you wonder what sets them apart and above a lot of similar culinary tools out there? Well, let’s have an in-depth look at that.

Best Cutco Knives Product Reviews for 2020

There’s no doubt that Cutco tries its best to manufacture all the different culinary tools for individual purposes. Out of that, why not have a look at the best ones for all chefs and homemakers out there. 

Cutco Santoku Knife Review

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The santoku knife is a classic in our book. We couldn’t but include it at the top of our list. With its ultra-straight blade edge and perfectly balanced design, make it compete with any similar cutlery out there, and it will turn out as the winner, no doubt! 

Key Features 

  • 440 High-carbon stainless steel makes it durable, rust-resistant, and of course, corrosion-resistant.
  • Ergonomic thermo-resin handle that’s comfortable enough to hold yet not one of that flimsy plastic stuff
  • Universal design to fit the needs of all
  • The well-construction can be perceived from the full-tang length and nickel-silver alloy high-end triple rivets.
  • And of course, not to forget the incredible Cutco forever guarantee!

An Overview of the Cutco Santoku Knife:

If you are a professional chef, you need some dedicated assistance for everyday catering. And there can’t be a better alternative than the Cutco Santoku knife.

Not only is the blade sharp enough to cut through even the most stubborn piece of pork rib, but also the sharpness stays longer than ever! And with the ergonomic handle design, say goodbye to your hand strains or blisters forever.


  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Smooth cuts
  • Strong built
  • Durable and ergonomic handle construction 
  • The handle attaches firmly with the blade.


  • Bit pricey

Cutco 7-5/8″ Chef’s Knife Review

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The universal Cutco chefs knife will become your favorite culinary tool once you get your hands on it. The features will tell you more. 

Key Features:

  • 7-5/8″ Razor-sharp straight edge blade for fine slicing
  • The full-length blade extension to the handle adds to balance and strength.
  • Ergonomic handle with forefinger lock that makes the handling even more accessible.
  • A universal fit for every chef!
  • Like all the other incredible cutlery, the Chefs knife comes with a forever guarantee.

An Overview on the Cutco Chefs Knife:

If handling the bigger knives seems like a problem to you, this petite chef’s knife is here to the rescue.

Without a compromise in quality, this classic comes with the sharpest blade, comfortable grip, fatigue-resistant design, and safety features. There’s nothing you won’t love about this knife. Ask any chef, and this is the one cutlery tool they can’t possibly live without it!


  • Durable and strong
  • Offers ultimate control
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to maintain and sharpen at home
  • Say goodbye to hand strains!


  • The design doesn’t include a dedicated bolster.

Cutco Cheese Knife Review

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I cannot think of the perfect sandwich without a tasty slice of cheese on it. And boy the Micro-D serrated edge combined with high-quality stainless steel, the Cutco chefs knife has a long way to go!

Key Features 

  • Precise construction brings accuracy in every slice.
  • The Micro-D serrated edge cuts through both soft and hard cheese.
  • 5.5″ Stainless steel blade to last through the decades.
  • An elegant design to suit your sophisticated kitchen
  • Cutco lifetime warranty to top it off!

An Overview of the Cutco Traditional Cheese Knife:

May it is soft tomatoes or a chunk of cheese, the Santoku knife will slice through any ingredient as if it was butter!

The high-quality blade is not only sharp like sharks’ teeth but also non-sticky so that the cheese slice you cut is put nicely on your sandwich, unlike other knives that keep half the piece to itself.

 After looking at all those Cutco customer reviews, there’s no doubt that Cutco is doing it right with this knife!


  • Precise cutting
  • Versatile application
  • Long-lasting
  • Eye-catching design


  • The gift box that comes with the product is of low-quality.

Cutco Gut Hook Hunting Knife Review

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Love hunting and have been looking for the perfect hunting and skinning? Well, then the Cutco Gut hook hunting knife is a must to add to your shopping list!

Key Features

  • 4-3/8″ Stainless steel 440A high-carbon blade to make hunting easy for generations.
  • Kraton handles with sure-grip for ultimate control and absolutely no slipping.
  • Included leather sheath to keep the quality intact
  • Of course, not neglected from Cutco’s forever guarantee
  • Double-D serrated edge to satisfy your requirements

An Overview on the Cutco Gut Hook Hunting Knife:

You won’t find a better hunting knife in the market for an effortless field dressing or precision skinning.

The sure-grip elastomer handle, high-carbon steel with superior edge retention, and full-length tang combine to make up for a flawless hunting knife. Even the Cutco knives Costco reviews don’t say differently.

So, what’s your thought after the Cutco hunting knife reviews?


  • Stays sharp for long
  • Full-length tang for added support
  • Comfortable grip
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Offers maximum control


  • Pricey

Cutco Homemaker Knife Set Review

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Cutting, chopping, and slicing are an indispensable part of everyday cooking, and you can’t do without the perfect tools. So, the Cutco homemaker knife set looks like an ideal package for all your kitchen needs.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel blades that are seemingly rusted and corrosion resistant 
  • Professionally engineered thermo-resin handle that is above cracks or chipping
  • Versatile collection to fit your needs from the kitchen to the dining
  • Classic brown handles and the overall outlook for your vintage kitchen
  • Cutco’s incredible forever guarantee to finish it off!
  • An overview of the Cutco homemaker knife set:

Cutco has been serving as the top brand for superior quality cutlery for over 60 years now. And no matter what tools they manufacture, they make sure it’s the best.

Incredibly sharp edges with quality built and comfortable handles for each different cutlery! Try giving it to your wife or a friend and seeing how they jump high in the sky out of joy!


  • Quality tools
  • Versatile set
  • Easy to use


  • Pricey

Facts about Cutco Knives

Hey, let me tell you something that most people don’t even know about Cutco. Unlike other top brands in the market, Cutco has achieved its success with rather hard work, efforts, and quality than just flashy advertisements you would see all the time!

If you have stayed till now, you should wait for the better part of the Cutco cookware review that’s about to come – All the exciting facts and information you need to know about Cutco!


Cutco Knife

It’s almost been 70 years of cutlery business for Cutco. And this I can say with full-confidence as their regular customer for years that with every passing day, they have improvized their technology and products!

So, the question is, are the Cutco knives long-lasting? Let me clear it up with suitable examples. There are Cutco users who have been passing on their Cutco cutlery tools from generation to generation as if it were their legacy! And when I say this, trust me, I’m not exaggerating. You’ll be more sure of it if you keep reading.

Durable Blades

cutlery business for Cutco

Cutco blades are one of the main reasons why they excel in all cutting tasks. Well, with high-carbon stainless steel, there’s not much of an option than instead being a master in cutting!

Cutco mainly offers three different style blades- straight edge, santoku, and double-D edge.


With a straight cutting edge with a curved back spine, the Santoku blades come with a somewhat more practical and sharp tip, and smooth cutting overall.  

Straight Edge:

The straight edge knives are sharpened at a 15-degree angle, offering more strength and balance and the convenience of even pointing at home.

Double-d Edge:

Offers extensive balance, versatility, and firmness; the sharp double-D edges come with the unique benefit of cutting at any angle!

Apart from the efficient blade types, what else do Cutco blades offer that makes them stand out as a favorite to all the users? These professionally-crafted blade edges stay sharper for a long. The knives that require honing are often headaches. If you are a Cutco user, you are free from that. Phew!

Cutco Knife

If you don’t have to sharpen the knives so frequently, that means the blade will not become thin untimely, and absolutely no risks of wearing out.

And another advantage you won’t enjoy from other brands is that even when the knives go blunt after years of usage, you can send it for free sharpening. How cool is that!

Handle Design and Comfort

The handle design of Cutco knives is relatively straightforward but marks its superiority in comfortable handling and strong built. Cutco knives mainly offer a single knife handle type.

They come with thermo-resin handles with triple rivets that bond the blade and handle efficiently. Unlike typical knives, you won’t face the risk of blades loosening after a few years of use.

With the ergonomic design and forefinger grip, the handles also offer ultimate control and satisfaction in the hold. Yes, you can use it for hours without feeling numbness or having hand strains.

And of course, let’s not forget the full-tang that offers ultimate balance no matter the purpose of using the knives. A hefty chunk of meat, soft cheese, or whole cracking celery, your Cutco knives will handle all like a pro!

Aesthetically Pleasing Design:

Style combined with efficiency is indeed a potent and dangerous combo. Their precise attention to detail in both looks and quality has them standing where they stand today.

If you still don’t have a set of Cutco knives, bring one and see how all your friends ask you about them. Just imagine the strikingly designed sophisticated blades at your hand while you prep a delicious meal. Master the culinary skills with style!

Cutco’s Manufacturing Process:

So, here’s the exciting part. What manufacturing process do Cutco knives go through that make them perfect for professional use?

They go through the process of laser cutting, stamping. A massive stainless steel piece is cut to smaller blades, treated with heat, ground, buffed, cleaned, and finally given a protective coating to finish it off.

Next, to move on to the handles, they are made from the-resin and bonded to the blade with quality nickel-silver alloy rivets. Then the whole knife goes through some sanding that brings the shiny and elegant looks. And of course, not to forget how the efficiently skilled craftsmen sharpen the blade edges to perfect 15 degrees from both sides.

Quite a journey, huh? But all combine to make up for the finest cutlery products for your kitchen.

Cutco’s Irrefutable Warranty

Trust me, there’s no other brand in the market that offers comprehensive and convenient technical support. Although there’s no question about the durability of the knives, yet with time damages are inevitable.

But Cutco offers a lifetime guarantee for replacement of the whole product or damaged parts free of cost! Yes, if you have not yet used a Cutco knife, then know that they do not show any stinginess in offering the best service and support.

It’s not a myth, folks! I’ve even seen times when the knife faces damage due to user faults, but even then, Cutco replaces the blades happily! So, even though you’ve had to pay a little extra, isn’t the excellent service not worth it? I would have a hundred times worth it!

Cutco Vs. Wusthof

Cutco Vs. Wusthof

Wusthof is a rival of the superior Cutco quality. Being in the cutlery business for 200 years, Wusthof surely knows how to make its way to the top. For a  righteous face-off, let’s look at a brief comparison between Cutco and Wusthof. Come on!

FactorsCutco knivesWusthof knives
Sharpness30-degree angle28-degree angle
Manufacturing processStamping processForging and stamping
Handle designThermo-resin ergonomic handle for all knife typesDifferent material and style for different knives
Bolster No bolsterDedicated thick bolster
WarrantyForever guaranteeGuarantees defect-free products

Cutco Cutlery Reviews by Customers

Looking through the customer reviews for Cutco products, I can say that most of them are satisfied with the Cutco knives price list in exchange for the ultimate cutting master. However, some claim that they are a bit overpriced, which I don’t disagree with totally. Yes, they are comparatively more pricey than similar knives. But if you could have a knife set to pass on to generations, wouldn’t you consider them worth the high-price you are paying for them?

I have a few Cutco knives, and they excel in performance in every way. I have absolutely no complaints about them. However, even the finest steel can indeed rust if you don’t take care of it properly. So, my advice – look after your cutlery, and they will look after your needs!

Are They Worth the Value?

It is a wonder that goes through most people’s heads when they think of Cutco knives. Now, considering all the multidimensional benefits, I would be 100% ready to put up my money for these knives! You can also take a quick look at the Cutco knives website to know more about them.

Guaranteed Advantages of Cutco Knives

  • The high-carbon stainless steel blades with razor-sharp edges make cutting easy as it has never been!
  • Thermo-resin ergonomic handles with triple rivets ensure quality with comfort.
  • They are lighter in weight than similar kitchen knives.
  • They ensure safety with a nonslip forefinger grip.
  • And the incomparable forever guarantee is only a dream that just came true!

Not to Forget the Few Drawbacks.

  • They are not very available in different regions.
  • You would also have to send them to the company for the reshaping rather than just resharpening at home.

Quick Tips:

  • Cutco knives claim to be dishwasher safe, but they are knives after all. I wouldn’t bring any harm to the sharp edges only for the cleaning. How tough can hand-cleaning a knife be?
  • Always store your precious tools properly.

Faqs of Cutco Knife Reviews

You might be wondering with some basic confusion about Cutco knife, trying to find out the solution. Say your worries a goodbye, this FAQ section is just for you. This section is going to answer about the cutco type and its manufacturer and many more. let’s go deep into it to find out all the basic information.

What Kind of Steel Does Cutco Use in Their Knives?

High carbon stainless steel

Are Cutco Knives Any Good?

With strong blades, less need for re-sharpening, comfortable handling and, easy cleaning, you are in for luck!

Where Are Cutco Knives Manufactured?

It manufactures in the USA, with headquarters and factories in New York.

Are Cutco Knives Worth It?

With a knife that can last for as long as you do, you can answer this question yourself.

Is Cutco Knives a Pyramid Scheme?

No, it’s instead a ‘direct sales’ model.

Are Cutco Knives Better Than Henckels?

Consider the less re-sharpening and forever guarantee, for me. Indeed, Cutco wins the battle.

Which Cutco Knife Should I Buy?

For versatile applications for kitchen use, the Chefs knife seems like a pretty choice. However, you can decide depending on your needs.

Bottom Line: 

If you are looking for a full range of kitchen knives that you can use for a long time, then you better take a close look at the Cutco knives. Even the Cutco knives reviews consumer reports say the same. With their quality and performance, I’m sure you won’t even think of a second option once you get them in your hands.

Hence, if you don’t yet have the budget for Cutco, you can wait a while to master Cutco knives’ culinary skills. Yes, your needs can wait but settle for an alternative is not the wisest decision; trust me!

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