Cangshan Vs Wusthof: Which One Is A Better Kitchen Knife?

Are you finding it hard to choose between Cangshan and Wusthof when you go shopping for kitchen knives? Worry no more for this Cangshan Vs Wusthof kitchen knife review got you sorted. In the year 2015, Cangshan Company launched Cangshan kitchen knives. Due to their functional design and elegance, the blades have already won several awards, including Red Dot Awards.

On the other hand, you got a family-owned Wusthof Company that produces a proven kitchen knives brand. Wusthof knife has been in the market for a long while. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the best kitchen knives.

Cangshan Vs Wusthof Knife: What and Why

In this Cangshan Vs Wusthof knife review, I detail how these kitchen knives are different in terms of sharpness, materials, design, construction process, and much more.

What is a Cangshan Kitchen Knife?

Cangshan knife is a kitchen knife made in YangJing, China. It is made in the Japanese style and has very sharp edges that can cut sixteen degrees of angles on all sides.

Key Features of a Good Cangshan Kitchen Knife

  • The blade material contains high alloy Japanese steel.
  • The handle material is wood, metal, or plastic.
  • Knife design is an eastern or western hybrid.
  • The weight of an eight-inch chef’s is 8.1 ounces.
  • All collections can cut at an angle of sixteen degrees on all sides.
  • Blade hardness ranges from 56 to 62.

What is a Wusthof kitchen Knife?

Wusthof knife is a pointed, fourteen-angle degree, western-style knife that originates from German. It was founded in the year 1814 in Solingen, German.

Key Features of A Good Wusthof Kitchen Knife

Before investing in the Wusthof kitchen knife, you should consider the following key features that make the blade outstanding.

  • The blade material is made of German stainless steel.
  • Its handle material is either synthetic or wood.
  • It has a triple-riveted handle that has a full tang and a bolster.
  • The weight of an eight-inch chef’s knife is 8.5 ounces.
  • All collections of the knife can cut a fourteen degrees angle at all sides.
  • The blade’s hardness is of a range of fifty-eight.

Knife Collections

Wusthof kitchen knife comes in eight different collections. Some of the most popular ones include the following:

Wusthof Classic

It contains an exposed full tang and triple rivet handles, which is made in the German style. They’re easy to use since they offer an excellent balance for both professional and home chefs. You will find the right knife for every task in the kitchen because there are seventy blade shapes.

Wusthof Ikon

The Ikon line uses the same steel as Classic, and thus they’re similar. The only difference between the two is the design. Wusthof Ikon has an ergonomic shape and is made from Grenadilla wood. This design provides a more comfortable experience to the cooks and thus being Wusthof’s most expensive collection.

Wusthof Grand Prix II

This collection uses the same handle as the Classic collection and the same blade materials as the previous collections. Therefore, it is a hybrid collection, and its handle is similar to that of Ikon. Thus, these features make it a durable, practical, convenient, and safe dishwasher.

On the other hand, Cangshan knives come in twenty-five different collections. The best thing is that you’re provided with several options to select. The most famous lines include the following:

Cangshan Y2:

This collection of knives consists of an ergonomic handle and a sliced edge. This design makes them comfortable, durable, and thus provides a smooth experience. Besides, these blades are stain-resistant because they’re made with high alloy German steel.

Cangshan S1:

It is a collection made of a two-piece carving set. The priority of this collection is minimalism and aesthetics. It looks beautiful in any kitchen due to its sleek white design. Their comfortable grip and ergonomic handle also make them practical. The brand material is the same as that of Y2.


Cangshan N1: 

This collection contains well-balanced knives that are designed for energetic use. For the group to be attractive and durable, it uses an all-metal design and high alloy German steel. Their handle is hollow, making them comfortable and the same time unique.


Cangshan Thomas Keller Signature Collection: 

This award-winning collection is a result of teamwork from different developers. Each knife is anti-corrosive, durable, delicately grained, and bogus from Swedish Damasteel powdered steel.

So you can view all these convenient, safe, and durable collections on Amazon.

4 Facts to Compare Between Cangshan and Wusthof Knives

If you want to make a comparison between two amazing knife sets, then you should consider their unique features and usability. On that basis, this section is also trying to bring to cold comparison with 4 facts that’s going to draw a cold line in between these product.

Fact 1: Sharpness

To determine the sharpness of a knife, you measure the degrees per side. If the number of degrees is low, it indicates that the blade is very sharp and vice versa.

Sub-factor one: Number of Degrees Per Side.

Wusthof knives are considered to be sharp due to their low number of degrees. They’re compassionate because their number of degrees per side is fourteen. Their number of degrees makes them very sensitive and tough enough to slice through root vegetables and meat. Also, it’s designed for all purposes in the kitchen.

Cangshan Vs Wusthof

On the other hand, Cangshan knives are sharpened to sixteen degrees on all sides. For the edges of their blades to stay sharp, the company team took quality time to research and developed their heat treatment. It took them two good years to do so.

Sub Factor Two: Initial Cutting Performance (ICP)

The actual value of the Wusthof knife performance is not mentioned. However, Wusthof claims that their Initial Cutting Performance of their knives is significantly high. During a Global test, Wusthof’s score was excellent, considering the rating system, which encourages anything above one hundred and ten. They scored one hundred and four.

On the contrary, Cangshan knives, Initial Cutting Performance score is outstanding. In a test, the Cangshan blades attained one hundred and fifty-one in terms of ICP score. It meant that they’re slightly sharper than Wusthof’s ICP.   

In summary, the two brands emphasize their edge retention and sharpness. Both brands offer durable, sharp knives, although the edge angles are slightly different.

Comparison Table: Cangshan Vs Wusthof Knife Sharpness

SharpnessCangshan knifeWusthof knife

  Number of degrees per side
16-degrees angle per side.14-degrees angle per side.
Initial Cutting Performance  It is outstanding.It is significantly high.

Factor 2: Design 

As far as design is concerned, both Wusthof and Cangshan knives got different appearances and knife collections.

Sub Factor One: General Appearances

Classic collection highlights the traditional German appearance of Wusthof knives. These knives have special features such as triple rivets, a full bolster, and an exposed full tang. They have a straight edge polyoxymethylene handle, which is comfortable, robust, and durable.

Cangshan Vs Wusthof

Nevertheless, Cangshan knives have a patent-pending handle. Also, they believe in aesthetics as much as their knife performance. Cangshan provides triple-riveted blades with an exposed full tang similar to that of Wusthof.

Sub Factor Two: Knife Collections

Wusthof offers eight knife collections. When you are looking for an ergonomic handle, Classic or Ikon supplies got you covered. Lengthy meal preparations are made successful by the use of two types of collection. Their knife handles are gradually curved that comfortably fit in your hands hence having an easy time.

Nonetheless, Cangshan offers twenty-five different knife collections. Therefore, you’re provided with multiple choices to select. For comfort, optimal balance, and aesthetics to be achieved, the N1 series use a hollow steel handle. Also, Cangshan Thomas Keller’s collection is well balanced, sturdy, and thus precise.

Comparison Table: Cangshan Vs Wusthof Knife Design

Design Cangshan knifeWusthof knife
Handle appearancePatent-pending handleHollow steel handle
Ergonomic handle.Gradually curved handle
Knife collectionsHas twenty five collectionsHas eight knife collections

Factor 3: Materials

The material of the knife is one of the vital factors to consider when you go shopping. It would help if you viewed a comfortable kitchen knife since it will be your partner through your cooking.

Sub Factor One: Type of Material

The entire Wusthof knife is made of high carbon steel, which is stain resistant. Every blade is fixed with an intricate steel formula known as X50CRMOV15. The steel is made of components such as:

Wusthof knife is made of high carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • 15% chromium to promote stain resistance
  • Molybdenum also for stain resistance
  • 0.5% carbon to promote sharpness
  • Vanadium for blade hardness and edge retention

Nonetheless, Cangshan knives are made of quality materials. These materials contain a high alloy of Swedish Sandvik ® 12C27, German steel, Japanese steel, or 14C28N sheets of steel.

Sub Factor Two: Handle Appearances

The type of collection determines the handle appearance. For instance, both Ikon and Epicure have wooden handles. On the other hand, Grand Prix II and Classic collections have synthetic handles. These synthetic materials are very advantageous. Some of the advantages include:

  • They improve a tight molecular structure for extra durability.
  • They help the knife to avoid fading.
  • They help the knife to tolerate moisture and heat.

When it comes to Cangshan knives, their handles are made of both wood and synthetic materials. Some of the wood handles are crafted from is Teak, Ashwood, Acacia, and Walnut.

Comparison Table: Cangshan Vs Wusthof Knife

  MaterialsCangshan knife  Wusthof knife
Type of the materialMade from a high alloy of German steel, Japanese steel, or Swedish Sandvik® 12C27.
It is made of high carbon steel.15% chromiumMolybdenum0.5% carbonVanadium
  Handle appearancesBoth handles are Synthetic and woodenSynthetic or wooden handles. 


Factor 4: Construction

 When it comes to construction, the two brands undergo a detailed process to attain the desired shape and quality. Let’s have a quick check of how this happens.

Sub Factor One: Construction Process

When it comes to quality, all Wusthof knives undergo forty step process. This process comprises of:

  • Precision forging blades into the desired shape.
  • Use of a mixture of robots qualified artisans and lasers to sharpen the edge.
  • Multiple inspections to make sure that the desired quality is achieved.

However, the construction process of Cangshan knives is full of dedication from the craftsmen. It includes precise six-stage heat treatments that took the craftsmen two years to research and development. This dedication ensures that quality is attained at its best.

Cangshan Vs Wusthof

Sub Factor Two: Type of Knife

The two brands of knives are either forged or stamped. Cangshan collections provide a range of stamped and forged knives. The blades that are stamped fall under the category of W series, TG series, and P2 series. The rest of the knife collections are forged.

On the contrary, all Wusthof collections are forged with the exception of Gourmet collection. Stamped knives are laser-cut from a steel sheet while the forged knives are heated and pounded into shape from a steel bar.

Comparison Table: Cangshan Vs Wusthof Knife

ConstructionCangshan knifeWusthof knife
Construction processIt consists of six precise stage processIt consists of forty step process
  Type of knifeMost of the blades are forgedThe knives are either forged or stamped

Why Should You Go for Cangshan Knives or Wusthof?

Before you spend your hard-earned money on Cangshan or Wusthof knives, it is essential to check on the Pros and Cons of such knives.

Cangshan Pros Include The Following:

  • You’re guaranteed a lifetime warranty.
  • Cangshan offers twenty-five unique collections.
  • There is a mixture of pocket-friendly and premium options.
  • Made in China, thus more affordable.
  • When it comes to material and design, they provide more opportunities.

Cangshan Cons Are As Follows:

  • They’ve only been in the business for five years.
  • Some of their collections are limited to only a handful of knives and sets.
  • Cangshan warns against vigorous use on their more rigid knives, as they’re more likely to break or chip

5 Best Cangshan Knives

Quick Tips

  1. Affordable
  2. Durable
  3. Twenty five different collections
  4. Made in Yang Jing, China.

Wusthof Pros Include:

  • Lifetime warranty included.
  • Sharp and durable blades.
  • All the knives have a full tang.
  • Traditional German crafting techniques.
  • Most collections are forged.
  • Family-owned for over 200 years.
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant steel blend.

Wusthof Cons Are As Follows:

  • All collections are expensive.
  • There is no much distinction between different collections. They all use the same steel, hardness, and edge sharpness.
  • Fewer collections than Cangshan.
Cangshan knives

Quick Tips

  1.  Durable
  2.  Family owned for over 20 years
  3.  Certified quality
  4.  Made in German
  5. Consists of eight collections

Frequently Asked Questions About Cangshan Vs Wusthof

This FAQ section is going to answer some of the most asked questions over the internet. As because they are most asked, they must be answered with proper research. And our expert team puts their best effort into this. SO, wait no more! It’s the perfect time to dive deep into it!

Does the Wusthof Knife Have A Proven Tradition?

yes, it is has proven practice.

Are the two Brands Comfortable, Durable, And of Quality?

Yes, their quality is certified, comfortable, and their durability is guaranteed.

Where Can You Buy These Two Knife Brands?

These two knife brands can only be found on Amazon’s official website.

Which Is The Best Brand Between The Two?

Whether you choose Cangshan or Wusthof knife, you will get the best quality ever.

Final Verdict

Should you buy Cangshan or Wusthof knives? The truth is that you can’t go wrong either when choosing between the two brands. It is because the two brands are excellent and of good quality. The twenty-five different collections of Cangshan knives provide lots of quality choices, and most of them are pocket friendly.

On the other hand, Wusthof knives provide eight different collections, which are proven tradition. Despite the choice you make, you will get a kitchen knife better in performance, flexible, and durable. After a continuous test of both blades, the Wusthof knife is found to be more appealing as compared to the Cangshan knife.

Login into Amazon’s official website and get yourself a first-class knife of your preferred choice.

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