Benchmade Bugout vs Griptilian-battle of the Best EDC knife for your next outdoor adventure

If you are into hiking and camping like me, you know the importance of an efficient outdoor knife. And when it’s about getting a hunting knife, I always put my trust in the Benchmade.

This brand is famous for manufacturing excellent everyday carry, tactical, and survival knives. All of their knives are versatile and can be used for doing household tasks also. So if you get one of their knives, you can use them for multiple purposes.

When you are up for an outdoor adventure, a proficient knife is one of the necessary tools you need to pack. From cutting a rope to protect yourself, you need a knife with top-notch efficiency.

And if you decide to get a Benchmade knife for obvious reasons, you must go through the dilemma of Benchmade Bugout vs Griptilian.

As I have my fair share of experiences with Benchmade knives, I can help you end that debate. In this article, I will cover almost everything about Bugout and Griptilian so you can make a clear choice about the best one for yourself.

The Benchmade Bugout Review:

If you are looking for manual folding knives with excellent construction and usefulness, you can choose the Bugout EDC knife. It comes with a secure locking mechanism, and it is designed to be a user-friendly tool. So before we decide to end the Benchmade Bugout vs Griptilian debate, let’s get to know everything about the Bugout knives.

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Features of Benchmade Bugout:

The Benchmade Bugout is designed for modern outdoorsy people who want to carry a sleek and ergonomic knife. You can use this knife to open packages, cut and slice food items, or even sharpen a stick.

It is an extremely light-weight knife with a drop point blade. It comes with flashy colors, so you find it easily if you drop it in the wilderness. The Benchmade Bugout thumb stud has a perfectly designed deployment mechanism that fits with its ergonomic handle and doesn’t give any trouble.

These knives come with an admirable locking system. And despite being a solid lock, it doesn’t really add much weight to the knife. Therefore, if you are looking for a sleek knife that can be operated easily will not make your pockets feel heavy; this one is truly ideal for you.

It is a classic pocket knife with a high flat grind and a swedge that follows the blade halfway. This knife has an uncoated smooth finish, which is kind of a specialty of Benchmade knives.

Most outdoor lovers like to pack light for ease of transportation. So you need some tools that are experts in multitasking. And the Benchmade is perfect for that purpose as you can cut, chop, sharpen sticks, even gut a small-sized fish if you want.

A few years back, I got a custom Benchmade Bugout, and I think it is an excellent option for those who want to have a knife to fulfill their needs specifically.

Blade Material:

This knife’s blade is around 3.45 inches long, making it ideal as an EDC knife. It is a skinny blade with only 0.09 inches thick, making it extremely efficient for a wide range of tasks.

It comes with a classic drop point design and is made of S30V steel. Most people don’t consider it as a premium-grade material for blades because there are more top-notch ones in the market right now.

But if you ask for my opinion, I would say that S30V steel is a competent blade material as I have come across many of them over the years. They are capable of doing some excellent knife jobs without getting chipped. Moreover, blades made with this material are pretty easy to sharpen.

The Bugout knives offer a good-quality edge-retention performance. They come with super-light yet sturdy construction so you can put your trust in it. Moreover, the blade of this knife is corrosion-resistant, which ensures ease of maintenance.

The blade of these knives is perfectly eligible or light to medium-duty tasks. Though this blade’s steel is well-known for its durability, I would recommend you not to use it for heavy-duty jobs.

Handle and Grip:

This knife comes with a feathery light handle, which is designed to have the most comfortable grip. Though most of the tactical knives are light-weight and compact, this knife offers something extra. It is not a full line G10 scaled handle, but what we get here is more than enough.

It has high quality handles made with high-density textured polymer and has partial stainless steel liners. If we talk about this handle’s ergonomics, I would say that it perfectly goes with the medium to light-duty construction of this knife.

As this knife’s handle is exceptionally slim, it provides a comfortable grip and has the necessary amount of firmness. But this lack will not bother you much as you are not going to do heavy-duty tasks.

Lock Mechanism:

The Bugout uses the top-notch Axis lock for the best security. It is the most popular and efficient locking mechanism in folding. Despite having a solid construction, the lock doesn’t really add much weight to the knife.

Bugout vs Griptilian

Two omega-shaped springs hold the lock bar against the blade when you fold it. These springs also help you to hold the lock bar up when you open the knife.

But the problem is the Axis locking mechanism tends to break. So it’s better not to put much pressure while working with it.

Weight of the knife:

As I revealed before, the Bugout is designed to be ultralight. Even the locking mechanism comes with DLC-coated titanium for weight reduction. It only weighs 1.86 ounces, which makes it an excellent EDC knife.

It is a light-weight knife but that doesn’t mean it is a flimsy one. You get a perfect knife with enough robustness for doing a variety of tasks.

However, the Benchmade Griptilian weighs double that of the Bugout one. As Bugout’s light-weight construction makes it easy to maneuver, it is a win for this knife in the battle of Benchmade Bugout vs Griptilian.

Overall Dimension:

This USA made knife comes with a total length of 7.46 inches and a 3.24 inches blade that I already mentioned. Usually, knives of this length are much more massive than Bugout, making this knife unique.

With a flat blade grind, this knife comes with a hardness of 58-60RC. The blade is 1 inch wide, 0.03-inch wide, and has a cutting edge of 3 inches.


If you compare with other tactical knives, you get to see that Bugout has cheaper price points. I mean, it comes with an ultra-light Grivory handle and drop-point style blade made of CPM-S30V steel. And you get this knife for around a hundred bucks, so it feels like a pretty good deal to me.

Review of the Benchmade Griptilian:

Now it’s time to know everything about the Benchmade Griptilian knives. Let’s get into that part and figure out who wins the race of Benchmade Griptilian vs Bugout.

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Benchmade Griptilian is a classic and efficient knife that can be maneuvered very easily. It comes in two sizes; mini and regular. If you are tired of weird shapes and knives’ designs, Griptilian might be the right one for you.

Every Griptilian knife uses the Axis locking mechanism, which is quite common for a Benchmade knife. The flat ground blade comes with a drop point design proven to be very efficient while doing various tasks around the camping ground and houses.

It has one of Benchmade’s new features: a deep carry pocket clip that pleases me. It is designed to handle some heavy-duty tasks, and it will last longer than your average pocket knives for its rock-solid construction.

The glass-filled nylon handle of this knife provides a comfortable grip while using the knife. Mel Pardue designed this knife, so it is evident that the users highly praise the ergonomics features of this knife.

You have the choice to customize your Griptilian knives from their website, just like the Bugout ones.

Moreover, if you see any house in the wild made of gingerbread, you can use this knife to protect yourself from the evil witch. But I hope that you don’t have to go through that situation at all!

Benchmade - Griptilian

Blade Material:

This knife’s blade is made with CPM-20CV steel, and it is one of the top-tier materials for constructing knives. This superior steel can be compared to excellent steel like the Bohler M390. It is an exceptionally thin blade that can slice anything with immense precision.

The material of this blade can take on some severe beating without chipping and breaking. The blade’s sharpness lasts longer than average knives, and it’s pretty easy to sharpen at home. So it is a great companion for a long trip to places where you won’t have the chance for frequent sharpening.

Benchmade - Griptilian

The mini Griptilian has 2.9 inches blade, and the regular sized one comes with 3.94 inches blade. But if you want to get your knife customized, you will get plenty of steel choices and blade sizes to begin with. And it is one of the plus points for this knife in Benchmade Bugout vs Griptilian.

The flat ground drop-point blade shape is ideal for cutting, slicing, and chopping jobs. It is one of the most excellent blades you can find in any EDC knife.

Handle and Grip:

The handle is probably the best feature of this knife. The regular Griptilian knife has a Noryl GTX handle, which is basically a hardened plastic. It has a textured outer layer to ensure a firm grip under any circumstances.

The handle’s grips are made with contoured G-10, and the handle comes in a basic rounded shape. It has a light-weight construction yet feels robust while working with it.

Moreover, the handle is Ambidextrous, which means a left-handed person can use this with supreme ease. There are also Griptilian knives that you can get in a full-size grip if you want.

The locking mechanism:

The axis locking mechanism is one of the finest, and you can operate the system with both hands. The lock will engage automatically while opening the blade, and you can do that by drawing the thumb stud back.

This knife’s locking system is very secure, and you will never feel any trouble while opening the blade.

Weight of the knife:

The mini-sized Griptilian knife weighs 2.56 ounces, and the regular one is 3.82 ounces. If we compare the Benchmade Bugout 535 vs Griptilian now, this one has twice the weight.

Overall dimension:

When you open the knife, it is 7.46 inches long, and the closed length is 4.22 inches. So it is a pretty compact knife, and you never have to worry about carrying it in your pocket or around the neck.

The handle is around 0.42 inches wide, so you will not have any difficulty while holding. But these measurements are for the regular sized Griptilian, and you can always get your knives customized.


The Griptilian comes with a price range of under 100 bucks. And considering all the fantastic features, it is an extremely fair deal you get.

5 Best Benchmade Knives

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Differences between Benchmade Bugout and Griptilian:

As you know, everything about both of those knives, let’s see all the differences at a glance for a better comparison process. It will help us to settle down the debate of the Benchmade Bugout vs Griptilian.

The key differences are:

  • The Bugout is extremely light-weight; Griptilian is on the heavier side.
  • Griptilian can handle medium to heavy-duty tasks; Bugout is suitable for light and medium ones.
  • Griptilian can also be used for tactical tasks; the Bugout is more for everyday uses.
  • The Bugout blades are way thinner than Griptilian ones.
  • Bugout handles come in flashy blue or ranger green grivory handles, making it easier to locate if lost. The Griptilian doesn’t offer you that.

Both of these knives are incredibly durable, and you get a more excellent value than the price you paid. And now you know about all the features and differences of these knives, so it will be easier for you to choose the right one.

However, it’s time for me to answer some frequently asked questions about these two knives. So let’s dive into that part now.


When it comes to the FAQ section, this is the one with dense with real life experience from the customer. They might have the same question like you. so you may take a peek at this section to have a better understanding about the product.

Is the Benchmade Bugout worth it?

Of course, the Bugout is worth your investment. It is a great knife that is light-weight and sturdy at the same time. You can use this EDC knife for multiple amounts of tasks, and it is designed to serve you for a long time.
I have been using the Benchmade 535sgry-p1 Bugout for a long time. It has provided an excellent service throughout the years. Moreover, you get the ease of personalization if you get this one.

Why is the Benchmade Bugout so popular?

The Bugout is one of the most popular EDC knives among hikers and has several reasons behind this craze. This knife’s feathery light-weight construction makes it super easy to carry it around in your pocket, belt, or around the neck.
Benchmade Bugout ranger green serrated EDC knife is famous for razor-sharp blade and durability. This green Benchmade Griptilian will fulfill all your outdoor adventure requirements as a pocket knife.
The thinner blade and handle makes it very simple to maneuver, and the price is quite affordable if you want to get a long-lasting knife. So considering all the features, Bugout is very popular for its superior efficiency.

Where is the Benchmade Griptilian made?

It is manufactured in the USA to ensure its best qualities. This is the only common thing while you are comparing Benchmade 535 Bugout vs Griptilian.

Maintenance and Sharpening tips for Benchmade knives

All of the Benchmade knives are made with high-quality materials, which are corrosion and damage-resistant. The handles are water-resistant, so they are already easy to maintain.

Moreover, you will not feel the necessity of frequent sharpening. Even if you need to sharpen these blades, they are easy to do in your house without much equipment.

However, let me share some tips that will help you take proper care of your Benchmade knives and increase their durability.

The maintenance and sharpening tips are:

  • Sharpen your knives once in a while; it will help you maintain your knives’ top-notch condition. It is better to send your knife for professional sharpening once in a while, and Benchmade will do that for free.
  • Clean your knife well after every cutting, skinning, or slicing job. Occasional oiling will keep the folding mechanism in its best condition.
  • Knives will last long if you wash them with your hand. Don’t soak them for long or use any dishwasher even if it says so.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, I have covered every nook and corner of Bugout and Griptilian knives. This article will help you to end the Benchmade Bugout vs Griptilian debate once and for all.

Benchmade is a well-reputed brand for making fantastic outdoor and EDC knives, and these two series are not any different. If you take proper care of these knives, you will get a long-lasting and super-efficient companion and protector.

Make a list of your preferences and the knife that ticks most of the boxes, pick that one. And Benchmade offers a lot of choices for customization, so you don’t have to worry about any disappointments if you choose this brand.

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