Buck 102 Review: Best Knife with Original Leather Sheath

Planning on taking a hiking excursion next summer? Then don’t forget to take a knife along with your weekend relaxation journey, OK? This Buck 102 Review might help you with that!

Hunting knives are one of the best choices of blades to bring with you if you are going to a jungle or a forest. These knives are usually designed to be easily portable and lightweight enough not to burden the carrier, but without compromising the quality.

As a result, the hunting blades have strong rust, stain, and corrosion-resistance and require little maintenance. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a worry-free fun outing with your friends and family.

Buck 102 Review

Buck 102 is one such outstanding game knife. This blade is perfect in every necessary feature a hunting knife might need.

If you feel unsure of our claims, just read through the document and make your judgments. In this article, we tried our best to do a detailed Buck 102 review to show you this knife’s capacities.

Buck 102 Review

Buck knives are well known among hunters and hikers. These knives require low maintenance, and they are easy to carry.

Buck 102 is no exception in this matter. The main differentiating feature between this one and its previous model, the Buck 102 vs 119 knives, is that the formerly mentioned one is smaller in length compared to the latter one.

Like all the Buck Company-made blades, the buck knives 102 are made of carbon-rich 420HC steel. Its right side has a stamped logo to ensure validity. As for the size, its overall length is 7.75-inch, of which the blade’s length is 4 inches.

This knife is designed to ensure that it won’t burden your hunting gear and will not compromise your safety. The whole body of the blade is encased within a sheath made of original leather.

As for its functionality, it has a clipped blade, so you will be able to use it for various purposes. Moreover, it is a full tang knife, so you are unlikely to face any problem with its balance.

You will learn more as you keep reading this Buck knife 102 woodsman review. So let us go forward to the next parts, shall we?

About Buck 102 Company

If you want to learn about Buck 102, then you should learn something about the manufacturers of Buck 102, the ‘Buck Knives Company’ as well as Buck 102 Review.

After all, don’t you feel curious to know about the makers of such a fantastic knife?

The buck knife 102 history is quite rich. This company of American origin was founded in 1902. Since then, this century-old company has controlled five outstanding generations of the Buck family.

 Buck Knives 102 Woodsman Fixed Blade Knife

Hoyt H. Buck is the founder of the Buck Knives Company. He learned knife-craft in 1902 and was known to make knives out of used up file blades by hand.

The opening of a proper shop took a long time, though, forty-five years inexact. It was established in California’s San Diego. Now, the factory has been shifted to Post Falls, Idaho.

The Buck family specializes in manufacturing quality carry-knives like field and sport knives.

What is interesting about Buck 102 Company is that this company is the proud inventor of the folding hunting knife.

The factory’s creation is so famous that even the folding hunting knives created by other companies are generally dubbed as the ‘Buck Knife.’ Quite an achievement, don’t you think?

Details of Each Feature: Buck 102 Review

Now the time has come for the central part of the Buck 102 woodsman review guide.

 If you check out a buck 105 review or a buck 119 review on the internet, you will come to notice that there are several similarities and a few dissimilarities between these knives. 

For example, if you compare Buck 102 vs 105 knives, you will see that almost all of their features are quite similar. 

The apparent difference you will see is that the length of the Buck 102 knife is four inches, while for the Buck 105 knife, it is five inches. 

Well, we are not here to talk about the Buck 105 or 119 knives. After all, this article is on the buck woodsman 102 review. So let us begin without further delay, shall we?

Quality Blade Materials

Materials used in the forging of a blade determines its future performance in a great deal. Especially for a knife-blade made of steel, the better the steel-quality, the more long-lasting it will be.

And don’t forget about rust. Rust compromises not only the knife’s looks but also its functionality. 

And if it concerns a hunting knife, then rust prevention is crucial. Because such blades are likely to receive lesser timely maintenance care than your regular kitchen knives.

Buck 102 Review

Let’s be honest; many times, we have to throw away our favorite game-blades because they rust over time.

That is why most famous knife manufacturers place the most significant importance on developing and improving the blade-material formula. The century-old Buck Knives Company is not any different from them either.

From all the buck 102 knife reviews on the internet, you will be able to see that the buck knives are likely to remain rust-free for a long time because their blade is made of 420HC steel, a material rich in carbon and chromium.

According to chemistry, the higher the percentage of carbon in the steel is, the better its rust resistance.

The result? Long-lasting rust, discoloration, and corrosion-free durable blade! Cool, isn’t it?

Super Sharp Blade

In this part of the buck 102 s30v reviews, we will discuss the product’s sharpness. After all, what’s the point of having a woodsman knife if it is not sharp enough? Ultimately it will just be a pain in the neck.

A blade’s sharpness level and ability depend mostly on its edge, one of its most essential features.

You can rest assured that you will not be disappointed with this knife regarding this feature.

Why? First of all, Buck woodsman knife’s materials are top-notch, high carbon stainless steel.

Secondly, this knife is forged went through the famous Paul Bos temperature treatment system multiple times. Afterward, the blades are carefully honed to ensure an edge from 13 to 16 degrees.

According to studies, despite being time-consuming, blades manufactured in this procedure are most durable and sharp. Especially the use of heating and cooling procedures make the knife only better. 

Due to high-quality materials and the manufacturing method, Buck 102 knife’s blade is exceptionally sharp. 

The sharpness is also long-lasting. So, you are unlikely to face any trouble in the middle of a forest due to bringing an easy-to-dull blade.

Balanced Full Tang Knife

Only the ones who use knives can understand how important it is to have a well-balanced knife. A knife’s tip control, precision, and the cutting force depend highly on its balance. 

We have heard of many people injuring themselves due to the misjudgment of the knife’s precision.

Just imagine having a knife-injury in the middle of the forest because of a faulty-balanced blade. Oh! The horror!

Thankfully, as you can notice from this buck woodsman knife review, it is a full tang knife. The specialty of a full-tang blade is its superior balance and its capacity to increase force while cutting.

When you use such a knife, the pressure you put through your hands gradually rises through the handle and thus the blade.

But what makes such a design worthwhile is the increased force allows you to use the blade even in a dull condition.

 It means that if your knife gets dull without notice in the middle of nowhere, you still will be able to use it. Quite convenient if you ask us.

Super Comfortable Handle

Sometimes it can be hard to get an OK grip on the knife’s handle with a wet hand. This issue is even more prominent on a field trip. But using a buck 102 knife can resolve this issue for you. 

The manufacturers of buck knife 102 1970s have ensured to put a high-quality Micarta wrapping over the handle to cover it entirely. The name Micarta is referring to compressed resin-infused paper or cloth.

Buck 102 Review

This unique material keeps the handle from slippery and aids the knife’s holder to hold a superior grip on whether the hand is wet or dry. It is strong enough to withstand outdoor hardships, adding to its durability.

Another important quality that needs mentioning is the length of the handle. The handle of this buck 102 s30v knife is 3.75 inches in length. 

This handle size is of an appropriate length to fit most hand sizes, especially the average ones. Thus you won’t need to fear your hands getting pained from holding the knife for longer times.

Considerate Safety Features

No matter how much you love your knife, it still is a tool meant for cutting things. And that means cutting human skin and flesh as well. So it is best if there are some safety measures against the knife’s sharp edge.

In this buck woodsman review, you will see that to make sure that your hands don’t suffer from such a fate, the manufacturers have included a sheath for the Buck 102 knife.

What’s more, the buck 102 sheath is quite good-looking and made from original leather.

Buck 102 Review

Unlike a regular knife’s sheath, this sheath covers not only the blade but also the blade’s handle. It is also incorporated with a coil to help you fasten it with your belt. What a bonus, don’t you think?

Speaking about bonuses, the inclusion of a sheath also fulfills another purpose besides protecting your hand from being cut. Scientifically, a blade without a sheath is vulnerable to elements.

Thus, such blades are more prone to rusting and discoloration. But because this knife has a shield to protect it from elements, its lifespan gets expanded. Convenient, right?


  • High-quality material prevents rust and corrosion
  • A super sharp blade with a fine edge
  • Small and lightweight for easy carrying
  • Suitable for multiple types of use
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • The blade-size is smaller compared to other models

5 Best Buck 102 Knives

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Real Customer Review

As we are done checking its features, why don’t we check out what the users think about this vintage buck 102 knives? It’s time to read some real buck woodsman knife review examples provided by the customers.

  • High-quality knife with precision level sharpness. Excellent fixed blade knife at an affordable price.
  • The knife is beautiful and feels good in the hands. It comes with a nice black leather sheath, which increases its looks.

Is it Worth Money?

This buck 102 smooth bone review shows us that the buck 102 hunting knife is a blade of quality and comfort. Though, its short size makes it incapable of using against the bigger game.

You might wonder whether this knife is worth spending your hard-earned money on. We say, if you are into hunting small game like deer, then you should definitely get one.

Don’t worry about the price. Believe it or not, buck 102 knives best prices are usually under 100 dollars. Still, you will get a pretty good deal out of this price.

Just think about it, this knife is made of chromium-rich 420HC steel. The use of this material makes the blade both durable and sharp. Not to mention, the steel will help you to sharpen it to a razor edge quickly.

Meaning? You will be able to use one product for a very long time. And don’t forget the other spectacular features we have already mentioned in this buck 102 knife review before either.

Now you decide. Is it worth your money or not?

FAQs of Buck 102 Review

It’s almost end of our review, but before give a proper closure we have compiled some of the basic question that may arise when choosing this knife. Plus, the answers are also based on the real life situation and personal experience from our expert team. Moreover, chef’s talk from all over the world are also being counted.

Are Buck Knives Full Tang?

Yes, the buck knives are full tang knives. It means that the solid piece of the steel used in making the blade runs down the entire length of the knife handle included. As a result, you will get a superior balanced knife.

What Is The Best Knife For Deer Hunting?

If you are looking for the best knives for deer hunting, check out the following list.
Havalon Piranta Z
Outdoor Edge RazorPro
Buck Knives 0110BRS 110 Folding Hunter
Gerber StrongArm
Uncle Henry 153UH, etc.

Are Buck Knives Made in China?

Yes and no. Actually, Buck Knives is an American company, and most of their knives, about 85 percent, are made on US soil. 
The main factory of the company is located in Idaho, USA. The other 15 percent of the production is made overseas, of which some are made in China.

What Angle are Buck Knives Sharpened at?

Buck knives are sharpened at a limited degree to maintain razor sharpness for a longer time duration. Usually, these knives are sharpened at 13 to 16 degrees.

What Is The Best Knife Ever Made?

The following list contains the names of some of the best knives ever made. 
The D.E. Henry Bowie
Marble’s Ideal
Russell Canadian Belt Knife
Busse Battle Mistress
Ka-Bar Marine Corps Fighting Knife
Emerson CQC-7BW, etc.

Bottom Line 

So, what do you think? As you can see from this buck 102 review, the product is high in quality, looks, and comfort. It is also quite affordable enough to not strain your budget. 

In our opinion, it is worth giving a try!

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