10 Best Helle knives that show Supreme Nordic Craftsmanship

Before going to any camping or outdoor trip, we tend to buy cheap knives and later found they are neither sharp nor strong. And in most cases,  it breaks down after a little use!

I assume, at least once, you or your friends faced it. If you want to avoid this situation and make the outdoor activities peaceful, get incredibly sharp and robust yet powerful knives. For that, Best Helle knives are one of a kind. You can use this Nordic knife for more than a decade and will save you hundreds of bucks and prolonged hours camping and outdoor.

The knife started its journey from Norway in 1932. However, it is available all over the world now.

10 most Popular Reviews of Best Helle Knives

So far, Helle made 35 different types of knives, and it is challenging to choose one from this wide range of categories. That is why, to help you out, we have listed the 10 best Helle knives through extensive research and user experience.

Helle Skog

One of the best Helle knives that you’ll find for your wood carving mission is Helle Skog. Not many typical knives come with a robust structure like Helle Skog. This knife’s handle is paired with a shiny Helle Knives Norway’s 3-inch lengthy triple layer laminated steel blade. Its bright and rust-proof blade comes with a Scandi cut and is famous for its flexible use along with fine sharpness.

This unique knife has a handle made with handcrafted beech wood, which ensures the ergonomic handling option. It also confirms extra comfort for holding the knife for uses requiring a prolonged period. The handle won’t get hefty at all! There’s also a perfectly fitted rich brown-colored leather sheath being included in the tool.

The overall length of the Helle Skog is around 8 inches. This knife comes with a very tiny finger notch, which will help the campers to guide the grip without affecting or limiting the tool’s hold. This attribute ensures the best possible precise cutting. It avoids any mistake, especially while holding the item closer to the craving blade.

The blade of the knife is perfect. It’s short length suits best to ensure maximum control while doing any carving project. Again it’s not too short of using as a cuisine cutting knife or as Helle Kitchen Knives.


  • A rare combination of great strength and severe sharp edge.
  • It is made with high performance laminated steel.
  • Weighs only 2.53 ounces!
  • Easy craving due to its little weight and smaller shape.
  • Precise cutting ensured.


  • Considering the simplicity of design, the Skog Helle knives price is a bit higher.

Verdict on the Product 

Helle Skog is one of the knives that can present a traditional look despite being on the leading edge of the latest technology. Besides, it’s one of the easiest carving knives that you would ever use.

Helle Steinbit

Helle Steinbit knife, designed by Espen Group in 1990, is lightweight, one of the most heavily balanced and super flexible tools in the industry. It’s the most popular Helle knife to many professionals as it has excellent cutting and stabbing ability. Indeed, it’s brought a revolution to the knife industry.

The blade is of two-layered and triple laminated strong stainless steel, thus relieves the user from tensions of breakage or future corrosion. Moreover, the Helle Knives Carbon Steel coating ensures a sharper cutting edge. 6-inch of blade length is the perfect size for completing your craving tasks. Again, it has a width of 1.6 mm only and has the outstanding ability to nicely penetrate to different surfaces. Steinbit knife also confirms sufficient flex while handling, which has made the item a perfect one for a variety of other outdoor activities like camping, hiking, trekking, fishing, etc.

The construction material of the handle of this knife is curly birch. It presents a vintage look on the knife. The handle has a length of 4.7 inches. The handle’s proportion to the blade is perfect, and it suits appropriately the users’ hand. The nicely curved structure of the knife also makes it quite presentable and easier to use. The knife also includes a genuine Nordic Style leather sheath.


  • Triple lamination of the stainless steel blade.
  • Sharper cutting edge.
  • Well, a balanced body due to the suitable proportion of blade and handle.
  • Quite a lightweight tool.
  • Perfectly fits in the palm.
  • Better operational efficiency.


  • Less ergonomic handle design.

Verdict on the Product 

Helle Steinbit is a pretty solid item that you can use on versatile activities or adventures. It’s also a perfectly fitting one for your daily uses. I find the knife as the perfect one while going fishing. It’s an ideal tool to fillet any larger fish, both from freshwater catches and salty water fishes.

Helle Kletten

The smallest knife among Helle Knife Models is Kletten. It’s only 84 grams in weight, the best one to be fitted as your pocket-sized daily companion tool. Kletten has 88 years of a long heritage of Scandinavian design, presenting the highest heirloom Helle Knives Quality. This gentleman’s knife provides an elegant, slim, and one of the finest handcrafted finishes ever.

The blade of this knife is built with reinforced stainless steel liners. The blade has a smaller length of only 2.2 inches, along with the narrowest width of 0.1 inches (2.7 mm). This triple laminated sharp blade provides a unique penetration ability. They have also been featured like corrosion-free and can survive a longer period.

Kletten knives come with a 3.1-inch long handle with curly birch scales adding a wide range of patterns and colors. It also includes a lock-back design enabling Kletten to perform just like a tiny fixed blade. There are some more useful features available in this knife, such as contoured shape and a frontward fingers guard. Due to these innovative features, the knife is capable of a possible three-finger gripping. Just like Steinbit, this knife also doesn’t include any sheath. Instead, there’s a leather Lanyard coming with the item.


  • Lightest possible Helle Knife.
  • The smallest size makes the knife a perfect pocket-sized tool.
  • Triple lamination makes the blade pretty solid.
  • Kletten comes with the Best Helle knives folding feature, which makes the tool even a fun one to use.
  • A perfect one for your rough usages.


  • Not a very budget-friendly item. 

Verdict on the Product

Helle Kletten is the knife that’s perfectly designed for all your unplanned or any sort of small adventure. This item is a perfect one to carry around, fitting at any tiny place like your pocket and an ideal everyday use knife.

Helle Knives – Utvaer – Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel

Helle Utvaer is a top-rated fixed bushcraft knife. But unlike many typical bushcraft ones, Utvaer is a bit higher towards their handle region. This feature actually creates no hamper in running any of your projects, basically due to its other amazing features.

The blade of Helle Utvaer is built from Sandvik 12C27 Helle Knives Steel, which is specialized for knives or other cutting tools construction. This 4-inch long stainless blade is tough and well sharp. It also comes with a full tang construction. This feature means the tang of the knife’s blade reaches throughout the entire handle length. It provides more strength and better stable operation while performing heavy-duty tasks. On top of that, the blade is easy to sharpen.

The curly birch wooden handle provides outstanding support to grip the weapon more flexibly. It has a length of 4.7 inches, a good one for a stable hold. Besides, there are a series of holes present in the handle. If you want to use the knife as a spear, you could use the holes to attach it on top of the stick.

It would be better if you could occasionally use wax or Helle Knife Oil as a lubricant on both the blade and knife handle. For the sheath, use any colorless chemical like grease to keep it flexible. Dry the knife immediately if it gets wet, no matter if it’s the blade, handle, or sheath. You can also check for other guidance on the Helle knife website.


  • Pretty solid knife to add more reliability.
  • Full-tang blade construction.
  • Very well-thought ergonomic design.
  • Strong gripping option.


  • Requires regular maintenance for enhancing performance.

Verdict on the Product

From this Helle knives Utvaer review, we can say that it is a reliable tool. Like Helle Knives for Hunting or Helle Knives Bushcraft, you can use it for skinning, and all other outdoor activities. A very well-thought tool for longer service life.

Helle Mandra


Here comes one of the most finely designed Helle Carving Knives, Helle Mandra. To make its design even more perfect, the manufacturer traveled to Romania’s remote regions, and the knife came up as one of the most perfectly shaped and well-balanced ones. It’s a great weapon coming from the collaboration of Norwegian Helle and Les Stroud, commonly known as “Survivorman.” 

This knife has a total length of 14.9 cm along with a weight of 70 gm. Two layers of triple laminated stainless steel-made blade consist of a length of 69 mm, whereas it has a thickness of 2.6 mm. The blade is a solid one, and relatively denser than that of other knives. It’s stout, full tang and fully bellied designed to carry out heavy-duty works like carving wooden surfaces, skinning small game, processing your game birds, etc. The blade is absolutely free from any damage and erosion.

The handle of the knife comes with a material combination of curly birch along with Vulcan fiber. The handle covers a length of 80 mm. There are two different loops on the handle, allowing you to use the tool as a spear if you want. These Helle Neck Knives include a full grain genuine leather sheath accompanied by snap rivet and a securing strap to cover up the sharp blade.


  • Stout and compact design. 
  • Perfectly balanced tool for hand operation.
  • Designed in a heavy-duty mind.
  • Free from breakage and corrosion.
  • Comes with a solidly built handle.


  • The blade might feel like extra wide.

Verdict on the Product

Mandra is a Helle Neck Knife that you can also carry on your hip using the belt loop on its sheath. It’s a pretty strong knife to make your tasks done.

Helle Wabakimi

Another jointly built knife with the collaboration of Helle and Les Stroud is the latest addition in the Helle group, the Wabakimi series. Wabakimi is a perfect combination of Helle Mandra and Temagami knives. It comes with the blending of all their positive features like Mandra’s rounded body shape and Temagami’s long, ergonomic handle design. This knife is a well-balanced and medium-sized one for carrying out multiple of your outdoor and indoor tasks.

Coming with a weight of 135 grams, the Wabakimi is a perfectly sized knife to carry out extended craving sessions, an efficient and highly comfortable one. It’s also capable of precisely cutting and stabbing objects. This knife provided a blade of 84 mm along with a thickness of 3 mm and was built with triple laminated stainless steel. It’s a long-pointed blade with a rounded shape. The high carbon of the blade makes it an amazingly sharp cutting edge.

The handle features a three-quarter and partial tang reinforcement along with the existing dual robust pins. To add additional security, there exist riveted pins to provide proper support to its lanyard. It’s made of curly birch wood and has a length of 117 mm. It’s comparatively bigger than other knives handle. The ergonomic design of this handle allows the users to handle it for long time sessions. Wabakimi provides a vegetable tanned genuine leather sheath. To add more user-friendliness, Wabakimi offers a lifetime warranty to their knives.


  • The rounded body shape of the blade.
  • Long extended ergonomic handle design.
  • Lifetime Helle Knives Warranty.
  • Well-balanced knife body.


  • Not a suitable option to carry inside your pocket.

Verdict on the Product:

Wabakimi is a perfect sized knife to use for a long time. The knife is amply sized to use as a proper cutting and carving tool, yet a smaller one as a hip carries the weapon.

Helle Torodd

Suppose you want an excellent knife that has a perfect blend of both innovation and tradition. In that case, Helle Torodd is the best option for you. The combination of historical design, along with the newest innovation, has made Helle Torodd Knife a worldwide famous knife. The manufacturers focus on not only the knife tradition of Norwegian Culture but also emphasis on the aesthetics of the craftsman as well.

Helle Knives Torodd comes with a long blade attached to a very comfortable handle that will allow you to cut at a relatively long-range for your woodworking purposes. The mirror-polished blade has a length of 107 mm and a thickness of 3 mm. laminated stainless steel, the constructing material of this blade, ensures greater sharpness. There is a core of steel that is laminated in between the additional stainless steel layers resulting in a fantastic cutting edge.

This knife’s handle is also even lengthy to the blade, owing to the extent of 107 mm. There are three different materials to form this handle. Among them, curly birch and brown colored oak wood are typical ones. There’s also a colored leather made handle. This feature is a bit exclusive, specially dyed green leather makes the knife an outstanding one. Genuine leather sheathe also included as well. That’s all of our Helle Viking Knife Review.


  • Aesthetic and highly presentable knife.
  • Long, dependable cutting tool.
  • Variety of Helle Knife Handle option.
  • Pretty sharp cutting edge.
  • Solid, rust-free metal body.
  • An equal proportion of blade and handle.
  • Well, balanced tool.


  • A bit bigger and heavier item comparing other tools.
  • The price might be an issue.

Verdict on the Product

Do you want to own an aesthetic knife to be in your possession that can uniquely have a perfect unification of advanced techniques and also the historical outlook? Than Torodd would be the best one for you.

Helle Viking

Another classical knife presented by Hell brand is Helle Viking Knife Blank. This knife provides an old vintage look but also doesn’t compromise with the cutting quality. Like all other Helle knives, Viking is also handmade and finished, thus creating subtle differences from alternatives and turning out as a masterpiece. In short, Viking is a fantastic knife for your day-to-day life using purposes.

Viking comes with a relatively thicker carbon triple laminated steel blade. There’s a black finished upper side leaving a rustic look on top of the knife. The blade has a length of 110 mm, and a thickness of 3.7 mm. The blade is also a full tang one to give it proper back support up to the handle’s end.

The handle is built with eye-catchy birch wood. It is subtly shaped to safeguard your comfort grip and control over your hold on the handle. With almost the equal size of the blade, 105 mm to be more specific, the handle provides an outstanding balance of using the knife. It also comes with a traditional Scandinavian leather sheath hanging from a thong.

In case the blade and handle of the knife get wet, you need to make them dried using any soft cloth as soon as possible. You can also use oil or wax for maintaining Helle Knife Handle Care. In the case of the sheath, treat them with grease or wax to keep the surface smooth. For more Helle Viking Knife Review, you may hit the internet.


  • A complete handmade product.
  • Impressive old vintage handle.
  • Full-tang handles to provide maximum support to the blade.
  • Carbon steel is best for a cutting job.


  • Need regular Helle Knife Maintenance.

Verdict on the Product

Helle Knives Viking is preferable, not for their historical value or vintage outlook only. It’s also a great cutting blade and an excellent choice as an all-around utility tool.

Helle Nying

Helle Nying is one of the shortest, stubbiest, classic Helle Limited Edition Knives in the industry right now. Due to its flawless, innovative craftsmanship, Nying has been awarded the Classic Nordic Award for Design Excellence, presented by Norwegian Design Council. These Helle Pocket Knives are a trendy choice among the hunters, trekkers, campers’ communities. Helle Nying models are one of the best Helle Knives Go Outdoors Models.

Nying possesses a minimal weight, just like 74 grams only. The blade of this tool is made of triple lamination of stainless steel to provide more razor sharpness and a shiny look. The 70 mm length and 2.7 mm thickness of this short-bladed knife is quite capable of doing stuff just like other regular-sized cutting tools.

The knife has an oversized and generously proportioned curly birch wooden made handle compared to its blade size. The handle occupies 90 mm of length in size, around one-third bigger than its blade. This bigger-sized handle provides the knife with a bigger surface area, thus holds the knife more conveniently, no matter under which weather conditions you’re using them. You don’t need to bother about slipping out your knife while performing your task due to the solid grip of the tool. Moreover, the lucrative Scandinavian leather sheath presents a distinguishing cutout.

Finally, the knife is accompanied by a rounded cardboard box along with Helle cloth to cover up the razor part and secure the users.


  • A very compact knife to perfectly fit just inside your palm.
  • Relatively less expensive.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Solid and effective gripping.


  • Not a good option for heavy-duty project works.

Verdict on the Product

Our Helle Nying knife review shows a very promising choice as an all-around daily use knife. It’s a flawless companion for hunters or outside adventurers. Nying is a perfect choice for professionals.

Helle Speider

If you’re looking for a reliable performer within a lightweight knife, then go for the Speider. It certainly won’t put you down for a bit. All the Speider knives are highly created by professionally skilled craftsmen. You’re surely going to love the finishing of each of them.

Being built with Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, the blade of this knife provides one of the most delicate cutting edges. The blade of this knife has 90 mm of length and 2.6 mm of thickness. This drop point blade is made from Helle’s famous triple lamination steel. This compact designed the robust cutting tool yet can provide almost all the typical Helle knives fixed blade features. You can thus use the item as an everyday carry companion.

The handle, made from birch wood, provides a length of 100 mm, slightly greater than that of the blade. The curved shape of the handle makes it easier for the users to hold it while using it in operations easily. Scandinavian design genuine leather sheath is also included with the knife. There’s a wider handguard at the joint of the blade and handle to keep you safe. You can know more details on the Helle Knives Website.


  • Triple laminated stainless steel made razor. 
  • Holding feasibility with the curved wooden handle. 
  • Reliable performance guarantee. 
  • Safeguard to protect the users and secure the operations.


  • Pretty simple feature considering the amount of money. 

Verdict on the Product

The Speider is the ideal knife for first-time users or the ones who want a guarantee of a strong safeguard of their fingers and hand. Experience the secured knife experience with the Speider.

Why is Helle Knife so great? 

The materials of handles and blades of the Helle knife are suitable for both outdoor and indoor activity, which is the main reason for gaining its popularity. Helle knives can be used for any purpose like camping, hiking, woodworking, or as cutlery, which is why this knife is so great. Let’s have a look at other significant reasons to be great.

Making Process

The handle and blade are two sections of a knife. The handle of the Helle knife is pure wooden, and the wood has cut into small pieces to fit with the blade. Generally, the wood is curved with the help of different equipment types according to the signature design. Sometimes 6-7 pieces of wood are attached with glue, and after that, it is curved with the help of appropriate equipment. This type of handle has layers of different woods, which give it a radiant look. After curving the wood, it’s time for polishing so that no none gets a cut when he/she touches the wooden piece.

Helle Knife

The blades are usually made of carbon steel, which makes them more durable. Initially, the blade is cut out from a steel strip, and the workers sharpen it by hand afterward. First, they sharpen the edge, and later, they start to smooth its body. After done with the handle and the blades, it’s time for assembling them.

For assembly, several pieces of wood are attached with glue. A hammer is used to pound and press the pieces all together. For shaping, different equipment types are used to curve the body of the handle and polish the sides very carefully. The handle is burnished so that it will look attractive and neat.

On the other hand, you can buy a Helle knife making kit to make your own Helle knife from scratch. They provide step by step guides to make the knife using the kits.

Blade Metal

The majority of the blades are made of triple laminated stainless steel. The center portion of the blade uses high carbon stainless steel to make it hardened up to 58=59 HRC. On the outside of the blade, for layering, 18/18 stainless steel has been used. This makes it easier for everyone to re-sharpen the edge again.


Handles are the most essential part of a knife as you have to balance while using it. Helle knives craftsmen are very much careful and choosy about the materials when it’s about the handle. They choose one of the finest woods to make the handles.

Helle Knives - Speider - Sandvik

Sometimes the planks are cut into pieces. After that, with the help of equipment, artisans curve the wood, which is known as curly birch. On the other hand, different types of small pieces of wood are combined with glue and curved into a comfortable handle. After that, coloring and polishing make the perfect look of the handles.

Weight of Helle knife

The weight of the Helle knife is different from its size and thickness. The average weight of the Helle knife is 150 g.


Each Helle knife is different so do the dimensions. For example, Helle GT comes with a blade length of 123 mm, handle length is 124 mm, and the blade thickness is 3.2 mm. So, other Helle knives come in different dimensions, which makes them unique.

European Knife vs Helle Knives Norway

Considering the Helle knives history and European knives history, both are iconic from their places. However, there are a lot of differences between them, and we have explained below.


In the Helle knife, they have used less carbon than German knives. Excessive of Carbon may harden the blade and make it more brittle while sharpening it. Also, in a Helle knife, they have used stainless steel. On the other hand, German knives are alloy composed of iron, carbon, chromium, nickel, and molybdenum.

The dimension of the blade

The Helle knife is much smaller than the German knife. Also, the German knife’s blade tends to be bigger than the handle. On the other hand, in most of the Helle knife, both the handle and blade are in the same length.


The handle of the German knife is made of Pakkawood or poltmer. On the other hand, different types of wood have been used to make the handle of a Helle knife.

Structure of the knife

Most of the German knives are single tang construction, which means that the blade’s body is running through the handle. On the other hand, in Helle knife handle and blade are two different parts that have joined later in the assembly line.


European knives are used for all purposes; however, it is best known for the kitchen works. You will find at least one German knife for chopping, cutting, and slicing in most of the kitchen.

On the other hand, the Helle knife is mostly used in camping, hiking, or any high duty work outside. But, now they are also making some knives which are suitable for inside kitchen work as well.

Japanese Knife vs Nordic Helle Knives

There are some stark differences between Japanese and Helle knives that make them unique and cherished to people with different preferences.


Typically, hardened steel and a backbone of soft iron are used to make Japanese knives. Besides, it also employs three-layered still to make it stronger. On the other hand, triple laminated stainless steels are used for Nordic Helle knives.

The Japanese knives used alloy composed of iron and carbon, powered steel, semi-stainless steel, and blue steel. Also, the Japanese knives’ blades are designed beautifully and in detail, which makes them more unique than other knives. However, Nordic Helle knives’ core is made with high alloy steel that provides a robust body for lasting longer.

The Blade dimension

The usual size of a Helle knife is smaller than a Japanese knife. Nordic knives’ blade length is usually around 100 mm, while traditional Japanese ones are between 180-210 mm.


The handle of the Japanese knife is made of synthetic or resin cured wood, steel, or plastic. On the other hand, beautifully structured hardwood is used in Nordic Helle knives. Besides, they also use a combination of different materials such as staghorn and leather. Japanese knives come with 120- 180 mm handles, while Nordic comes with 80-120 mm.

Structure of the knife

Most of the Japanese knives have taper inside the handle, which makes it lighter and more controlled to handle. On the other hand, the Nordic knife offers two different Helle knife parts that are separate and can be assembled later on.


There are wide varieties of Japanese knives that are used for different purposes in the kitchen. For example, Japanese gyutou is considered a chef’s knife, Sujihiki is used for slicing; Petty knives are used for small fruits and vegetables. Nordic knives are a lifelong friend for an outdoor companion.

American Knife vs Helle Knife Review

American knives have a variety of knives for different purposes, and they use a wide range of steel and materials. Let’s have a look at the differences between American knives and Helle knives.


The purpose American knife is to keep it in the pockets and use them when needed. So, it is more of a hobby than using it. Usually, it is made from alloy iron and other elements such as vanadium, manganese, and chromium. By altering any of this material, different qualities of blades are made. On the contrary, the Helle knife is made from triple laminated steel that works against breakage and corrosion.

The Blade dimension

American knives have to follow a unified dimension as they have to follow the AKTI Protocol. It is a regulation to measure knife length. However, some states have different laws regarding the blade length. Helle knife, on the other hand, is smaller in size, but robust.


The handle of the American knife is made of plastic, synthetic or resin cured wood, steel, and wood. On the other hand, the Helle knife uses different materials and woods to make its handle.

Structure of the knife

American knives come in different structures as they have different knives for different purposes such as hunting, EDC, fishing, etc. Hell knives offer almost the same structure as they are mostly handmade and keep the same quality for all knives.


Both American and Helle knives are mostly used in camping, hiking, or any high duty work outside.


American knives come out in different types. They have camping knives, pocket knives, butterfly knives, folding knives, combat knives, etc. On the other side, Best Helle knives don’t have a massive range like this.


This FAQ will give you ample information about Helle knives. even if you are a newbie chef, this FAQ will help you to a better real-life understanding of this product. let’s jump more deep into it.

Are Helle knives good? 

Most of the novice Helle knife buyers ask a common query: “are Helle knives any good?” The simple answer is Helle knives are great!
Helle knives are great and handy for camping as they have very sharp and thin blades that can cut through anything. It is also small in size, and it’s also lighter than any other camping knives out there. Besides, it also comes with a protective leather Helle knife replacement sheath. It not only gives the knife a new look but also protects your fingers from an accidental cut.

What is the best bushcraft knife?

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion Bushcraft knife is the best bushcraft knife. However, Helle Utvaer can be used as a bushcraft knife. This full tag knife is not only good for cutting the branching and bushes but also catching the rabbit, which you might need as a dinner at night camping.
There are many bushcraft knives you will find, but for choosing the best one, you need to pay attention to its blade, which has to be full tang. A full tang blade means it runs through the handle.

Where are Helle knives made?

Helle knives are made in Helle Fabrikker, which is situated in Holmdel, a small village by a Norwegian fjord.

What is the best knife ever made?

It is tough to choose one, as there are many quality knives available. However, Marble’s Ideal is considered as one of the best knives ever made for hunting. We also believe Helle Wabakimi as one of the best knives.

How to Take Care Helle Knives?

Knives have to be taken care of and sharpening regularly; otherwise, it will lose its strength and sharpness. To take of Helle knives, you have to follow and keep these points in your mind:

  1. Do not soak the knife in the water. Keep it always dry and clean. If you are using the knife to cut meat, please make sure it is drying before storing it.
  2. The handle should be cleaned with a dry and clean cloth. As it is made of wood, water can cause steroid damage to it. Grease your blade regularly.
  3. Do not put your sheath on sunlight for an extended period. Heat may cause severe damage. Always make sure that the sheath is dry. If it gets wet, dry it at room temperature. Do not put it on fire or dryer.

How to Sharpen the Helle knife guide?

Best Helle knives

To make a Helle knife life-lasting, you should take good care of it by sharpening it correctly and regularly. These are the tips and tricks you should follow while sharpening an original Helle knife.

  1. For sharpening, a wet stone or diamond tool is the best. Place one side of the knife on the diamond tool or the wet stone and start to move it upside down until another side of the knife seems burr.
  2. Once one side is done, you have to switch the side and repeat the same process until the other side seems burr and creates an excellent sharp edge.
  3. To remove the burr, keep stroking the sides of the knife onto the surface. The bevel should be flat towards the sharpener, and that’s how the burr removes, and you will have a sharp edge.
  4. Honing is needed when the tip of the blade gets dull. For this, you need to have a grindstone and plenty of water. The water and the friction of the grindstone will go to create a sharp tip of the blade. Do not put much force while grinding.

Final Words

Usual Helle knives offer Scandinavian grind along with a highly sharp edge. Despite its aesthetic looks and qualities, it is not made to use as an ornament. Instead, it is made to be used actually.

From our 10 best Helle knives review, you can easily pick one for you according to your needs.

If you need to use a knife to fulfill all types of daily tasks, a Nying knife would be a great choice. Helle also supplies great knives for amateurs or newbies! For the newbies, we would recommend Helle Speider.

Best Helle knives are attractive, comfortable to use, and last longer. It supports Helle’s philosophy “Quality craftsmanship is best preserved by skilled craftsmen,” and it is worth every cent.

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