Don’t Miss these 5 Best BucknBear Knives in Your Next Outing in the Wild!

There is nothing better than a multi-purpose knife in outdoor adventures to carry out multiple tasks. In this case, none can beat the best and finest knives from the house of BucknBear.  We have reviewed numerous and picked the five best BucknBear knives here for you.

There are several brands out there that produce different varieties of outdoor EDC knives. Have you wondered why we choose BucknBear, despite selecting the other trending brands?

Well, BucknBear manufactures a diverse range of knives. Besides, the premium quality Damascus blade, authentic wooden handle, and unlimited warranty make their knives unique from others.  If you search for a perfect knife to make your outing more thrilling, then yes, you have landed at the right place! This review will work as a savior to solve your problem.

We have gone through almost all the models and select only five based on their features, specifications, benefits to keep your selection process comfortable.

Without wasting your time, let’s hop into the review and learn the reasons for calling BucknBear knives the best!

BucknBear’s Lifetime Warranty

BucknBear has introduced world-class knives. Their knives are well-built and manufactured from top quality stainless steel. Moreover, they have a huge range of knives such as hunting, utility, skinner, flipping knife, and so many more to count.

BucknBear uses modern Damascus steel to make the blades. Damascus steel is renowned for setting the benchmark of durability, rigidity, and robustness. A BucknBear product can last for a lifetime if it is properly maintained.

5 Best BucknBear Knives

In case of any damage or defect, BucknBear offers a lifetime warranty, so you do not need to pay a penny to repair it. But to have this unlimited warranty, you have to purchase their products from an authorized vendor. This facility will be unavailable if you buy their knives from an unauthorized dealer or vendor either from the web or any brick and mortar store.

Best BucknBear Knives Review 2020 – Top 5 Picks

Do not randomly search here and there for the best BucknBear knives. As promised earlier, we have already done the research on the quality, unique features, advantageous uses, and users review of almost every knife from the house of BucknBear.

Out of that vast crowd of great knives, we have cherry-picked only five to make your buying process effortless and less time-consuming.

Here is the pre-cap list of our recommend-

  1. BucknBear Black Panther Flipper
  2. BucknBear Drop Point Utility Hunter Knife
  3. BucknBear Wild Skinner Knife
  4. BucknBear Army Liner Lock Folder Pocket Knife
  5. BucknBear Wild Fighter Knife with

Let’s not waste any time and dig into it.

1. BucknBear Black Panther Flipper with enchanting design, easy flipping mechanism, and flexible handle

[amazon box=”B072WBP679″ title=” “] [/amazon]

We all know, the BucknBear knives are crafted with high quality and robust material. And this Black Panther Flipper is no exception.  Attractive, small-sized, durable, and multi-purpose Black Panther Flipper knife has come first in our recommended list. Not only good looking, but it also has top-notch features. Besides its smooth blade, matte finishing, and comfortable grip enhance your cutting performance. Sounds incredible, right?

The 3.25-inches sharp blade is made from 440C stainless steel that makes the knife sturdy and long-lasting. Stonewash matte finishing can hide unwanted starches, and the clip point feature provides fast insertion. 440C steel also has corrosion and wear-resistant particles, so rust or corrosion does not minimize its performance. But you need to clean your knife after every use.

Now let’s talk about its flexible handle. The lightweight G-10 handle has designed to make the trip hassle-free. It delivers maximum support even when your hands become sweaty or wet. Moreover, G-10’s extraordinary dimensional stability and increased mechanical strength ensure coziness while using this knife. You can smoothly use it in any of your outdoor activities (such as hunting, field dressing, or skinning).

The easy-flipping mechanism is another premium feature of this knife. No matter, if you are a lefty or right, this mechanism allows both to control it by using the index finger. It comes with a lifetime warranty without any extra charge only if you purchase the knife from an authentic vendor.  A supportive and dedicated customer service team is always ready to sort out any problems. Though the price range costs you more than other EDC outdoor knives, this price won’t let you down. All you need to cherish the investment is proper care and immediate cleaning to maintain its longevity and performance.

Are you an adventure enthusiast and looking for a pocket knife with practical multi-purpose features to carry during camping trips? This Black Panther Flipper can be a perfect companion without any confusion. No matter how the outdoor environment is, you can use it with confidence.


  • Sleek design
  • Durable
  • Flexible to use
  • Sharper blade
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Excellent quality for the price


  • Little bit pricy

2. BucknBear Drop Point Utility Hunter Knife with exceptional design, fixed Damascus blade, and olive wood handle

[amazon box=”B0170ZKP02″ title=” “] [/amazon]

When it comes to hunter knife, there are only a handful of brands to compete with BucknBear. The hunter knife from BucknBear has a well-polished design, durable, Damascus blade, carved olive wood handle, and comes in an exclusive leather case. All these unique features bundle together to intensify your hunting experience.

Let’s focus on its construction! With a full-tang, this fixed Damascus blade makes the knife looks stunning, unbreakable, and robust. Complete tang construction creates a balance for a tight grip. The top-quality Damascus steel compiled both soft and hardened steel in a single blade. It not only adds strength but also keeps the edge exceptionally sharper for prolonged use. So, do slicing and dicing as much as you want. Apart from its’ aesthetic look, Damascus steel retain sharpness without compromising flexibility.

Besides, the 4 inches length and 3/16 inches thickness of the blade allow efficient cutting. Overall, the size of this knife is 8 inches that make it super easy to carry it. As being a utility knife, it has suited for all general purposes. It can effortlessly perform every single task of any small knife.

Let’s not forget the impressive handle! The handle is made out of olive wood and micarta G10 materials. Besides, it has a brass spacer and pivots.  Micarta G10 bolster strengthens the knife and provides a perfect balance. This material also makes the knife tough, lightweight, and rigid. So it becomes easy to carry and operate accurately. Stiff and long-lasting Olive wood uncover the real beauty of this knife.

Here comes the most appealing part, the brown-colored premium leather case. The fully hand-crafted case is made with high-grade leather. Hence, no chance of being tanned, and includes a belt loop to hold it closer to you. The entire sheath has stitched beautifully and also has a BucknBear logo on it. All the BnB knives come with an unlimited warranty if they have purchased from original vendors.

Those who run for an ideal drop point hunting knife with better quality can spend their money on this knife to carry out all the necessary hunting tasks


  • Great knife
  • Classy outlook
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Sharper blade
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Fixed blade, you cannot flip it
  • High price

3. BucknBear Wild Skinner Knife with full tang design, clip point blade style, and walnut wood handle

[amazon box=”B019I3SN1M” title=” “] [/amazon]

We keep this wild skinner knife on our pick up list for its fantastic outlook, beautiful pattern, full tang design, sturdiness, sharp Damascus blade, and unique leather sheath. Of course, the spectacular walnut wood handle will blow your mind.

This attractive 7 inches Skinner knife is made with high quality 1095 steel. The 1095 steel is made from plain carbon. It keeps the sharpness of the edge, retain the strength, and make it easy to re-sharpen. The full tang design enhances this knife’s weight by creating balance to make your grip firm and comfortable. Being a skinner knife, it performs more effectively as a hunting tool than any other hunting accessories.

The greatness of the blade still remains unrevealed. The 3.25 inches fixed blade comes with 1.89 inches depth and 0.16 inches thickness. It is famous for the clip point blade style that creates a sharp point, makes it more versatile, and a good pick for the camp chores. Compare it with other brands, and you won’t find any that can beat this wild skinner knife with strength and beauty.

Another exciting feature is the walnut wood handle that magnifies the knife’s beauty, extends longevity, and secure the grip. But for long-lasting use, try to keep the handle dry. The knife comes with a beautifully designed, double-stitched leather sheath keeps the blade protected but does not store it in the case for an extended period.

Stop wondering for an all-rounder knife for both outdoor and indoor activity. This wild skinner knife will make you investment-worthy in every outing.


  • Versatile knife
  • Top-notch appearance
  • Heavy nice blade
  • Good indexing
  • Performs better for skinning
  • Easy to handle


  • Needs proper knife care otherwise, gets rusty
  • Costly

4. BucknBear Army Liner Lock Folder Pocket Knife with eye-catching design patterned Damascus blade and burl wood handle.

[amazon box=”B014IHO7MW” title=” “] [/amazon]

Introducing the exquisite pocket knife, the Army Liner Lock Folder Pocket Knife! The excellently designed Damascus blade, liner lock mechanism, double thumb stud, black belt clip, and burl wood handle give you the most reliable cutting performance.

First of all, this high-quality pocket knife comes with a good looking design, useful features, and provides smooth action to perform quickly. Around 7.5 inches long, this knife has a double thumb stud to deliver extra comfort to operate smoothly for both left and right-handed users.

If we look at the blade – the patterned Damascus blade and drop point blade style adds more aesthetic value as well as sharpness. This 3.12 inches long Damascus blade has created from VG-10 stainless steel. In recent times, VG-10 steel has considered the best steel for knives.

It makes the knife harder, rust-resistant, edge durable, and speeds up chopping performance. The drop point style blade can efficiently perform all the butchering tasks, including cutting, carving, and skinning.

The artistic handle already increases its overall look, and it has made from burl wood that prevents cracking. A knife folder has been given, including a metallic clip holding the knife in a secure or fixed position.

Another exciting feature is the liner lock mechanism! This liner lock provides perfect balance, right opening action. It holds the blade tightly in the right position after using it.

Do not rethink if you seek a folder pocket knife that comes up with elegancy, practical and useful features. Just choose this liner lock folder pocket knife; it will not disappoint you.


  • Well-built knife
  • Excellent appearance
  • Great looking liner lock
  • Sharpe blade
  • Better cutting performance
  • Easy to carry


  • Expensive
  • Need proper knife care to the glossy look

5. BucknBear Wild Fighter Knife with full tang design, high-quality blade, and Walnut Burl Wood Handle

[amazon box=”B019M57O9S” title=” “] [/amazon]

This wild fighter knife has recognized as one of the best BucknBear knives for its unique design and premium features. It has specially designed to conduct variant ranges of work include utility purposes along with hunting. Without this one, your exciting hunting adventure becomes incomplete.

It becomes more elegant and sturdy with a well-built, clip point style blade, and polished full tang design.  Powder coat finishing also makes it durable and long-lasting. This lightweight fighter knife gives you a firm grip. The main advantage of a clip point knife is its versatility and sharp-edged blade. Overall, it has considered an all-purpose knife.

No more blunt blade knife! Replace your ordinary knife with this wild fighter knife to get maximum performance. Its sharper blade has made up of 1095 high carbon steel, and it has widely used for knife construction. As 1095 steel provides toughness, easier sharpening, and gives a glossy look. Without taking proper knife care, this knife can become rusty. So, we need to clean it after each use and store it correctly.

The well-polished walnut burl wood handle takes its elegancy to another level. Not only that, the wooden handle makes it comfortable to hold and use the knife. This handle also includes a glass breaker at the end edge for emergency use. The knife comes with a durable leather sheath that has double stitching and a BucknBear logo.

Not only suitable for the hunters, but this knife will also an ideal match for those who look for a dependable and all-in-one type knife. They look for such a knife to use in any outdoor or indoor activity.


  • Well-polished design
  • High-quality blade
  • Wide ranges of uses
  • Long-lasting
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Gives glossy look


  • Clean it properly, or it will become rusty
  • Need to store it in a dry place to prevent oxidation

Features of BucknBear Knives

No wonder all the BucknBear knives have endowed with an enormous feature to make your cutting or hunting experience smooth and wilder.

Now let’s bring the spotlight on some highlighted features of BucknBear knives.

Damascus Steel Blade

Damascus steel has extensively used for crafting the knife blade, and BucknBear is no exception. Premium benefits if the blade is that it maintains good quality, holds the edge correctly, adds elegancy, enhances sharpness, and extend longevity.

All these superior features may cost you extra, but this additional investment will not make you sadden. Damascus steel is more like a pattern that is made with different types of steel layered together. Generally, high-carbon steels are widely used to make Damascus pattern. Stainless steel surrounds the high carbon core.

Damascus Steel Blade

Most of the time, these Damascus patterns are visible in a kitchen knife, but you can also found them in outdoor EDC knives. Too much soft carbon steel can initiate rusting. However, proper care will stop the chance of any rust or discoloration. So, clean and dry your knife immediately after every use. Applying oil on the blade will protect it from rust too.

Wooden Handles

Wooden handles level up the beauty of the BucknBear knives paired with steel blades. BucknBear has used various types of woods to make the exotic handles for their knives. They mostly use walnut, burl, and olive wood. Their wooden handles have carved beautifully with intricate stitching along with the BucknBear logo.

wooden handle knife

Wooden handles provide a firm grip and stop the knife from suddenly slipping off your hand during chopping. So it consumes less time and makes your cooking faster. All the wooden handles are ergonomically fit for cutting precisely. Talking about durability, it can last a lifetime if you handle your knife appropriately. Regular care and oiling redouble the lifetime.

Compact Design

Another advantageous feature is the compact design. Most of the best BucknBear knives come with a pocket folding compact design, and they also provide a leather case to keep the knife. As they are small-sized, so the knives require less space in the bag or pocket to carry and even in the kitchen. This compact size ensures better portability and storage.

Cutting veggies and meat or chopping branches are equally accessible with the BucknBear knives. They can also work as a survival camping or hiking tool, so no need to carry a big survival knife in your backpack. Instead, grab a BnB knife that will easily fit in your pocket.

Light Weight

This feature makes BnB knives portable and user-friendly. Lightweight knives have numerous benefits. You can carry them wherever you want and do almost any task. If you’re going to take it in your camping, hunting, hiking, or simple outing, there is no chance of any extra hassle. Just keep it in your bag or pocket, and you are all set to go.

Do not think, as they are lightweight, they cannot last long. If you feel so, then sorry, you will be proven wrong! All the BnB knives are constructed with top-notch materials to maximize their durability, reliability, and robustness.


Let’s talk about versatility! This beneficial feature makes BnB knives unique from other brands.

Their all-rounder knives can perform all of your cutting and slicing stuff. If you buy any one of the BnB multi-purposed knives, you do not need to purchase kitchen culinary sets to cut the veggies. Suppose you are worried about the cutting performance with an EDC knife. In that case, we can assure you that the performance will be the same as any culinary set.

BnB knives

Less effort, less time!

So, indirectly it will save you money, time, and space.

These knives are also suitable for camping or hunting. You can use them as a protection kit, self-dense, cut ropes, and even in trimming clothes. Hunting tasks such as skinning, field dressing, and fishing can also conduct with BnB knives.


Compare to the rest of the brands, BnB knives come up with a comparatively high price tag. But most of their knives have multiple uses. Their knives include high-end features like top-quality construction, aesthetic wooden handles, and artistic Damascus steel blade. Moreover, these will make your knife collection enriched and sophisticated.

Though the price rate costs you more but does not get stressed, this extra penny does not dishearten you. Besides, you do not need to spend extra on buying a culinary set as you can efficiently perform your kitchen tasks by using BnB utility knives. So, in short, it will save you money in the end.

5 Best Bucknbear Knives

[amazon bestseller=”BUCKNBEAR knife” template=”bestseller_table”] [/amazon]


This FAQ section is going to discuss some related questions that may arise when using or purchasing these amazing knives. It will concise all the necessary information that you might need to begin your knife journey. So, let’s dive deep into it more into this section.

Where are BucknBear Knives Made?

It is an obvious question among the BucknBear knife lovers. Their curious minds want to know where their favorite knives have manufactured. Here comes the solution for all the knife enthusiasts, all the best BucknBear knives have produced in Pakistan. Well, Pakistan has a popularity for manufacturing less expensive Damascus knives.
All the skilled and experienced artisans work day and night with the utmost patience to create all these aesthetic knives. Though BucknBear does not compromise with the product’s quality. It has its quality control teams and experts. Their experts always examine and maintain the standard quality throughout the whole manufacturing process. So, no chance of getting any defective items.

What is the Best Hunting Knife Brand?

Nowadays, a variant of brands all over the world is producing hunting knives. But among the thousands of brand names, BucknBear comes first in this race. BucknBear has built the best hunting knife, and it has several more hunting knives models with unparalleled features. Some highlighted reasons for their being the best brand – high standard steel, Damascus blade pattern, comfortable handle, fitting, and finishing.
It has diverse hunting knife ranges: wild fighter knife, wild skinner knife, drop point utility hunter knife, tactical hunter, rain point hunter, and many more to count.  By using any one of them, you can easily carry out your hunting chores. All the hunting knives will make your hunting thrills adventurous. Not only hunting tasks, but these knives also have multi-purposed uses.

Are There any Good Knives Made in Pakistan?

Yes, Pakistan has made a wide variety of knives (such as hunting, camping, or bowie knife) with useful features and better quality. Their knife industry has emerged throughout the last few decades with expertise in versatile knives and swords. The USA is their largest export market. The Damascus steel and artistic touch of their artisans create extra demand for their blades.
Pakistani knives have excellent quality; however, some are junk.  Most of the blades are made from modern Damascus steel. However, many fake manufacturers use low-quality steel and sell their knives using the name of Damascus steel blade. So, try to re-check the blade quality before buying or buy from any trustable source.

Are Buck Knives Good Quality?

Buck always makes good quality knives, and all of them maintain a standard quality to uphold high cutting performance. Buck knives have beautifully designed and feature-packed. Not only stunning design, but their knives also come with an impressive handle, sharp blade, and easy to use. All the knives have an unlimited lifetime warranty. None can beat their effectiveness, durability, longevity, reliability, sharpness, and compact design.
Buck knives are known as an all-round knife as they have a wide range of uses. It includes cutting, slicing, dicing, fishing, hunting, survival, skinning, or everyday use and have huge portability. Every single product delivers better quality, convenience, and versatility to its user.

How to Take Care of BucknBear Knife?

Without taking proper care, your BnB knife will lose its glossiness, and sometimes it may get rust. For ensuring its durability and use it for a longer time, you need to take good care of the knives.
Taking care of any knife is easy. It’s the regularity and timing that matters. You have to make sure the frequent cleaning oiling, and sharpening.
Clean your knife regularly
To enhance your knife’s lifetime, proper and regular cleaning after every use plays a vital role. This habit increases the durability and preserves the glossy look.
Versatile knife cleaners are now available on the market, but we recommend using a mild and residue-free cleanser. But you can use a non-abrasive cleaner to protect the surface from being oxidized, or rusty and the rest of the part can clean with a mild cleaner. We suggest you use a gentle cleanser for cleaning the handles.
Do not use washing powder or detergents, as it may create corrosion!
Apply oil
Oxidization or rust can discolor and degrade the steel. To get rid of rust and oxidization, you can apply oil. Regular cleaning minimizes the chance of oxidization, and light rust can remove by oiling. But for heavy rust, you need abrasive action.
Store in a dry place
To protect your knife from unwanted moisture and also away from children, you should store it in a dry and secure place. Before storing, always dry your knife to keep it sharp, durable, and rust-free.

Buying Guide (Few Essential Factors to Consider)

Now you have known the names of the best BucknBear knives—time to pick the right one for you.

So, let’s review a few essential factors in your mind before buying.

Blade size and material

Blade size and material are essential factors to think about before buying a knife. Based on your purposes, you need to choose the blade size. If possible, go with the small-sized pocket knife as it has enormous portability and required less space. But sometimes you need a big-sized blade to have your task done. So make a selection first. A high-quality blade material goes for a long run.


The weight has also considered a crucial factor in choosing a multi-purpose knife. Most of the best all-rounder knives come with a compact design and lightweight to make the handling trouble-free. In case you select a heavy knife instead of a lightweight knife, it will become too difficult for you to carry and control it for a longer time.


A feature-packed knife should always be your priority. Most of the BucknBear knives are packed with multiple useful features. More features jacked up the price and it’s true.  Though it costs you a few extra bucks, you will be the ultimate winner in the long run.


Try to buy a knife with versatility. Better versatility means you can use the same knife in any condition. You can conduct all the hunting jobs such as skinning, fishing, or field dressing. This knife can also be used as a defense tool to protect yourself from wild animals. Moreover, you can use it in the kitchen for cutting, dicing, or slicing.

Easy to handle

Your knife needs to deliver a tight and comfortable grip in all environments and weather conditions. It shouldn’t slip out from your hand if it becomes sweaty or wet. So, easy handling and use can be considered another vital fact as the knife has to fit perfectly in your hand even if in all tough and rough situations.

Easy to wash

Some of the flipping knives are difficult to wash after hunting. So, before buying a knife, you need to consider this fact. Because proper washing and cleaning play a vital role in the extended lifetime of the knife.


Proper maintenance makes the knife long-lasting and durable. So, you need to go with the knife that has an easy maintenance process to carry it out.

Final Words 

Next time when you go hunting or camping, take a BucknBear knife with you to feel the difference. Trust me, this exotic knife will not let you down!

Suppose you are determined to replace your blunt knife with a multi-purpose, sharp blade knife. In that case, nothing can defeat BucknBear knives for their uniqueness and efficiency.

We try to provide you with all the explicit information about each knife to make a suitable choice. We select the best BucknBear knives in this review based on their premium features, market demand, high quality, and user reviews.

Now it is your turn to make the right decision before going to buy one. Take your time, re-read the review if you think you skip any point, make a shortlist of your preferences, and make your budget to make your spending worthy.

Let’s go and grab your preferred one fast before it goes out of stock!

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