Benchmade Vs. Spyderco Knives: The Best Kitchen Sensation

Are you looking for a top-notch and high-quality knife set such as Benchmade Vs. Spyderco? Do you want to make your cooking place look aesthetic? If you want to know how to perfectly select a high-quality knife set, you must take a quick look at the whole article. Both Benchmade and Spyderco are two well-known knife manufacturers in the kitchen utensil industry. They have been shining in the market for making quality products and ensuring awesome customer satisfaction. 

In this comparison article of Benchmade Vs. Spyderco, I will be explaining the basic specifications and features of a good quality knife so that you can choose your knife set from any manufacturer including Benchmade and Spyderco. You should know that all knives are designed to utilize for specific purposes. So, you can have a bad experience even after purchasing a quality knife set.    

What Is A Benchmade Knife?

Benchmade began in 1981 as the organization named Bali Song and they are presently headquartered in Oregon City, Oregon. CEO of the company, Les De Asis, was disappointed with the ineffective and low-quality blades. For his rough experience, he set his steel and innovative abilities to work.

He built up a prevalent quality blade and in the long run, discovered his organization developing into Benchmade. Les De Asis picked the name “Benchmade” as the organization works to accentuate quality knives by proper human involvements.

Benchmade is a world chief in programmed blade innovation and they help numerous foundations and associations equipped towards the household materials. The organization utilizes about 400 talented individuals in their company. They have developed and shaped themselves to one of the most premium blade makers in the United States. Purchasing a Benchmade knife can hardly be a wrong choice. 

Key Features of A good Benchmade Knife:

Benchmade Vs. Spyderco
  1. The plain knife is exceptionally flexible. It very well can be utilized for slicing through a wide scope of materials. It makes clean cuts, supports you with additionally cutting control, and is simpler to hone than a serrated edge. 
  1. On the off chance that you have to cut through extremely hard materials, a serrated edge is the best decision for you. In any case, it is not ideal for slicing through delicate material like a tomato and it tends to be more difficult to hone. 
  1. Sharp edges with a cleaned finish have a trendy shiny surface and are simpler to clean. In any case, these kinds of cleaned surfaces can scratch quickly. A satin finish edge is not as polished as a cleaned edge. It has rust prevention technology but scratches can be a problem. Blades that have a dark powder or titanium nitride layer look smooth, sharp and are exceptionally impervious to rust. Be that as it may, the covering may wear off the sharp edge after some time. So whichever kind of knife you pick, you must take care of it regularly after use to keep it in an ideal condition. 
  1. The clip point knife has a clip edge end which gives the edge a tightened and well-honed edge. It is ideal for cutting off animal hides as you can put and pull back the blade quicker. The clip point edge may not be as solid as different sorts of sharp edges so it should not be intended for heavy works. 
  1. A sloping edge configuration of the Benchmade has a strong and well finished structure. It has sharp pointed end which is thicker than the clip point edge which makes this edge exceptionally adaptable and ideal for a wide scope of taking bulk loads.
  1. A tanto edge has a high and amazingly solid point with a level crush so it will be a fantastic decision for wounding or slicing through hard materials. 
  1. Sharp edge lengths go in size from 3 to 5 inches. Shorter edges are ideal for multi sided cuttings while a more extended edge can be utilized for nearly anything.
  1. Handles are made out of nylon which is a high-pressure withstand plastic. Glass filled nylon handles are exceptionally sturdy and simple to hold in wet conditions. The handles have a finished surface with scales that give you a proper grip on your hand. Moreover, the Benchmade handles are available in wood. Wood is a decent decision as it makes a strong and tough handle but it very well may be elusive in wet conditions. The thickness of the handle is a significant factor. A thin handle is ideal for hunting purposes but a thicker handle is more qualified for intense cuttings. 
  1. Premium American made hardened steel makes an extremely sharp cutting edge with prevalent maintenance, great focusing with a heavy rust prevention. This kind of cutting edge is gentler than high carbon steel. So, you should hone it more regularly with a quality sharpening stone.

5 Best Benchmade Knives

What is a Spyderco Knife?

The first Spyderco collapsing blade was made in 1981. This was a blade that had remarkable highlights at that point and assisted the changing essence of blade manufacturing. Today, this organization has come to the limelight for its great blades that are made with accuracy and with the most updated innovation. Spyderco has blades that can cross your spending ranges.

So, in the event that you find a knife that looks excessively extravagant, you may also find a comparable model made by them that is simpler on your wallet. After the organization started to increase fame in the industry, they presented a line of blade sharpeners and collapsing knives. Spyderco earned fame mostly for its first historically speaking structures in the realm of blades. They have hundreds of representatives and are cooperated with upgraded innovations.

Key Features of A Good Spyderco Knife:

Good Spyderco Knife
  1. Spyderco produces knives using carbon steel or hardened steel. From these two quality materials, you can generally pick the one that is best for you. The two materials have their extraordinary qualities and setbacks and that is the thing that we can figure out which blade is the best for you. Carbon steel makes tasteful blades since it is immovable and can keep up sharpness for more time but it has a drawback as well. It is inclined to rust. But the hardened steel is heavy. In this way, no material is great but you will have to find out which one is suitable for you. 
  1. Regardless of whether it is a collapsing blade or fixed cutting blade, it differs on the shape. Possibly it is made in a remarkable manner. That uniqueness is the thing that makes the company quite tasteful. Point and front line will fluctuate from blade to blade and you should be cautious when you are choosing.  
  1. The sharp edge of the blade is either serrated or plain. Most blades have a plain edge and that is the thing that most consumers are accustomed to. But serrated edges can be slick and tasteful. The serrated edge is toothed and it resembles a saw. This style is new but can be truly effective.  
  1. Spyderco knows what type of blades you need. In the event that you need a blade that is compact, a collapsing blade is the best. It is possible to overlay in at whatever space you need to store it. It additionally makes more secure to store.

5 Best Spyderco Knives

Factors & Specifications to compare Benchmade Vs. Spyderco Knives:

In case you are a traveler, hunter, tracker, or voyager who needs admittance to a superior cutting edge, you might be battling to settle on your ultimate choice between Benchmade knives and Spyderco Knives. To achieve your goal, you need to consider some facts to made the right choice. let’s see those facts:

The versatility of designs:

Spyderco is famous for its industry-first headways of pocket knives and is enabled to use by both hands. Its famous round thumb model is known as the “Spyderhole” and makes the opening sharp edge simple but not exactly as simple as a basic folding knife mechanism. Despite the fact that the casual knives can stall out on things, they simpler than the “Spyderhole”. 

Design Variety of styles, high quality pocket knives.Less variety of styles
Custom design Offers custom designsDoes not offer custom designs

Spyderco has brilliant collapsing blades and those are my favourite Spyderco sharp edges. While the organization has numerous forms and kinds of blades, their collapsing blades are my preferred item they produce. A user used a serrated edge for a long time before losing it unfortunately. So, you can go out and get a Spyderco knife right away if you think about longevity.

Benchmade Vs. Spyderco


Benchmade utilizes excellent steel in their blades and has a reiteration of structures available. While they have different styles and plans to look over, they all will in general have a similar clear structure. But Spyderco has more extraordinary models accessible. I am used to fewer blazes, so I will in general incline toward Benchmade over Spyderco. This extra grip feel in the hand gets my vote and their notable butterfly logo is basically more pleasant to my sensibilities than the Spyderco logo. Benchmade likewise offers exceptional customization of their products. 


Spyderco is a producer of the unrivaled quality blade. The organization utilizes demanding prerequisites for their creation lines and the narrative instances of a terrible Spyderco blade are rare. Other than that, they have various models of blades and various sorts of production cycles. 

Construction Multi layered ultra production cycle, three different series. Heavy duty construction procedure, offers no series. 

Benchmade has three different series as the gold grade (first in class), the blue grade (standard class of knives) and the black grade (used for military and law implementation with restricted regular citizen accessibility). The company ensures a pleasant method of outlining the overall nature of the blade you are getting and helps to fit things into advantageous value. However, between the two, Spyderco does not have various classes for its blades and that shows a firmer and broader responsibility to quality.

Cutting edge materials:

Although the two organizations make their blades utilizing great metals and different materials, every one of them has its own inclination regarding what materials give the most advantage to the customer. 

MaterialsVariety of innovate steels including plain and high carbon steel. Mostly high carbon stainless steel. 

The standard Spyderco accompanies a high carbon yield steel cutting edge. The standard Benchmade knife accompanies a high carbon stainless steel cutting edge. The two blades are offered in other quality steels too. The Spyderco has been delivered with each sort of fascinating steel possible. The Benchmade has had some restricted steel types in their production cycles and they mostly offer top quality and highly innovative steels. High carbon stainless steel holds is somewhat superior to plain steel while plain steel is marginally simpler to hone than high carbon stainless steel. Both high carbon stainless steel and plain steel are fine working steels in my opinion. So, it would go for any of the two if I like the design and price. 

Handle Quality:

A perfect directing wheel is significant for the appropriate utilization of a vehicle. In the same way, having a strong handle on your folding knife is similarly important. While you may not be hauling your blade around in your hand constantly, the minutes you choose to utilize the blade will probably include the utilization of the handle power. Regardless of whether it is cutting a bit of rope, attempting to scratch off a tree to chop off the fundamental wood, or slicing through a bit of meat, you will be needed to apply pressure through the handle of your blade with the goal to effectively go through materials. 

Spyderco Harpy Folding Knife
Handle materialsExceptionally well designed nylon plastic and wooden handles. Different types of materials including wood and plastic. 

That is the reason it is so significant for you to pick a blade that has a very much constructed and ergonomically structured handle. Things to search for in a decent quality blade handle incorporate a type of padding, an arch in the general state of the handle so it easily fits in your grasp, and strong development. You additionally need to ensure that the handle is safely attached to the body of the blade itself so you will not need to stress over it falling off or getting free over expanded timeframes. Both Benchmade and Spyderco use a variety of materials to make comfortable and stylish handles. 

Price Comparison:

Spyderco will quite often be the more reasonable alternative due to its low cost. They have amazing quality in their craftsmanship but they redistribute a lot of their work abroad and that just brings down the expense of their blades. You can hope to get your hands on one of their better blades for around a hundred US dollars. Benchmade is created generally in the US and you can see that in their cost. Their moderate blades are well more than 100 US dollars and the majority of that cost goes towards the higher wages and research works. 

Price comparison Higher price than Spyderco starting from $30.  Less price than Benchmade starting from $20. 

Warranty Information:

Spyderco offers a lifetime guarantee on their blades and offers a huge number of facilities for the cutting edge including free honing and moderate fixes. They will supplant blades that are damaged in regards to production faults, defect materials or workmanship with the same model. All different fixes have reasonable expenses and Spyderco will give a free gauge of fixes. 

Benchmade has an indistinguishable guarantee with respect to others. This guarantee just applies to certified Benchmade blades bought from approved Benchmade sellers. Benchmade offers free honing facilities and they will likewise oil and clean your blade for free. 

When You Should Go For Benchmade knives?

For those who concur with the past rough experience, you have gone to the correct spot. Benchmade will definitely turn out to be the most significant component that you have to consider when settling on your choice. Each of the knives is the ideal fit for your specific needs. 

Types of Users Who Need Benchmade Knives: 

  1. Regular users.
  2. Users who move from place to place.
  3. Professional chefs.
  4. Housewives.
  5. Lightweight lovers. 

Benefits of A Benchmade Knife Over a Spyderco Knife:

  1. High caliber knives.  
  2. The incredible incentive for cash, 
  3. Ideal for EDC, outdoors, and strategic applications. 
  4. Dark covering for extra sturdiness and imperviousness to rust. 
  5. Holds its sharpness inconceivably well.
  6. Solid and tough sloping edge utility-style cutting edge.
  7. Extreme glass-filled nylon handle.
  8. Lightweight.
  9. Reversible pocket cut.

Things that Are Not As Good As Spyderco Knife:

  1. No other hued handle decisions 
  2. Cutting edge angle can be smaller with time.
  3. Higher price.
  4. Less extra facilities. 

Quick Tips:

If you are not thinking about price and superb quality knives, I recommend you to go for the Benchmade tools. You must clean, dry and oil your knives after every use to last your knife for a long time. 

When You Should Go For Spyderco knives?

There is no discussion on the quality and adaptability of the Spyderco brand. In any case, their broad scope of choices can make it hard to tell which one is the best for your requirements. From humble beginnings to turning into a behemoth brand in the blades and cutlery industry, Spyderco has something great which is pretty much for everybody. From work to the outside, their lineup of sharp edges is both competent and solid. 

Types of Users Who Need Spyderco Knives:

  1. Beginner chefs.
  2. Restaurant kitchens.
  3. Heavy weight lovers.
  4. Home applications. 

Benefits of A Spyderco knife over a Benchmade knife:

  1. Superb pocket knife, ergonomic handle, and strong ground level sharp edge. 
  2. Walker LinerLock, 4-way pocket cut, and a skeletonized full-length inner liner. 
  3. Good cutting quality, sharp edge focusing is satisfactory, lightweight, and opens without any problem. 
  4. Ideal size for EDC and looks non-undermining. 
  5. Astounding completion, very smooth activity and fits incredible in the hand. 
  6. Top-rack manufacture quality, extraordinary flipper for the cash, and fabulous catch pressure lock. 
  7. Comes inconceivably sharp from the processing plant and the cutting edge stays sharp for quite a while. 

Things that Are Not As Good As Benchmade knife:

  1. Less variety of body structures.
  2. No nylon handles.
  3. Less finished than Benchmade.

Quick tips

If you want a quality knife within a reasonable price, Spyderco is the choice for you. And it is better to always follow the compay guidelines before start using. 

Frequently Asked Questions of Benchmade Vs. Spyderco

Well, some questions should not be left out without an answer, and that’s why we’ve come up with this section. You will find some solution to the basic confusion that may arise while you are considering a knife between Benchmade Vs. Spyderco. let’s find out more about what this section is bringing on!

What is EDC?

EDC is the locking system of the knife. In the event that you do not have a securing system for your knife, you will have to spend a ton of cash on band-aids as sharp edge locks are the coverings between the uprightness of your fingers and the edge.
For example, EDC locks keep the cutting edge from flipping outwards. This is what EDC utilizes, liner locks, which are the least expensive, easiest, most normal variation, outline bolts, more dependable, back locks, a more established framework but quite solid, hub locks, solid and able to use both hands and the best part is that the knife is exceptionally lock secured.

What is Pocket Clip? 

Pocket clip is another factor while picking the best blade. A very much structured pocket cut permits you to eliminate the clip and reposition as you see fit and most loved blades permit you to reposition around the pocket clip which is incredible.

How Long Does Benchmade and Spyderco Knife Last?

Benchmade has been working together for around 50 years and makes their sharp edges in the United States. Spyderco has been working for quite a while too. In view of their longevity, Spyderco made sharp edges are sturdier and hold their edge longer than Benchmade’s ventured edges. All things considered, high esteemed commentators professed to utilize Benchmade blades for a long time with no issues.

The Final Verdict: 

Benchmade and Spyderco are essentially the best of the bests with regards to collapsing and sharp steel blades such as Benchmade Vs. Spyderco. While you can discover other premium brands, these two makers are two of the greatest and most notable organizations that produce quality folding knives that are useful for strategic undertakings.

Picking a blade is not tough but you need to get the most incentive one for your dollar. Fortunately, both of these makers produce incredible quality blades, and it is difficult to turn out badly with both of them.

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