Grand Way Knives Review – Are Grand Way Knives Any Good (An Authentic Review)

Survival is the basic Instinct of human life. People do many things just to survive in dangerous situations. But there are some tools such as knives which can ensure a person’s safety in the shortest and the least dangerous way possible.

Knives can be used in many ways – they can be used to cut ropes, open boxes, hunt down animals and procure foods. They can also be used to defend oneself from the robbers and criminals who try to harm one easily and shortly than to use physical force.

But not all of the knives are good for a person’s safety because they are not that convenient and easy to use. Here, Grand way knives play the hero’s role. This problem is solved by the Grand way knives’ products as they have a variety of smart knives which can be used by the people of any classes and ages. In this Grand Way Knives review, I am diving into detailed analysis in a simplified manner.

Grand Way Knives Overview

The Grand way knives company is based in the City of Charkov which is situated in the Northeast part of Ukraine. They started producing knives more than 15 years ago and they produce finer quality knives by hand. They produce various kinds of knives – hunting knives, fishing knives, folding pocket knives, spring assisted knives and karambit knives.

They also produce luxurious knives to meet the demand of all sorts of customers. They offer an exceptional ratio of price and quality combined with top notch materials such as 440 C steel, 420 C steel, 95×12 Russian Damascus steel, stainless steel 8CR13mov, aluminum alloy, Rose wood etc.

Grand Way Knives Review

Key Features Grand Way Knives

The function of Grand Way knives is that they can be used in everything perfectly such as exploring, hunting, everyday carrying, surviving, working and defending. The Grand Way Company dreams of designing smart knives that can help one realize one’s great expectations. The Grand way knives really started playing a vital role in exploring the world, in creating something amazing and in challenging oneself in the wilderness.

This company is now manufacturing various amazing products that include multi-tools, pocket knives, folding knives, non-folding knives, hunting knives, tactical knives, multifunctional knives, throwing knives, fishing knives etcetera. These knives’ key features are as follow-

  • Fantastic compact tools that can withstand day-to-day use
  • The multi-tools are highly assembled which contain one or multiple blades of various functions
  • These blades are manufactured using 420 C steel, 440 C steel, Russian Damascus steel, stainless steel 8CR13mov, aluminum alloy, rosewood etcetera
  • Their hardness varies from 52 – 58 HRC, this prevents the blades from being brittle
  • They are very lightweight, easy and comfortable to carry
  • Balance of pocket ability and functionality are the main purpose of Grand way knives
  • The knives are quick and easy to open, capable of one handed deployment
  • The blades fold inside the two handles easily and without any friction
  • Their multifunctional uses are – for EDC and tactical use, for camping and hiking, for survival and self-defense, for utility and first aid.
  • Paracord lanyards are used for better compatibility
  • Handcrafted exclusive wood carving knives
  • Liner locks and SLIP JOINT LOCKS are used for safety purposes and to prevent accidental exposure
  • Black coated 440 C steel’s excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance ensures proper operation without sharpening.
  • The blades provide razor sharp cutting performance and high durability
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5 Best Grand Way Knives Review

1. Spring Assisted knife – Grand Way 6681

It is a multipurpose spring assisted knife which can be used as a pocket folding knife, military style knife, boy scouts knife and tactical knife. It’s semi-automatic system is perfect for everyday life. Even if it breaks down it can be used as a classical knife.

Spring Assisted knife - Grand Way 6681

The blade of this knife is made of good quality and pure 440 C stainless steel with high thermal treatment that can be used roughly without damaging it’s sharpness. This folding combat knife comes with a lock back which gives you a high-quality, secure and reliable experience. It’s simple liner lock is resistant to dirt and it does not unfold accidentally.

It’s black coated blade gives a good balance of hardness and corrosion resistance that shows excellent performance and durability. It is a blade that suits camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, emergencies, survival, self-defense, outdoor activities and army needs.

Key Spaces of Spring Assisted knife:

  • 4.40 OZ WEIGHT
  • Item Package Dimensions : 4.6 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches
  • Package Weight : 0.14 Kilograms
  • Brand Name : GRAND WAY
  • Color : Black
  • Manufacturer : GRAND WAY
  • Part Number : 6681
  • Hardness : 57-58 HRC


  • Fitting pocket belt and strap carry (clip)
  • Perfect pressure control (thumb jumping)
  • High quality assembly
  •  aluminum handle
  • 10 years warranty
  • Affordable price
  • Hiking and survival skills leaning to use multipurpose paracord by Alex Trotsenko ebook free

Cons :

  • Overly tightened ( Sometimes the knife won’t close)
  • The safety switch is made of plastic ( sometimes slides back and forth)
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2. Pocket Folding Spring Assisted Opening Knife Grand Way 6772

It is one of the best everyday carry, survival, hiking, camping knife for army, military, emergency and outdoor rescue knife. It is a thumb stud equipped spring assisted knife that is optimized for quick one-hand opening. Liner lock technology gives it a very secure locking system that prevents accidental exposure of the knife.

420 stainless steel is used to make it’s single blade which is razor sharp and it can cut through woods and other similar materials easily.

Pocket Folding Spring Assisted Opening Knife Grand Way 6772:

Very durable plastic made handle makes it’s weight 4.8 ounces which is very light and comfortable to use. A firestarter rod is attached to the handle to strike against the blade to start fire.

Also, to make the knife an all-rounder, a whistle is inbuilt in the fire starter. This combo makes it a perfect companion of a boy scout and a tourist. They can start a fire wherever they want and they can warn their companions through the whistle in dangerous situations. So, it is a life saving, self-defending and must have EDC tool for an adventurer. If you once went camping, you won’t want to be without this product ever.

Grand Way 6772 Key Spaces:

  • STEEL GRADE : 420 C
  • BLADE THICKNESS : 0.10 inches
  • BLADE LENGTH : 3.7 inches
  • BLADE WIDTH : 1.10 inches
  • HANDLE LENGTH : 4.7 inches
  • OVERALL LENGTH : 8.4 inches
  • WEIGHT : 120G (4.23oz), 4.8 ounces
  • Manufacturer : GRAND WAY
  • Part Number : 25443
  • Package Dimensions :    4.92 x 2.87 x 1.14 inches
  • Hardness : 56-57 HRC]
  • Durable plastic handle

Pros :

  • Super lightweight, strong and doesn’t slide
  • Lightweight durable plastic handle that reduces weight and increases wielding comfort
  • Suitable pocket belt and strap carry (clip)
  • Balance of pocket ability and functionality
  • Smooth one hand easy opening (flipper)
  • Stable liner lock construction
  • Razor sharp edge and best cutting performance

Cons :

  • Parts cost more than buying a new knife
  • The blade doesn’t come pre-sharpened, so it is necessary to sharpen it manually
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3. Spring Assisted Knife – Grand Way WK 0207

WK 0207 is made of high quality 440C stainless steel, rosewood and black metal. High-quality thermal treatment is used to balance the different materials and improve the quality of the blade. Hunters and carpenters are very fond of this kind of blade as they cut through bamboo like cutting young shoots. Fuller is used to optimize the blade. Jumping, flipper and thumb studs make it easy for one-hand opening.

Spring Assisted Knife - Grand Way WK 0207:

It is equipped with a safe and reliable liner lock. It is also equipped with a glass breaker tip. Both sides of the knife are covered with ergonomic shaped rosewood that provides the users a comfortable, stiff and fitting grip. Screws and remote stack bolts are used to create the two steel liner handles. Thus, it can be used as a sharp foldable pocket knife, jack knife, USMC marine knife, belt, boot, work and hunting Knives.

Grand Way WK 0207 Knife Key Spaces:

  • STEEL MARK : 440C
  • WEIGHT : 6.9 oz, 5.4 ounces
  • Package Dimensions :    5.2 x 1.9 x 0.8 inches
  • Manufacturer : GRAND WAY
  • HARDNESS : 57-58 HRC
  • Blade length : 3.54 inches
  • Equipped with GLASS BREAKER TIP

Pros :

  • One hand easy opening (flipper)
  • Natural wood handle scale gives users a comfortable grip
  • Easy to sharpen back to razor condition
  • A quality product at a cheap and affordable price
  • The assisted opening works very nicely with one hand
  • Solid build and very sharp on arrival
  • Well balanced and locks securely
  • The weight and ergonomic feel of this tactical knife open or closed adds confidence

Cons :

  • The spring assist opening is weak but it still does it’s job as long as a piece of paper does not get in it’s way
  • Sometimes the knife handle gets loose in one place or another
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4. Foldable Long Blade Pocket Knife – Grand Way 4172

This is a unique knife which plays a very important role in the world of knives. There are two types of folding knives. One is Spanish clasp knife and the other is a semi-folding blade knife that is known as ‘extended knife’. Though there are slight differences between these two types, both are beautiful and perfect everyday carry knives.

In case of the first type, the Spanish clasp type, it has the general style and form of both the handle and the blade. On the other hand, a semi-folding blade knife has a blade that is longer than it’s handle. So, when one closes or folds it, the blade partially enters into the handle but it keeps it’s safety and aesthetic value.

Clasp knives are just like other folding knives that are highly compacted and best suited for everyday use. But, at the same time, it faces the problem of having a short blade. Grand Way 4172 knife is a perfect solution to this problem. It keeps both the functions of folding knives’ system and classic knives’ impressively long blades. This knife has a perfect and interesting design which appeals to the eyes of both the folding knives lovers and the classic knives lovers.

It is a perfect daily driver for everything. Just like other Grand Way knives, it helps in camping, hiking, backpack, bush crafting, hunting,   fishing, military and army needs, outdoor & DIY activities, survival, self-defense and various emergencies. It is made of matte 440 stainless steel which is famous for it’s balance of durability and hardness.

It is also razor sharp and it can be sharpened after rough use very easily and conveniently. The use of ERGONOMIC METAL with wooden plates on both sides of the handle gives the users wielding comfort. The sheath of this knife is also strong and sturdy which is a perfect combination for a rough everyday carry.

Grand Way 4172 Knife

Grand Way 4172 Knife Key Spaces:

  • STEEL MARK : 440c
  • HANDLE LENGTH : 5.04 inches
  • OVERALL LENGTH : 10.83 inches
  • WEIGHT : 8.1 oz, 10.4 ounces
  • Package Dimensions :    8.1 x 3 x 1.2 inches
  • Manufacturer : GRAND WAY
  • HARDNESS : 52 – 55 HRC
  • BLADE LENGTH : 5.79 inches

Pros :

  • This knife is a good solution to the compactness problem of the folding knives
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes with recognizable classic forms
  • This product comes with strong and sturdy nylon sheath
  • Made of good quality materials and it fits comfortably in hand
  • SLIPJOINT LOCK makes it difficult to get exposed accidentally
  • Matte 440 C steel and wood combination gives it an expensive and luxurious look
  • Comes with a free survival ebook by Alex Trotsenko

Cons :

  • It’s a bit weightier than other Grand Way knives but it’s long blade balances it
  • Sometimes screws are found loose. So, tightening the screws after unboxing is recommended
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5. Gentleman’s Folding Knife – Pocket Knife with Wood Handle – GRAND Way 6651OW

It is a gorgeous looking folding knife for both men and women. Despite it’s beauty and modern design, it works marvelously. It uses a ‘liner lock’ system that is very sturdy and resistant to filth.

The handle is made of wood. The wooden handle has some recesses that helps the fingers to fit in there perfectly.

Gentleman’s Folding Knife_GRAND Way 6651OW

The blade is made of 440C stainless steel. This steel is known as classic steel in knives production since a long time ago. This steel maintains the balance between hardness and sharpness of the blade. This material can resist severe corrosion and it can retain it’s sharpness for a long time. This knife uses Satin finish coating which makes it more appealing to the customers. It can be used as a daily life driver.

GRAND Way 6651OW Knife key Spaces:

  • BLADE TYPE : Drop point
  • LOCK TYPE : Liner lock
  • Type : Folding
  • WEIGHT : 5.29 oz
  • Item Package Dimensions : 4.7 x 1.5 x 0.7 inches
  • Package Weight :  0.14 Kilograms
  • Brand Name : GRAND WAY
  • Color :   Color 1
  • Manufacturer : Grand Way

Pros :

  • Gorgeous and expensive looking pocket knife for both men and women
  • Cheap and affordable price
  • 100% full money back guarantee
  • Very durable and can be used as an everyday pocket knife
  • The finger recesses help to provide a secure grip
  • It is heavy in the hands, cuts well and is a full sized knife when opened
  • Handle made with exotic wood


  • No clip is available for this product
  • The blade is too short, only 3 inches long
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Grand Way Knives Users

The hunters, adventurers, tourists, the fishermen, farmers, students, teenage boys and girls – everybody can use this knife for safety, self defense, protection and for their daily necessities.

It is a great unisex tool because it can be widely used by pilots, architects, cyclists, hikers and officers alike. It is a must have item for boy scouts as it can help them cut ropes, bamboo, wood for setting up a camping site. They can also use Grand way knives fire starter to create fire which can be used to cook and roast foods and to protect them from wild animals at night in the camp.

The built-in whistle attached with the fire starter can be used to warn other members of their party in dangerous situations.

Comparison with Multiple Similar Knives:

●    Compare with similar items

ProductsGrand Way WK0207  ALBATROSS Best 6-in-1 Tactical KnifeSteinbrucke Tactical KnifeSmith & Wesson SWMP4LS
Rating1690 reviews1265 reviews1276 reviews2160 reviews
Sold byGrand WayAlbatross EDCAcPulseAmazon Warehouse
Color1 woodBlackBlackMulti

●    Compare with similar items

ProductsGrand Way 97010Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife [22-48485]GVDV Hiking Folding  Pocket KnifeGrand Way FL 140106
Rating890 reviews877 reviews741 reviews640 reviews
Sold byGrand WayAmazon.comGVDV GVDVGrand Way

Are Grand Way Knives Good?

From the comparison table above, we can see that Grand Way WK0207 knife is in the second leading position with 1690 user reviews. The first position is claimed by Smith & Wesson knife with 2160 reviews. Though there is a slight difference between these two products, the overall rating and view of the Grand Way WK0207 is better than the other one.

Grand Way Knives

Reason? There is a huge reason for this. Let us look at the price ratio and quality of materials of these two products. Grand Way uses black coated 440 C stainless steel as it’s blade and the handle is a combination of rosewood and metal which is very expensive, but the price of this product is cheap and affordable that is half the price of the other product. It’s spring assisted liner lock gives a reasonable security that other similar products lack.

On the other hand, Smith & Wesson knives are also good and they are made of the same quality materials, but it’s price is double than the Grand Way knives. For this reason, the common people can easily buy the Grand Way knives and they will hesitate to buy the other similar products as they are costly but of the same quality.

Thus, it is apparent that Grand Way knives are really good with their premium appearance and feel and for their affordable and inexpensive price.

Grand Way Knives Reviews- Our Verdict

There is nothing perfect in this world. But from these imperfect things we have to select something that caters to our most of the needs of everyday life. And the Grand Way knives are one of these few things that fulfill almost every necessity of our life.

These smart knives help people of every class. Hunters can use the tactical grand way knives to hunt their games. The sharpness of these knives helps them to easily butcher, skin and process the meat. Adventurers and tourists can use spring assisted folding knives which are so tiny that they can be used as pens in their pockets.

But in times of danger and robbery, these very tiny knives can save their lives. They open very fast and their sturdy, sharp blades can stab the criminals in self-defending.

Farmers, boy scouts can use sharp grand way fire starter knives to remove weeds from their field, to make traps by cutting branches easily. These knives are irreplaceable in camping, hiking, fishing etcetera.

These knives can also be used as gifts for their gorgeous and luxurious appearance. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

They are built using quality materials such as 440 C stainless steel and exotic woods which can be used as nice keepsakes.

To conclude, The Grand Way Company is trying it’s level best in researching and manufacturing new, smart and multifunctional knives to spread them among all classes of people to cater to their daily needs and to make their life worry-free and comfortable.

So, for leading a safe and comfortable life, the Grand way knives can be a good and trustworthy companion that won’t betray one in one’s need.

The FAQs About Grand Way Knives

Where are grand way knives made?

The Grand way knives company is based in the City of Charkov which is situated in the Northeast part of Ukraine. They started producing knives more than 15 years ago and they produce finer quality knives by hand.

What are the best pocket knives of Grand Way Company?

Every knife has some positive and negative sides but there are some knives that blow the customers minds away at the first sight. A few such knives of Grand way are – Grand Way 6681, Grand Way 6772, Grand Way WK 0207, Grand Way 4172, GRAND Way 6651OW.

What does spring assisted knife mean?

A spring assisted knife uses spring in it’s mechanism. The spring assists the blade to open it very fast with minimal force.

Is a spring assisted knife a switchblade?

No, a spring assisted knife is not a switchblade. A spring assisted knife does not have any switch or button through which the blade can be opened automatically like a switchblade.

How good is 440 C steel for knives?

0.95-1.20% Carbon is used to make the 440 C stainless steel. It is considered as one of the best high-end materials in making knives in the knives manufacturing industries. It can resist corrosion and can stay sharp even after a full day of rough use.

Are liner locks safe?

Folding pocket knives use a liner-locking mechanism that uses a side-spring through which the blade can be opened or closed simply with one hand. Liner locks rely on a bent piece of metal which often wears down as most companies use cheap materials.

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